S*x Workers Open Up About the Difference Between Paid S*x and Real Relationships…You'll Be Stunned

Have you ever thought about how s*x workers feel when they have paid s*x versus when they engage in s*x with someone they love? This is your chance to find out.

Backview of an anonymous couple making love, the woman on top, under a patterned duvet.

People have always really curious to known about the lives of s*x workers behind the scenes.

S*x workers may sell their bodies for a living but not much is known about their personal lives, let alone their sexual habits behind closed doors.

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If exchanging sexual favours for cash is your day job, does it dampen the flames of passion when you’re in private?

According to reports, in a candid Reddit thread, escorts, sugar babies and prostitutes discussed their s*x lives when they’re on and off the clock.

A woman who has s*x with older men for money surprisingly said that she was more “affectionate” with her sugar daddies than with her boyfriend.

She said: “Many older men want a sugar baby because they feel lonely – their relationships have fizzled out and their children have grown up and moved away.

“So they turn to sugar babies not just to satisfy their sex drive, but to fulfil their need for intimacy and affection.

“When I have s*x with a sugar daddy, my goal is to make him feel like I’m almost in love with him.

“I’m far more gentle, there’s a lot more kissing involved and my focus is 100% on his desires – but I do frequently orgasm from that kind of s*x.”

The sugar baby also revealed that most of her clients are dominant in the bedroom.

She added: “The most surprising thing?

“I orgasm more from s*x with sugar daddies than with my boyfriend. They have more experience and more patience than guys my age.”

On the flip side, a male prostitute claimed that s*x with his clients was less intimate than with personal partners.

He said: “The sex is pretty different as it’s just part of the role without intimacy.

“Although you can still enjoy both the act itself and the ‘job well done’ feeling, believe it or not.

“If you get on well with a repeat client they can almost become friends, there’s genuine liking there on a rapport level.”

But not all s*x workers found selling their bodies enjoyable and Redditor Paradise Sold opened up about turning her back on the industry.

She said: “The biggest difference is whether or not I can relax.

“My boyfriend would never try to gag me or switch holes or pinch me, but the men who would pay me didn’t care.

“It’s so different now. My boyfriend loves me, I feel so safe.

“I wish I’d never done it. I don’t know why I ever said it was easy money, it f***** me up pretty bad.”

Meanwhile another person added: “The biggest difference is the amount of drugs everyone is on, at least in my experience.”



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