(Episode 10) This is my Heart, not a toy – My Campus Life Experience

Michelle came out of the room to the sitting room, walked to the dining table, drew a chair and sat; she dropped the papers and a pen on the table,


Jennifer: “Good morning, sis!”she came out from the kitchen

Michelle: “Good morning, sugar. How was your night?”

Jennifer: “Fine o!” she drew a chair and sat.

Michelle gave out an agonizing yawn, Jennifer giggled,

Jennifer: “I should go and fix you something to avoid been eaten, “they both laughed.

Michelle: “Please do. I fit chop the whole world as I dey so”, Jennifer giggled.

Jennifer: “What do you wanna eat?”

Michelle: “I’ll make do with plantain and please, prepare pap for him,” she was referring to her husband.

Jennifer left for the kitchen, Michelle for the past days has found it difficult to see Silver as a husband but referred to Silver as “him”. Her mind went back to the paper and pen that stood akimbo before her, she wanted to write a letter, for the past two days she had written close to ten drafts of the letter but none gave her the satisfaction she wanted. She wanted to write a letter that wouldn’t paint her monstrous but at the same time clearly spelt out how she felt. Dapo has been waiting for her response,

Michelle: “Let me give it a deep thought, I’ll give you my reply tomorrow.” She said to him the previous day.

Her mind was made up,

Michelle: “What future do I have with Silver? One who is crippled and confined to one place for life? I am in my early 30s, is this how my life will end? Yes, I know that people who hear and read my story will criticize me for abandoning the man who stood by me when I was heart-broken. But, even God knows that I have tried. For more than a year after the accident, I have stayed true to him. I did everything, including bathing him and cleaning up his faeces. How many women of my generation can do that? How am I sure he will even go to this length if I was the one in his shoes? Yes, people  may think that I am foolish for going back to Dapo who broke my heart several times, but shebi people use to say the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know? Its better to be with Dapo whom I know than to go to another man and start all over again. I’ll go out with Dapo!” she’d concluded.

The words were flowing, quickly, she scribbled them on the paper, when she finished, it seemed close to what she wanted but some thoughts weren’t clear enough, she rewrote it and the last one appeared very perfect,

Michelle: “Perfecto!”she said as the eyes raced through every word, sentence and paragraph.

“Did you call me?”, Jennifer asked from the kitchen.

Michelle: “I didnt call you, e be like say your ear dey manufacture sound. Make we carry you go hospital too? Looks like everybody needs medical attention in this house.”

Jennifer: “Haba, Sister Michelle. It hasn’t gotten to that na, you funny sha.”

Michelle: “Just face the plantain you are frying there. I don’t want to see burnt plantain because of your talk talk. ”

Michelle carried an envelope, slotted the letter in and sealed it.

Michelle: “woah!” she heaved and put on her phone, scrolled to Dapo’s recent text and replied, “7pm right?” less than a minute Dapo sent a text,  “Taruwa, Ikoyi, is the place,” his text carried a smiling emoji. With pouted lips, she dropped her phone close to the sealed envelope; the feeling of exhaustion clasped her. Guilt tried to sneak itself into her mind but fought it with all she had,

Michelle: “It’s not like I’m going to sleep with him, I’ll just pass the time with him” dryly, she said then added when her conscious spoke, “It isn’t cheating. I just wanna have a breath of fresh air,” tears had conjured in her dangling eyes, “I feel so broken and empty inside!”she said holding the tears back.

Throughout that day, the outing with Dapo was on her mind. The afflicted Silver had a feeling his wife was up to something but he couldn’t figure it out; all day, she avoided him unlike her she left Jennifer to feed and even clean him up. When she entered the room, she couldn’t even look at him, she avoided his stagnant eyes.

Silver: Was she seeing someone? Had she cheated on him? Those thoughts lingered in his mind but even if she was he wasn’t going to feel bad,

Silver: “She has sacrificed her life for me, she deserves her freedom” he thought.

If he could talk, he would have suggested she go see some man and enjoy life to the fullest. He knew she had wanted satisfaction but what could he do? He loved her so much.

It was six in the evening, she went in to have her bath-she had taken her makeup kits to the visitor’s room. Few minutes later, she was out, sat down in front of the mirror, took her time to wear makeup. On the bed was a beautiful black skimpy dress, she was to wear it with a red high heel, the dress had a red fold on it designed in the shade of a rose flower. Dapo had sent them to her earlier in the day.

