(Episode 3) This is my Heart, not a toy – My Campus Life Experience

Danielle ran out of their room yelling,

Danielle: “Somebody, please, helpooooo! my friend is dying!” she rushed to their direct neighbour,Mark, and banged on his door, Mark, came out sweating with just boxers  for it seemed he had been busy with his girlfriend in “the other room”.

couple distance3

Mark: “Owfa, babe wetin happen, you see ghost?” he looked confused,

Danielle was already on the floor screaming and pointing at their room. Mark ran into the room with two other guys. They could not believe what they saw.


They ran into Gabriel hospital, Danielle in a group of five, Mark, two guys, one girl and she being the fifth person, causing uproar. It was a private hospital located few kilometers from Michelle’s place, they couldn’t have thought of the varsity’s teaching hospital because of its distance.  Mark had Michelle strapped to his back.

Danielle: “Help o! Ah, Jesus! Help my friend is dying. Do something please!!!” she almost dragged one of the cleaners to the ground with her agitation.

Cleaner: “Something dey do you? I resemble doctor abi nurse for your face? Abi you blind ni?

No one was willing to attend to them but the commotion Danielle and friends were causing drew attention their way.

Nurse: “All these people seff. Na when person dey quater to die na im una dey remember hospital. Wetin dey do herself? Hope say no be wetin dey my mind?”

Danielle: “I dont care what is on your mind. Just attend to my friend. Can’t you see that she is dying?”

Nurse: “Make she die now. Na for her head patient start to die? We see dead bodies everyday. Thank God say space still dey mortuary and burial ground. Mtheww!”

One of the nurses on duty attended to them and Michelle was admitted in one of the rooms, the smallest, from its look it must have been originally built as a store but because of lack of wards and patients most times out numbered the rooms, it was then converted.

Silver: “Please, where are they?  Where are they?” he was panting as he had been running from quite a distance.

The nurses looked confused, “Who?”

He leaned on the desk trying to catch his breath,

Silver: “ehm,” he exhaled, “Michelle!”

Nurse1: “Michelle-Michelle! She mimicked Silver. “How we wan  take know who be Michelle?” she looked at her colleague, then back to Silver, “Na why all of una no no book. You think say because we be Nurse come mean say we be magician? Students of nowadays, seff”

The other nurse noticed he referred to the girl that was brought in, strapped to the back, “A student, right?” Silver nodded, he was then directed to the room. Feeling pity for Silver, she spoke calmly to her colleague

Nurse 2: “Nurse Grace, nawa for you o. See as you harsh for the boy” She turned around, picked a file and went her way.

Silver and Danielle sat close to the bed,

Silver: “What has gotten into this girl? Why would she want to kill herself for a guy who isn’t worth it? Hmmm  ” he ranted.

Danielle shrugged,

Danielle: “I really don’t understand what’s wrong with Michelle. For this century…hmmm”

Her eyes fell on the out- of- sorts Michelle as her bleary eyes flipped opened they (Danielle and Silver) appeared very slender and tall like trees found in the thick of the forest. Euphoric they moved closer seeing that their friend had finally opened her eyes after a day in coma; Danielle sat close to her head while Silver towered over the bed,

Danielle: “Ah, thank God you’re awake!”

Enfeebled she smiled with her blanched lips parting ways and the cadaverous eyes dimmed like a lantern running out of oil. Silver had a mixture of anguish and excitement in his eyes, angry that she was too blind to see the unwavering love he had for her and excited that she had revived. What would he have done if she had passed on out of sheer stupidity?

Silver: “I’d have killed myself,” he whispered.

He wouldn’t mind murdering Dapo for mistreating someone he was madly in love with.

“Who does he think he is?” Silver thought.

Seconds later the doctor entered interrupting his thought,

Danielle: “Good evening, sir.”

He had the look of a man in his mid-forties although the bald head made him look older- Danielle dropped from the bed and sat on the Black Horse white plastic chair, Silver greeted too.

Silver: “Evening, sir.”

Doctor: “Excuse us, please. I need to be alone with the patient,”

Okay, sir, Silver and Danielle chorused.

The doctor walking towards the ailing Michelle smiled and nodded. They both watched him keenly as he did the check up; he checked her pulsating by placing the thumb on the veins that connect the wrist and the palm.

Doctor: “You are quite a lucky, girl. Thank God the poison didn’t get into your system. Next time make sure that you keep pesticide or any form of insecticide away from edibles.”

