Melaye asks Buhari to grant amnesty/pardon to treasury looters

Senator Dino Melaye has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to give presidential pardon and amnesty for treasury looters.


Melaye in statement on Sunday said, “Though an unrepentant advocate for integrity and forthrightness especially from public office holders, I however sincerely want to recommend that Mr. President grant Presidential Amnesty/Pardon to all those who looted our treasury provided they return all proceeds of their loot to the government within six (6) months of the declaration of the Amnesty.

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“This, I believe will encourage the voluntary return of the the looted funds, empower the government financially to immediately commence the implementation of projects and programmes that will stimulate the economy and raise the peoples’ standard of living, and save the judiciary and other law enforcement agencies the agony of fruitlessly pursuing the looters in and out of the courtrooms. In the long run, this would be a win-win situation for both the government and people of Nigeria,” he said.

“At the expiration of the six months’ ‘Moratorium’, all those who failed to comply would then be made to face the reality of aggressive and expeditious prosecution and eventual jail terms for convicts in accordance with the laws of the land”, he said.

‘His Excellency and Distinguished’ from the names of President, Vice president, Governors and Senators respectively.

”In this regard, I recommend that henceforth no President, Vice President, Governor, or Deputy Governor should answer the name ‘His Excellency’ until the material condition of ordinary Nigerians has also become ‘Excellent’.

“No Senator should continue to answer ‘Distinguished’ until the the masses of the people begin to experience a distinguished existence and no Federal or state Legislator should wear the badge of ‘Honourable Member’ until the ordinary citizen is himself living a life that can be classified Honourable in every material particular.”



  1. No going back on anti corruption crusade, it is because of it we the masses voted for him. Dino You are free to go and submit your own loot

  2. Seriously!!!! You mean this guy is a senator in Nigeria and he talking like this?. One day this man will ask the country to grant amnesty to every criminal. We can now see the people all those loots are working for. In my option the treasury looters are not alone.
    May God help us.

  3. Dear Senator Melaye, please please and please, use this media for a sensible discussion, As Nigerian and the on-going war against corruption has anyone been actually been prosecuted????, No, why are you talking this rubbish then? what will serve as a deterrence for others with the mind of embezzlement of our treasury, looters should be prosecuted disgraced and be ban from public office position because they did not have the interest of people at heart only the interest of themselves and their family so this people should be punished and if looters are been granted amnesty on what ground please???? on the ground that they stole the money that belong to million of peoples and they were caught and they should pardon them, i think people like you should be more sensible and be honest in your public statement but is the other way around, so sorry Mr Dino Melaye.

  4. If the fear of prosecution has not encouraged voluntary returns, amnesty and pardon will only encourage further looting. What then is the senator’s plan in this rather unusual suggestion? In fact, where does he belong, since every projection portends an intension? Does he intend to modify his stand on integrity?

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