President Buhari opens up on arrested judges

President Muhammadu Buhari has opened up on the reason for the arrest of Supreme Court justices and judges across the nation.


The Presidency said the on-going `surgical operation’ against some judicial officers is specifically targeted at corruption and not at the judiciary as an institution.

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Malam Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, made the clarification in a statement in Abuja on Sunday.

According to Shehu, the president reserves his highest respect for the institution of the judiciary as the third arm of government and will not do anything to undermine its independence.

Shehu said Buhari remained a committed democrat, “in words and in his actions, and will not take any action in violation of the constitution.

“In a robust democracy, such as ours, there is bound to be a plurality of opinions on any given issue but there is a convergence of views that the country has a corruption problem that needs to be corrected.

“But reports by a section of the media are giving us cause for concern.’’

The Presidential aide advised that, in undertaking the task of reporting, the media should be careful about the fault lines they opened.

“It is wrong to present this incident as a confrontation between the executive and judicial arms of government,’’ he said

Shehu said the Presidency had received assurances from the Department of Security Services (DSS) that all due processes of the law, including the possession of search and arrest warrants, were obtained before the searches on some judges.

“To suggest that the government is acting outside the law in a dictatorial manner is to breach the interest of the state,’’ he said.

The arrest of three judges for alleged corruption has angered some stakeholders in the judiciary, especially Nigeria Bar Association (NBA).

The NBA has asked the president to order the release of the judges or face the consequences.



  1. I want to believe that Nigerian judiciary is the most corrupt arm of government because majority of these high ranking jurists have served virtually all past Nigeria Presidents ans senate Presidents, hence they’ve been used to corruption. Now that Buhari is blocking all the loopholes and squeezing their throats, they begin to spit fire. It’s either you vomit our cakes or be choked to death

  2. Very soon u will all be crying there is no food, bad roads n lack of Electricity SS, do u know all monies meant for dis in d last r in d hands of view individuals like past presidents, governor, National Assembly members and judiciary den if nemesis cut up with u will cry foul abeg we even more unconventional and unconstitutional methods sometx to our prbs take it or u drop it time for change dis is d type of change me I want gbam

  3. It’s only in a place like Nigeria that some ignorant corruption sympathisers we go about advocating for obviouly corrupt public officers to be treated as sacred cows
    It’s really disgraceful that some lawyers will stoop so low and go out of their ways as to go public as a body to issue some quite absurd statement in solidarity with those that were accused of big time corruption leading to miscarriage of justice
    For goodness sake how does anyone expect Nigeria as a nation to make the modern day infrastructural development, when some enemies of progress go about urging on those that collected bribe from corrupt public officers to let them off the hook
    So strange,stranger than fiction yet, it’s real

  4. I never expected those harbingers of corruption & beneficiaries of corruption (most senior lawyers, politicians etc) to praise the DSS for holding the bull by its horns as far as fighting corruption in the judiciary is concerned, what the NJC for very obvious reasons couldn’t do but thank God we now have somebody like Buhari at the helm of affairs, such things can now be done. I have always known that our greatest setback on our fight against corruption has been the our fantastically corrupt Bench & senior Bar, hence I am very happy with the bold actions of the DSS.

  5. Sunny pls tell them.!
    It is high time we started carrying placards condemning the position of the NBA, judicial workers Association etc for their unpatriotic, self-centered and shocking stance on a lot of burning national issues. Nigerian judges now own multi billion naira houses, foreign accounts with millions of dollars and yet nobody can guesting them.

  6. NBA is fighting dirty. And they need to. Many of them have criminally enrich themselve hence corruption fights back. The ordinary Nigerians who have been a victim of bad government, stealling by the previledg and unjustly victimized are solidly behind PMB’ anti-corruption stance.

  7. To God be the glory. I have a dream of a better Nigeria. If common man can be jailed for corruption or stealing, why in this world we have to excuses some highly placed people. Are judges have immunity from arrest? Only God will judge us in this country. For those bad SANs that are supporting corruptions, it take two to tangle, it means they are also corrupt. Let focus on the message and leave the messengers, if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill us. If it has been done in Ghana by Rawling, then it can be done in Nigeria by PMB. I please for support from well meaning Nigerians who love this country to support PMB. The fight is for us. Some people are leaving large while some people are suffering in poverty. God please, save us in Nigeria – my beloved country.

  8. Let the NBA and those corrupt politicians continue to call for heads. We know all of them. For all we care, they can go to hell. No business as usual.

  9. There is always a time for everything, the time is ip for our corrupt Judges, let them defend themselves also. Also, the media (AIT) should please be cautious of what they feed the public, many of us got the arrest wrong because of the way it was presented in their news.

  10. @Akin,I don’t border to watch channels like AIT any longer,what good news do you expect from a media station whose Chairman/CEO also collected a whopping 2B Naira from Dasuki for publicity,surely,he will want to do everything to discredit the ongoing anti corruption crusade,shameless man.

  11. Well done PMB. No evil weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. We should all understand that the fight to corruption was not specified for certain class of persons. No matter whose ox is gore, if you run foul of the law, you go in for it.we assume that we are all equal in the sight of the law even though in pretence it isn’t so in our country Nigeria, but someday, we will all be judged. Be it on earth or in Heaven.i feel ashamed that even MBA and the judges are defending corruption

  12. Almost all our National institutions are enmeshed in corruption,opposition to Buhari has gone beyond the precincts of the crooked Pdp or the hollow National assembly it is now in the purview of our irredeemable NBA and the compromised bench.
    In all these,the president has towered above such reductionist antagonism.What he needs is the unalloyed support of Nigerians which is very obvious now.
    The next stint operation should be taken to the doorstep of the Nigerian police force and the nation would be utterly flabbergasted.
    All the money Nigeria needs is in the hands of crooked citizens that NBA is shamelessly shielding

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