Michelle nodded, But that was a lie; she knew it was a colossal one. It was a case of attempted murder; Michelle poisoned herself.

That night, Danielle fluxed into the room  humming a Nigerian song “ outta my head” oblivious that her friend was on her way to the world beyond.  She was in good spirits her crush, Kenny, on campus had finally asked her out; it was the moment she was waiting for. She started crushing on him since first year and he liked her too but he was reserved and also, shy. But that night, he had broken the jinx and she promenaded with exultation. Danielle was so much in a hurry to break the news to her friend but met lifeless Michelle sprawled on the bed and assumed her friend was fast asleep,

Danielle: “Bestie, wake up joor!” she tapped her, “I get juicy gist foyhu!”

She tapped her harder but Michelle didn’t respond, “Stop joking joor and wake up,” she pinched her friend but no response. Danielle placed the back of her palm on her friend’s nostrils but she wasn’t breathing. Alarmed, she shook her friend briskly but no response, she yelled; wrenched in pain when she stepped on container flung carelessly on the ground wrapped in a nylon, picking it up she discovered that it was a container of pesticide popularly called “ota pia-pia!”

Danielle: “oh, my God!” she screamed.

Quickly she rallied for help and Michelle was rushed to the hospital.  They couldn’t have told anyone that Michelle had attempted murder; news like that would spread like wild fire on campus and it would have massaged Dapo’s ego spurring him to see himself as a demigod to Michelle. Danielle didn’t want that for her friend neither did silver.

Doctor:  “You can take her home but make sure she takes her medications.”

Michelle nodded, Silver and Danielle thanked him. As he turned to leave, he added,

Doctor:  “Ehm, Michelle, make sure you rest very well. Do you understand?”

Michelle: “Yes sir,” she whispered.

Two weeks after her recuperation, Michelle was very depressed, she was always indoors, hardly ate as she lost a scary amount of calories. Danielle came home exhausted after a very long day full of lectures, coming home and seeing Michelle in a devastating state for a guy who had little or no respect for friend, irked her.  She had to flare up; someone had to talk Michelle back to her senses!

Danielle: “Do you want to kill yourself for someone who isn’t worth any of the tears you’ve shed? Wetin enter your head, no be say in too fine sef” she rued.

Michelle: “But I love him, Nelly” she sulked on the bed.

Danielle: “love? Someone who chose a flirt over you? Doesn’t it look like he values you? What sort of a suicidal love is that?”  she dropped  her bag.

Michelle: “uhm, I’m sure Dapo was bewitched by that girl!”

Danielle: “What? Did I just hear you right?”

Michelle: “ Yes, Dapo wouldn’t cheat on me not even with that trifling wretch, Sandra! I’m sure” she said trying to sound convincing.

Danielle: “wait, are you making excuses for Dapo?” she gesticulated.

Michelle: “no, I’m just stating the obvious,” she sat up.

Danielle: “What you’re disgorging is nothing but pure madness!” she shook her head vehemently

Michelle: “I don’t care what you all think. All I know is that my Dapo was charmed and I must get him back from that daughter of the devil,” Danielle gawked at her friend who was talking on top of her voice she saw her new madness as nothing but topnotch stupidity, Michelle continued, “the God I serve must fight for me. I give Sandra three days is either she leaves my man or face the wrath of my creator!” Michelle was sweating profusely, Danielle shook her head,

Danielle: “I swear, bestie, you have lost it. Sontin dey worry you for head and I suspect say do dem dey do you from village! I am sure those your wicked uncles and aunties you told me about have their hands in this” she dashed out of the room.

Michelle shot back,

Michelle: “Yes, I’ve lost it! I’ll lose it and continue to until Dapo comes back to me!”

She flung herself to the ground crying, “Dapo I love you!” echoed from her

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  1. Choi.. this story is killing me. I’m loving it. The drama of the yeye girl, Michelle is getting more interesting. Can somebori give her a dirty slap. That should wake her up from slumber. Yeye girl

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  5. did I just hear suspense kingsolomon?….he should ‘ve done d whole fin in d link.not after hanging some peepz leg here with dis interesting story…..I hate dis type of fin pls it irritates me alot …next time pls try nd reach ur endsmeet pls…….niz one tho”

  6. Thumbs up for the story, keep it up. I must confess the issue of keeping us waiting for another full day or more for the next episode is not too ideal. The suspense is becoming boring.

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