(Episode 4) This is my Heart, not a toy – My Campus Life Experience

For days after Michelle’s display of stupidity, Danielle ignored her; she spoke to her sparingly, only to remind her that she needed to take her medications. That morning, Michelle tried bringing up a gist but Danielle refused to speak to her,


Michelle: “Bestie, ehen, I heard that Sandra was embarrassed yesterday but one of their lecturers. Hmmm.na wa o!” she jangled her hands against the other, “hehehehehe. Dat geh sha!” she nodded and smiled.

Danielle sighed, and left the room. Michelle was taken aback by her friend’s behaviour. The silent treatment killed Michelle; she really wanted her friend back. So she spoke to Silver about it,

Michelle: “I don’t know how to get Nelly talking to me again. I miss our friendship. Help me talk to her na , Sly!”

Michelle was fond of calling Silver, Sly- she loved shortening names of her friends even if the shortened form sounded awkward. Just the way she sometimes called Dapo “DP” some of their friends teased Dapo by calling him “Display Picture” and not even DP.

Silver sighed, for Danielle had narrated to him the incident that led to her being mad at Michelle,

Danielle: “My pain is that she doesn’t even think of herself. How can she claim to be in love with Dapo who cheated on her in broad daylight? Well, it would have been understandable if it were hearsays that brought his infidelity to her notice but, Silver, she saw them with her own very eyes o!  Na so lov dey mumu pesin? Is she the first person to fall in love?”  She hissed then added “I just feel Dapo ate her senses away!” Silver even though angry, chuckled at Danielle’s last statement.

Silver: “I know she is wrong and acted foolishly by attempting to take her life but then, she needs us now more than ever.”

Silver wondered what the problem with Michelle was; he wondered if she was really blind or just being a fool in love. Everyone knew Dapo was as faithful as a dog hovering around any bitch on sight. He had an uncontrollable libido as Silver told Danielle.  Silver was pained that Michelle was wasting her love on Dapo-He prayed for that day she’d give him a chance. The amusing part was that Michelle was near perfection not just in appearance but attitude and character; Silver just concluded that Dapo was under some generational curse.

Silver: “Hmmm, but you know you really annoyed Danielle, right?”

Michelle nodded, she knew her sulking the other day was annoying and pathetic- she couldn’t fathom the reason behind her ill-behaviour.

Silver: “I’ll talk to her only if you promise to put your acts together and move on with your life”, Michelle pouted her lips, “so, do you promise?”Silver added.

Michelle: grunted, “I promise!”

Silver: smiled at her, “You know you’re too beautiful to be sulking over some guy.”

Michelle: “You think so?” tears gathered in her eyes.

Silver: nodded, “Of course! I not only think so, I know so. You are one of the most beautiful girls in the world.” he smiled but she maintained a sad countenance,

Michelle: “But why would Dapo cheat on me?” She started sobbing. Silver felt a little annoyed but he understood that truly her emotions were in shreds and she needed him now more than ever and he was ready to be that shoulder she could lean on. He embraced her and she clung unto him fiercely as his heart raced; he had never held her so closely-he was growing wings as he glowed in ecstasy. They were in each other’s embrace for a long time, Michelle felt very good, and she had not felt that way in a long while not even with Dapo.

The creaking of the door tore them apart, it was Danielle, Michelle stood in her way, they looked into each other’s eyes Silver just sat watching them with his hands cupping his face; Michelle opened her arms Danielle hesitated for a while,

Silver: “C’mon girls!”

They hugged each other,

Michelle: “I’m sorry, bestie”

Danielle: “I’m sorry too for overreacting,” they held each other’s hands.

Michelle: “I know you were just looking out for me,” Michelle hugged Danielle again, “Thank you, love!”

Danielle: “Thanks, sweetie!.”

Silver: “ Eh, eh o! Love and sweetie ke, that’s 14years jail term ooo!!!” he joked, they ran to him  threw their feeble fists at him as he screamed, “Rape o! chi mo!!! Two abled women oo!! I’m in trouble ooo!” he feigned defeat by lifting his hands up, they stood up giggling and panting,

Danielle: “Next time don’t mess with us!”

Michelle: “Yea, female warriors!”

Silver: rubbing his arm, “ Chai! Una strong oo!” they all chuckled.

Michelle went to the restroom , Danielle sat on Silver’s legs tilting his head,

Danielle: “Silver and Gold!” that was the name she called Silver when she was in the mood to tease him.

Silver: “Please, just kill me iyeh?” Danielle laughed

Danielle: “Gladly!” she stood up folded her hands into a fist in a very hilarious manner as the thump forced its way through the middle fingers then she stood in an awkward pose beckoning on Silver to come for a fight. Silver pounced on her and wrestled her to the bed. Coming out of the rest room, Michelle on seeing them yelled,

Michelle:, “what!” She jumped on his back started punching him, Silver pulled her over to the bed and pinned them both, they laughed, yelled and screamed; they fought back but he gave them a very good fight realizing that they were fighting a lost battle, they yelled!

Michelle and Danielle: “We give up! We give up!!”

Silver: giggling, “Yea, I’m the man! What a man can do, two women cannot do. ntor!”

They burst into laughter, exhausted he threw himself to the bed-sweating.

Silver: “I’m so exhausted!!” That evoked more laughter.

Silence fell on them; they laid side by side to regain their lost energy. Michelle felt very good; playing with her friends was the much needed therapy,

Michelle: “Thank you, guys!” she smiled ,they smiled at her too.

The atmosphere was refreshing; a breath of fresh air.

Silver: “Who is craving for an ice cream?  I’m dying for one right now!”

Michelle and Danielle: “Me!!!!”They screamed.


They entered the eatery chattering, Danielle and Michelle entered first Silver trailed behind, in a swift, they became quiet standing at attention, none of them understood what was going on ; their eyes had met with Dapo and Sandra’s who were sitting facing the door, Sandra, tout de suite, planted a kiss on Dapo’s lips-who equally acted confused,

Michelle: “I can’t do this! I swear,  I can’t  ” Michelle scuttled out, Danielle ran after her, Silver stood staring at Dapo and Sandra with fire in his eyes and a clenched fist…

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  1. This Michelle babe self! Chooo! Can’t she see it? Dapo is gone and a vibrant energetic and intelligent, cool and calm guy is by her side to move on with and show Dapo that she is more than him. Naaa wah for young girls of nowadays ooo.

  2. If I were Michelle, once have cried over a guy,the next thing, I have nothing to do with the guy again. She should learn how to step forward in life,forget the past abeg.

  3. Pls Michelle,stop giving Dapo power to feel important, am getting to dislike you for this. Sourmo courage and move on with ur life….broken relationship is better than broken marriage

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