123 Terrorists Killed In Anti-Boko Haram Operations

Niger’s army is reporting on scores of Boko Haram militants killed during an opeartion that has taken place in the nation’s southeast for several months. However, the exact number is yet to be verified.

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Colonel Moustapha Ledru, the spokesman for the defence ministry, has told the state television on Friday that “123 terrorists had been killed, two fighters were captured and a large quantity of arms recovered from the insurgents.”

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According to Mr Ledru, 14 soldiers were killed and 29 wounded in the joint operations with Chad’s troops between July and September 28. The eliminated terrorists infiltrated into Diffa region (on the northeastern border of Nigeria) from Nigeria.

Operations reportedly resulted into successful recapture of four strategic localities from Boko Haram group.

Only a few years ago, Diffa was mainly known as a trade region. Since February 2015 however, the deadly Boko Haram incursions have drastically changed the lives of local residents, more than 280,000 people have been displaced.

The strict curfew, closing of markets and the suspension of trade has led to an economic downturn, resulting in a humanitarian crisis.

According to the United Nations, the people of Diffa are arguably the poorest on earth, living in the least developed region in the least developed country of the world.

Refugees from Nigeria fleeing violence from Boko Haram are living with local populations in the Diffa region. By October 2015 the number of refugees in the region had risen up to 150,000.



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