See What this Lady was Caught Doing in a Coffin Store (Photo)

This is the last location a lady in her right senses will want to take a picture for social media upload but this unnamed person has defied that social standard.


The lady shared the photo on Facebook of herself lying down cheerfully in the midst of coffins that remind human beings of their final end.

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It’s funny and unbelievable what some people will do to get people to pay attention to them on Facebook nowadays. She has been consequently taken to the cleaners by her friends for her weird action.



  1. An empty coffin is only a log of wood
    So what’s the fuss all about
    It’s her choice to pose for picture wherever she wants
    It’s no one’s business

  2. She loves to see people inside the coffin lifeless.She went to remind herself of “that day”. However,her action is stupidity because only God knows the time and period.If she is frustrated,let her pray to God.

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