UK appeals to Nigeria to abolish death penalty

According to reports, the UK on Monday appealed to Nigeria to abolish the death penalty, saying that capital punishment cheapened human life.


The UK made the appeal in a statement issued by the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright, on the 2016 World Day against the Death Penalty.

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Arkwright said that the British Government believed the death penalty had no place in the modern world and its use undermined human dignity.

According to him, there is no conclusive evidence of its deterrent value, adding that any miscarriage of justice leading to its imposition is irreversible and irreparable.

He explained that the past two decades had seen a significant rise in the number of countries that had abolished capital punishment.

“I am concerned therefore that Nigeria, a model for democracy in Africa, still retains the death penalty in its laws.

Arkwright said: “In 2013 Nigeria carried out four executions, the first since 2006.

“At the time of the execution, all four individuals still had appeals to halt their executions, a violation of international law and I believe Nigerian law too.”

He said while no death sentence had been implemented since 2013, Nigeria had more than 1,000 prisoners on death row, the highest number of death sentences in Africa.

He said: “In 2015, Nigeria recorded 171 death sentences. This year too, there has been death sentences handed down by Nigerian courts.”

The High Commissioner pointed out that capital punishment fuelled hatred, extremism and terrorism.

He also stated: “With the security challenges Nigeria faces today, some argue that retaining the death penalty is a just response to terrorism.

“My response to this view is that there is evidence judicial killing fuels hatred, extremism and terrorism. The real risk is that executing terrorists can generate many more to take their place.”

Arkwright explained that many African countries had abolished capital punishment adding, the trajectory was very much towards abolition across the continent.

The British envoy disclosed: “African nations like Togo, Burundi, Gabon, Congo and Madagascar have recently abolished the death penalty.

“Niger, Equatorial Guinea and Eritrea voted in support of the most recent UN General Assembly resolution on the death penalty moratorium for the first time in 2014.

“To date, 35 out of 54 African countries are already abolitionist in law or practice, from 21 in 1997.”

According to him, Nigeria, the ‘giant’ of Africa, should also be a leading vanguard for the abolition.

He said: “Today is another opportunity for Nigeria to commit to expunging capital punishment from its statutes; this will greatly improve Nigeria’s international standing, including on the Human Rights index.”

He added that the UK was working with the civil society to step up engagement on this subject and restore the sanctity to life that capital punishment takes away.

October 10 is set aside by countries around the world to commemorate the World Day against the Death Penalty.

The day is set aside to reflect on and act on the urgent need to abolish capital punishment worldwide.



  1. Why are other countries (especially these developed countries) like to meddle with an independent country’s domestic problem? Can’t they just mind their own problems?

  2. Who a u David,? Imagine ur name see how you think so you. Support death penalty, can you ever create 1 strand of hair,am sure you are a believer only a church goer,that is if even go at all

  3. UK and other western nations should do whatever they like in there own nations and leave Nigeria alone
    It’s quite unreasonable for anyone to advocate for the abolition of death penalty
    For goodness sake, how do these callous people expect someone to who commits murder to be spared the hangman’s noose while the victim lies as dead as dodo six feet below the earth
    It’s as simple as if you want to live, do not take the life of a fellow human, for whatever reason
    A life should be for a life
    Whoever kills another person fully deserves a proportional measure

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