Illicit Whatsapp Conversation Between a Nigerian Man and Lady Leaks Online…See Startling Details

A man has leaked a private conversation of what was supposed to be romantic between him and a lady he met online which has turned out to be a scam scheme.













The trend of petty online scam by Nigerian ladies is on the rise probably due to the spate of economic recession that has intensified the hardship on Nigerians.

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Instachat, a social media platform affiliated to Instagram seems to be the fresh hub of female scammers who siphon money from their supposed victims after acting romantic with them to win their trust. These monies are demanded under the guise of recharge cards and transport fares for reaching meeting points.

A Nigerian man who almost fell for a 419 scheme has shared his awkward experience with one lady named Cynthia on a popular Nigerian online forum.

In his words:

“Just wondering why some girls feel very comfortable to ask people for money online and refused to do what the people say.

“I met this girl few days on Insta chat and we got talking only for her to ask me for recharge card the next day… She flashed the hell out of my phone for the card which I sent to her, not because I feel for her trick, just wanted to see where it will all lead to.. So I sent her 500 airtime that day.. Then I did not talk to her yesterday.. Only for her to hi me on whatsapp today and this happened”



  1. What scam is there in that conversation. You have been chatting and now familiar. She asked for help, if you can’t you say so, if you can, you give. It does not have to be on a condition she comes to Ilorin, that will be a whore. Pls stop demonising people on flimsy reasons.

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