Meet the Kenyan Woman Who Divorced Husband to Marry Popular Footballer, John Terry's Father (Photos)

The father of Chelsea player, John Terry has fallen deeply in love with a Kenyan woman and is about marrying her after she is done with her divorce proceedings.

ted-terry ted-terry-1 ted-terry-2

John Terry’s 61-year-old father is reportedly living with a 39-year-old mother-of-three in the middle of a divorce, according to reports.

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The woman who is Kenyan has been identified as Evelyn Minkey and is living with Ted Terry, who is John Terry’s father at a house in Chichester, West Sussex. Mr Terry who has since seperated from John Terry’s mother Sue, is said to be ‘smitten’ with his new love and helping out with her children.

It is understood Mr Terry met his new girlfriend when they lived on the same street in Chafford Hundred, Essex.

They have since moved away from the area, where Ms Minkey’s ex is said to still live. There is no suggestion Mr Terry was involved in the breakdown of the marriage.

It was also gathered that Ms Minkey is divorcing her husband to be with Mr. Terry. John Terry has said he first got into football while watching his Manchester United-supporting father play Sunday League matches in Essex.

The former England captain said: ‘I remember watching him on the sidelines and having a ball by my feet, and having a kickabout. And then he’d go to the pub and I’d stay out with my brother, playing until it got dark.

‘My dad used to start work at six in the morning and get back home at six – he was a forklift driver in a wood yard. He got home and then took me to football with no dinner, and he’d eat dinner at 10 and then be up again at six.’

Mr Terry admitted a racially aggravated public order offence in 2013 after a row with a man at Barking rail station.

Prosecutors said he told the man: ‘F*** you pikey c***, you f****** mongrel’. Mr Terry said he called the man a ‘f****** Irish prick’ but denied using the word ‘pikey’.



  1. Well the demons of divorce is really trying hard to get people into.hell. There’s no room for a divorcee in heaven the last time I checked my bible. I really travail in pain for these people. Bcoz they will suffer in hell for ever imagining to divorces and later actualize it

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