Hilarious! You Won’t Believe Why This Young Man Stopped Watching Nigerian Movies

A young man has spoken out about why he has stopped watching Nigerian movies and it is definitely hilarious.



The young man identified on Twitter as Pule gave social media users a good laugh recently when he made a funny tweet.

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Pule, who was trying to explain why he has stopped watching Nigerian movies, ended up cracking people up on Twitter.

According to him, he gave up watching Nollywood films because they made a grave error.

Below is what he tweeted:

Pule’s tweet, which was obviously a joke, was making reference to the long lasting believe that the Nigerian movie industry is filled with certain anomalies.



  1. Don’t blame the Nigerian Movies industry for rolling out nonsense after nonsense but blame the “anything goes” Nigerian market!

    Come to Europe and America and release a bad movie, get a bad review form people online, the print media and you’ll lose thousands or millions of pounds/dollars, no one need to advise you to work hard and give the market good movie/s to get the reward for your hard work.

    But in our own country Nigeria, the entertainment industry is “anything goes” and insult to those with half a brain cell. I have not seen a Nigerian Movie in 10 years

  2. These actors need sympathy instead of condemnation
    Methinks the reason there are so many flaws in their acting is lack of enough money to get the round peg in the round hole
    They go for the cheap options most of the time to cut cost
    As a healthcare professional, I do spot a lot of errors in that area
    For example some of their supposed doctors, many a time, do place the stethoscope on the right side of the chest instead of the left
    Their explanations to the patient of medical conditions do not add up a bit sometimes
    Many times their English interpretation is crass
    However as I said early on,I can understand their predicament,which is a fallout of financial constraint
    At any rate,these actors are not doing badly in the main
    My wife loves nollywood to the hilt and I love everything my wife loves

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