Joy or Jealousy? Maid of Honour Causes Stir Online After Being Caught Doing This at Her Friend’s Wedding

A photo making the rounds on social media has shown a maid of honour doing what has got many people talking.


This photo is currently causing serious buzz on the internet.

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The photo shows a young lady obviously serving as a maid of honour in her friend’s wedding.

However, the wedding is not what got people talking. What got tongues wagging is the maid herself.

The young woman is seen weepng profusely in the photo as the actual bride calmly walks behind her with the groom.

Social media users have since commented on the viral photo while offering differing views.

Some netizens suggested that the young woman is too happy for her friend thereby causing the tears to flow.

However others maintained that the young lady is crying because she has feelings for the groom and may have even slept with the man and so was sad because her friend has overtaken her.

What do you think?



  1. I believe she was praying (like Hannah) for her own time and husband to come too.
    If it was cry of joy for the bride, she would not be ‘hiding’ the cry, she would be looking at them as they came in with confidence.
    I also do not believe she had feelings for the groom, that crying would have been done long before the day as it is too late now.

    indeed a picture is worth as many thoughts as there are viewers; it is worth a thousand words.

  2. It can be difficult sometmes when your friend or an age mate is marrying and you are still searching
    May God provide her with her own husband

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