ICC Confirms Receipt Of Criminal Complaint Against Amnesty International

According to reports, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has confirmed the receipt of a petition against the activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria.


The acknowledgement letter with reference number OTP-CR+265/16 was dated September 9, 2016 and was signed by Mr. Mark Dillon, head of Information and Evidence in the Office of the Prosecutor, ICC.

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Dillon said in the letter that the court is in custody of a complaint by a civil society organisation from Nigeria, the Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) requesting the Prosecutor to open a criminal investigation into the activities of the international human rights organization. The ICC said in their response to the petition, “Office of the ICC acknowledges the receipt of your Document/letter.

“this communication has been duly entered in the communication register of the office.

“We will give consideration as appropriate in accordance with the provision of the Rome Stature of ICC”.

CESJET had dragged Amnesty International before the International Criminal Court over its report which accused Nigeria of human rights violation.

In a petition submited to the office of The Prosecutor, International Criminal Court (ICC), Madame Fatou Bensouda, CESJET, through its counsel, Edward Omaga, a Nigerian lawyer said all efforts in promoting and protecting human rights has been derailed into an incendiary and partisan goal.

Parts of the petition read, “Against the background of its 2015/2016 Annual Report in which it raises questions on the appalling human rights situation across the globe and scores Nigeria low as an abuser of human rights, it is pertinent to state that the ombudsman mission of Amnesty International in promoting and protecting human rights has been derailed into an incendiary and partisan goal.



  1. Amnesty International Nigeria must answer whether or not supporting acts of abuse of human rights and indiscriminate killing of Human beings without cause by Boko Haram constitutes is an offence try able by ICC.

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