Do You Do Them Too? These are 14 Things that People Do in The Shower Apart from Just Taking a Bath

Although the shower is primarily meant for bathing, many people do some other things apart from it. These are some of those things.


Everyone loves a long, hot shower; it’s so relaxing and therapeutic. It’s also a great way to get some time alone and do some thinking, but what else do you get up to in the shower?

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It turns out that a lot of people do far more than just wash in their showers and we’re not just talking about singing, although that is probably the most popular shower pastime in the world! Here are 14 of the rather more unusual things that people do in the shower, other than just wash (don’t take these too seriously).

1. Make like a fountain

One way that people pass the time in the shower is to pretend to be a fountain. Strike a pose or two, with your hands cupped and make yourself look like an elegant statue in a Roman fountain. It’s one of the few times that you get to indulge in your fantasies, so why not?

2. Blowing your nose

Many people also admit to blowing their nose straight into their hands when they are taking a shower. Sounds gross, we know. There’s not a lot of choice really, is there? After all, a tissue would be pretty useless and who wants to get out, get dried, blow their nose and then get straight back in the shower again?

3. Singing

There is something very odd about bathroom acoustics that makes everyone’s voice sound great and showers just seem to have been made for singing in. Who hasn’t blasted out their favourite number in the shower? Some even take it a step further and ingrained themselves in an artistic pop video, singing in the rain.

4. Wash some clothes

Though few us would admit to it, most people have at least rinsed through a pair of socks in the shower, haven’t they? Some have even gone so far as doing a bundle of clothes washing in the shower, but the ringing them out afterward must be a chore.

5. Clean your teeth

This one makes sense and it saves time if you brush your teeth in the shower. It’s quite probably the least weird of all the things that one could do in the shower. Shaving in the shower can save time too, and many people say that shaving in the shower is more effective, but we’ll get to it…

6. Eat a snack

Some people also admit to eating a snack in the shower too. Anything goes, it would seem, from chocolate to cookies and the trick would appear to be, to put the entire snack in your mouth before you get in the shower and then munch away and enjoy!

7. Pee

This sounds even more weird than blowing your nose…But well, who hasn’t? And, if you say that you never do, then we don’t believe you!

8. Shave you legs

Shower is the perfect place for shaving your legs, because the heat from the water helps soften your skin, as well as hairs, which will make shaving a whole lot easier. Don’t forget to moisturize afterwards though, to get that amazingly soft and tender skin.

9. Exfoliate

Another beauty thing that you can do in the shower is to exfoliate your skin. Just mix olive oil with some used coffee grounds (or mix coconut oil with some sugar or sea salt) and rub the mixture all over your body to achieve the amazingly soft and glowing skin.

10. Have creative thoughts

Lots of people report having had some of their greatest ideas in the shower and it’s the moment when they are at their creative best. It seems that that completely relaxed feeling that shower beings on, lets the mind run freely. The only problem is remembering all those brilliant flashes of inspiration when you get out again.

11. Clean the shower

You can kill two birds with one stone if you clean the shower and yourself at the same time. It’s probably the only time that you get up close to the shower fittings too, so that’s the time that you could do with a good clean and polish.

12. Remember all the things that you wish you’d have said at the time

The shower also seems to be the perfect place to think up the smart comebacks you wish you had said in an argument, but didn’t. Annoyingly, it will be too late this time, but if you try and remember them, at least, you’ll be armed and ready the next time.

13. Make up a rap

Those bathroom acoustics are also great for rapping and, as no-one is listening, or so you hope, the shower is a place where you can practice your rapping skills too.

14. Sit down

Sit down and take your time in the shower, loads of people have done that. The water has further to fall as well, so you get a better shower, so sit back, relax and let the world carry on without you for a while.

What other things do you do in the shower, other than just wash?



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