Action Governor, Ayo Fayose Stylishly Steps Out in Military Outfit (Photos)

The popular governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has stepped out in style wearing a military outfit.


fayose-military-1 fayose-military-2 fayose-military-3 fayose-military-4

The Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has stepped out in style wearing military outfit as he visited a motherless babies home in the state.

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The outspoken and controversial Governor arrived the Erelu Angela Adeniyi-Adebayo Motherless Babies’ Home where he commissioned blocks of class rooms donated to the centre by his wife and Ekiti First Lady, Mrs. Feyisetan Fayose on Thursday.



  1. What practical thing has Fayose done in Ekiti state to alliviate the suffering of his people other than mere noise making without anything to show for it

  2. Some people will not just think before they talk. Is their any Nigerian governor doing anything to alleviate suffering now. even at the presidency they lack solution to people’s suffering. Let’s be objective if you want to criticise him, do it objectively. Don’t just contribute cos you want to be heard.hus people are feeling him

    • You seem to be confused
      You could have stopped to asked yourself why Fayose constantly utter garbage about our God sent president, when, according to your own admittance, no governor is doing anything to alleviate the suffering of their people
      If you can reason, you could have expected Fayose to remove the peg in his own eye before removing that of others

  3. Bott, he may be doing it rt, but what makes him or what gives him the rt to put on military uniform? Is he CinC, ordinarily, he could be picked up for impersonation by military police, naval police or air police. Then what will he say if he’s asked for his ID card? Let him know his limits man

  4. The outfit is just a camouflage. What makes you a military man is more than this. Moreover, we are in the Democratic dispensation, go to other parts of the World where democracy is being practiced, people put on this camouflage dress without anybody raising a brow. Its only in this country we attribute importance to it.

  5. @Ojogbon, that dress u refered to as mere camouflage, is reserved for special people,the military. If u think otherwise, u Ojugbon should wear it & walk the streets of whichever city u are in Nigeria or even the world over. There are Nigerian govs that are very much alleviating the people’s suffering. U can go to Anambra State & see for yourself. It’s foolish for somebody to stay in his little space & be making sweeping, generalised statements.

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