You Won’t Believe What a Man Did After Catching His Wife Giving Their Pastor VIP Treatment

A man whose wife had thought it wise to give special treatment to a pastor right in their home, has found everything wrong with her moves.


The man identified as Richard Too, recently bandied words with his wife at their home in Sosit, Kericho County, Kenya in front of tickled neighbours.

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This happened after the man, a livestock trader found out that his wife Janet, a primary school teacher, was giving her church pastor special treatment than him whenever he came visiting in his absence.

According to reports, the man of God (name withheld), who is newly posted in the area, is said to be easy on the eye, thus much liked by local women, of course, to the chagrin of their husbands.

Upon his arrival at the parish, Janet mobilised other female church members and furnished the pastor’s house, as well as bought him gifts to welcome him. However, fact that his wife had gone to the point of buying the pastor a pair of suit wasn’t amusing to Mr Too, who claimed she has never even bought him underwear or a pair of socks in the first place to warrant such generosity towards another man.

A furious Too went ahead to throw a tantrum, expressing his frustrations before other villagers in a bid to jolt his wife into toning down her generosity towards the pastor.

He disgraced her, telling them how mean she is and loudly wondered why she was treating the man of God in a special way.

That his supposed tight-fisted wife would express generosity to another man pissed him off, prompting him to suspect she was up to something with the pastor.

However, the melon that broke the monkey’s back is when the livestock trader recently arrived home, only to find his wife all giggly while hosting the man of God.

What’s more, upon inspecting the kitchen, he found that the wife had treated the man of God to a sumptuous meal. In her defence, she claimed it was nothing personal but a search for blessings from the pastor.

An enraged Too lectured his wife and warned her against ‘wasting’ family resources in pursuit of miracles and blessings.

“I have been hearing of wives having secret affairs with their church pastors, but never did I even in my wild dreams think I may also be a victim of it. My wife cannot buy even a piece of meat from her money to cook for me, but she is pretty comfortable doing that for a pastor,” scoffed Too.

As expected, the wife vehemently denied any sexual relationship with the pastor and turned the heat on her husband for being insecure.

She explained to the stunned locals that due to the fact the pastor had just been posted to the parish, as a member of the church committee, it was incumbent upon her with other parishioners to make him comfortable.

Unfortunately, Too would hear none of it and has even threatened to kick his wife out of the home or confront the pastor and warn him over ever visiting in his absence.



  1. Na so, when pastor invade homes, they are satanic. A pastor if real is not expected to visit the home of a married woman in the absence of the Husband. His link to the home supposed to be through the Husband, not the wife. Anything short, he is a ravenous snake in sheep skin. Man, I am with you. Your thing is being shared with you and it is Ungodly.
    It is getting everywhere in Nigeria.
    All these self acclaimed men of God, jobless as some would be are adulterers, moving from one family to the other, declaring some witches, etc. break homes all in the name of seeing visions. Once you wife turns pastor to a god, know her days of faithfulness to you as the husband are numbered. Politicians and busy business executives wives are comfortably having their toy boys among these pastors in the name of carrying out prayers in their homes. Some women keep these pastors in the house, particularly, those with big mansions to service themselves and even extort money from their husbands in the name of providing spiritual protection. What women can do, only God sees.

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