Return dollar to N197 and resign – PDP to Buhari

According to reports, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), yesterday, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to return prices of things, including the United States dollar, to the point where he met them and, then, resign for better hands to manage the affairs of the country.


In a swift reaction, the ruling All Progressives Congress  (APC) slammed the PDP for being shameless.

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APC Acting National Publicity Secretary, Timi Frank told Newsmen that, “it’s funny that the PDP is calling on Buhari to resign when, in the actual sense, they should be showing remorse for what they did to Nigeria.

“Rather than spending time calling Buhari on to resign, they should use that time to rebuild the party and make it relevant.

“At the moment, the party’s voice is not taken seriously by Nigerians. Buhari is doing his best on every side to reinvent Nigeria…”

Regardless, the PDP noted with regret what it described as insensitivity of the government to the plight of the people. The party rebuked Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun for questioning claims that the country is in a recession.

The party, in the statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Prince Dayo Adeyeye said: “The crass ineptitude and lukewarm-attitude of this APC government is no longer tolerable and, therefore, we are calling on President Buhari and his team to return Nigeria to its state of booming economy before they assumed office on May 28, 2015,and then quit immediately to allow other capable leaders recover our ailing economy.”

Speaking on the economy, the PDP recalled that, “about three airlines, local and international, like some banks, have suspended operations and sent their staff on indefinite leave due to poor state of the nation’s economy. Nigerians are aware that the PDP government invested heavily in most of our airports through remodelling, construction of new airports, refurbishing and equipping of the local and international airports to meet best practices in the aviation industry.

“But APC’s administration has frittered away all the good policies and programmes which the PDP put in place, thereby, crumbling the aviation sector in the country amongst other catastrophies it has caused.

“What Nigerians want from this administration are results, simple!, rather than resorting to throwing tantrums at PDP at the slightest opportunity.

“Our call for the President to return the country where he met it in 2015 is justified on the following grounds: A bag of rice which was N7,000 then is now above N20,000; a mudu of beans was N150 then and now N500; one US dollar was trading for N197 but now over N400; a litre of fuel was N87 but now N145; cost of transportation and other services have skyrocketed. Giving our observation, since the inception of this government, they have nothing to offer and, as such, quitting will be a solution because nobody can give what he/she does not have. APC has failed.”



  1. Hahahaha PDP looters party. Una want take over government and start looting again, no way oooooooi. Your rogues party is dead and buried long time. Awon Oleeeee, jaguda, barawo bansa.

  2. It’s preposterous for Pdp to think that the government can set the exchange rate for the naira. Such thinking betrays the degree of intellectual bankruptcy that exist in the party. Real, honest currency exchange rates are determined by market forces, not government decrees or wishful thinking. Nigerians should not allow themselves to be fooled by our crooked politicians.

  3. I don,t expect any PDP guy to blame this government’s poor performance. Their actions, when they were in power, prepared and dragged Nigeria into seemingly unrepairable failure and mess.

    We shall continue to pray to God to return Nigeria’s lost glory.

    God bless Nigeria

  4. If PDP were that good they wouldn’t have been kicked out of power like outcast
    Last time I checked,during PDP government,the price of crude oil was still very much high,but electricity suply was in the state of pre colonial days,the roads were not better than that of 16th century, our transportation and educational system were in shambles,there was mass unemployed with our youths forced to emigrate to even South Africa to face regular xenophobic attacks
    The state of all Nigeria’s infrastructure was nothing to write home about
    Boko haram.kidnappers,armed robbers and militants operated with ease and with impunity
    There was massive public fund looting left,right and centre
    In light of these,I wonder what PDP intend to return to to do,if not to continue the looting from where they left off

  5. abegiiii all of u gerraohere ,is dollar d problem of Nigeria ,cant we survive without dis dollar ,dats y we lacking behind d whole time ,am done with this please

  6. PDP! Return the looted funds, stop the pipeline vandalisation, join hands with the good people of Nigeria to rebuild the country. We cannot be deceived by your unpatriotic propaganda.

  7. It is very clear that Buhari can not manage this country let us forget tribal sentiment. The country has involved beyond where he left it when he was military head of state years back. You can only give what you have, APC is still in the hand of PDP so long you have all the decampies of PDP with him in the name of new wine don’t expect anything good from them. Things are going worst everyday the present Government should sit up not story of how PDP destroy Nigeria that we want to hear, you promised of revamping and strengthen the economy. If is beyond you tell Nigerian an quit honourably.

  8. If PDP could just return all the billions of Dollar stolen back to circulation, I bet you Naira will regain its strength and price of things will come down

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