Niger Delta farmers, fishermen abandon occupation over oil pollution

The Centre for Peace and Environmental Justice, CEPEJ, Monday, expressed concern that many fishermen and peasant farmers in the oil-rich Niger Delta region, especially Delta State, have deserted their long-established fishing and farming occupation because of the nonstop pollution of their environment by multi-national oil companies, pipeline vandals and oil bunkerers.

National coordinator of the group, Mr. Sheriff Mulade, in a statement, said: “Our farmers and fishermen are being forced out of their age- long occupation as a result of the activities of those destroying our oil facilities. Let us save our environment by shunning the destruction of oil facilities/installations in our area.”

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He asserted: “Enough of the destruction of the Niger-Delta region environment, our people can no longer carry out their fishing business and the peasant farmers can no longer carry out their farming because the environment has been destroyed.”

Mulade said: “It is unfortunate that multinational oil companies which obey and adhere strictly to environmental best practices internationally in their countries and other parts of the globe, continue to hide under the corrupt practices in Nigeria and introduced divide and rule, cause disunity amongst communities and militarize the region under the disguised of security challenges to exploit the communities and nation freely.”

“The failure of multinational oil companies to adhere strictly to environmental best practices in the Niger Delta region coupled with unholy activities of pipeline vandals and those stealing our oil are affecting the Niger Delta Region environment are destroying the ecosystem.

“Today our farmlands are being destroyed as a result of the activities of pipeline vandals and illegal oil bunkers. We appeal to those responsible for the destruction of our once fertile environment to halt their criminal activities. Our environment must be protected by all and sundry,” he said.

The CEPEJ coordinator cautioned: “The environment being destroyed today is not the best, let those stealing our oil illegally put an end to their unholy activities.

Pipeline vandals should stop the destruction of our environment and oil facilities and take their grievances to the negotiating table.”

“They are not helping the Niger Delta environment, the oil- bearing communities are suffering as a result of the destruction of the environment,”‘ he said.



  1. Waiting concern us, let them keep blowing more and more pipelines lets see who is gonna face the long effect. Useless Ogogoro people, Ijaws are so fucking lazy and stupid.

  2. @David, In Ogoni land where Ken Sarowiwa and thousands of youth were killed for protesting with cassava leaves on account of the destruction of the Niger Delta Environment in the 1980s to 1994 when Abacha killed them, there were no Avengers. Same Ogoni land, Shell have not drilled new oil well since then, and no vandalism. This land is being cleaned by United Nations at $1billion which will take 30years. The Oil money which made Nigeria an Oil Power in the World did not see any reason to clean the environment from which all the good things of like were built across Nigeria to the exclusion of the Niger Delta. Ogoni land is a very small portion of the Niger Delta. If you don’t know, Avengers fight has contributed little to the destruction of the Niger Delta environment, because, sitting on a wrecked and rusty car and it crumbles, the person sitting on it did not cause the crash.
    US Obama asked AP in the USA to deposit $37billion for only one spillage in the USA to compensate the fishermen and beach owners. The Same off-shore blowout occurred in Nigeria, Chevron was arguing that the dead Marine lives on account of the their Off-shore Platform need to be tested in their laboratory to show if it was the Oil that spilled that killed the fishes. The people and the land left to leak their wounds without any payment from Chevron. This is Unheard of anywhere in the world. Because Asuodu and Co the owners of Chevron are holding position of untouchables. Chevron is Sitting in Lekki in Lagos, and their agents destroying the Niger Delta to rake in the Crude Billions and care less.
    Avengers fight if you don’t know, is that Nigeria has taken Oil from the Niger Delta for 62years, and out of this 42years of peaceful exploration and exploitation with obsolete technology without minding what happens to the environment and have totally destroyed same. And in all those hears, appeals for a fair share like the Cocoa and Groundnut, and Rubber and Palm Oil that was produced in the Niger Delta was in the ration 60:40 in favour of the producing land owners. Palm Oil which the Niger Delta Produced before the advent of Oil, we were the world leaders in its export. This Crude Oil has also destroyed this product. It does not produce fruits because of Gas Flaying. And Buhari has clearly told Nigerians that he will spend the Oil money to develop Agriculture for his people and no plans for the cleaning or fair share of anything for the Niger Delta People. If you don’t know, Oil is not going to be here for ever.
    David, in your wisdom, after using my Oil to develop agriculture as they have being doing, with the money in building roads, Hospitals, Schools, Stadiums, Cities etc. since Nigeria depended on oil as free money to the exclusion of the Niger Delta that produces the Oil, and it continue to destroy its environment, must that continued without any proposal for a fair share of the proceeds?
    If a product that feeds all and destroys my house without anyone caring, and I will die eventually, I would stop its production at all cost. Gas is taken to light other parts of the Country where the Oil money has been used to build factories and infrastructures, and the man whose backyard the gas is produced is in darkness and no hope of light at all, what would you do; David?
    May the God of Mercy shall continue to have mercy on the wicked, but there is a day for his judgment, May you and your fathers do not fall into the wrath of the Almighty.

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