Jennifer was stunned when she saw her sister, whose dress brought out her curvaceous physique. She hadn’t seen her look that gorgeous in a long while; her makeup was smoothly done blending with the red shoes and beautiful black dress.

Michelle: “Why are you staring at me like that? Haven’t you seen someone on black dress before?”Jennifer just shook her head, “ehm,take,” she handed the letter to her sister, “it’s for him give it to him in three hours time!”

Jennifer: “For who? who is him?”

Michelle: “Sly of course, who else is here?”

Jennifer: “You mean uncle Sly, your husband?” She asked, surprise written all over her face.

Michelle: “Ehn, my husband.” She wished she didn’t have to call him her husband.

Jennifer: “ But he can’t see clearly,” she managed to say.

Michelle: “Oh yeah,right! I almost forgot he was par…”she swallowed the last word, “never mind! read it to him!” she said in a cold manner.

Jennifer: “Ah, sister Michelle, go and give it to himself, na. Shey im dey inside room there.”

Michelle: “You say wetin?”

Jennifer: “I say make you give am the letter yourself or better still read it out to him, he is awake.”

Michelle: “My friend, you will take this letter and do as I say. What nonsense”, she threw the letter at her sister and stormed out.

Jennifer: “What has gotten over her sister? Is she okay? I hope she is not going to hurt herelf?” Jennifer thought.

Jennifer: “Are you coming back today?” she said unconsciously.

Michelle: “what kinda question is that? Am I your mate that you now monitor my movements? Abi, I resemble pickin wey dey give you hold for your eyes?”she fired at her.

Jennifer: “sorry!”

Michelle: “Sorry for yourself!”

Michelle walked away with the gait of a model as she maintained her balance with her colossal behind; that was one of her greatest assets.

Jennifer stood motionless, staring at the sealed letter-befuddled.

After the usual therapy session and having completed his supplements, Silver had started moving his right arm and the quivering of the mouth had stopped, he also had this serene look on his face all evening. Jennifer noticed it that evening, she’d wanted to tell her sister of the improvement but Michelle gave her no chance at all.

Should she flout the order and open the letter? What if the content might worsen Silver’s situation? Why did Michelle give her the letter and why does it have to be in three hours before she can read it?  What was she to do? Should she read the letter or not? Could the change in Silver’s condition be a sign of improvement or even recovery? Where did her sister rush to dress like that?

…. Stay tuned for Episode 11  (You don’t want to miss this!)

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  1. Choi, Michelle is frustrated. Hmm…

    “Michelle: “I didnt call you, e be like say your ear dey manufacture sound. Make we carry you go hospital too? Looks like everybody needs medical attention in this house.””

  2. 🙈i just hope Michelle don’t buy herself hatred from Silver’s heart because of her attitude. Though as a young lady she has really tried but her aim is to see him better, until he is better, she is not to relent.

  3. Michelle y do u wanna spoil d good tin u ave started?she is going astray sumone should plssss call her back to her sense nw

  4. It’s not frustration. She just needed an excuse to go have sex with Dapo again. She already proved that with the ‘safe trip, I’ll miss u sex’ she had with him when he was leaving initially. Even if Sly wasn’t in that situation at this time, she would have done deal same thing. Well Sly, be a nice guy and forgive her when u find out.

  5. Michelle never loved Silver. It is an eye opening for all the readers to always be careful with that which we love so much may turn to hurt us.

  6. I can blame michelle she’s gone through hell, bt her hubby is also not to be blame he did bring such misfortune upon himself. This is LIFE! Whatever decision michelles takes I think is ok!

  7. Ahhh!! Machelle is not patient enough all her effort on silver for the past one year will now be in vain bcos sly is going to recover and if he find out she into Dapo I don’t think he will like her again that not even the issue the sis (Jennifer)will be the one to enjoy everything at the end.

  8. I don’t knw why pipo r so foolish…. Dapo left u went u needed him, he even flaunted it in your face telling you obviously u were trash.. The guy who gathered d pieces of ur useless broken heart is in a terrible condition and all u could tink of is u av tried…. Mind you if u can hear me Dapo has left you before he can still do it… After all d only reason he came back was bcoz he got deported… If he has a chance to go back he ll leave u like no man’s business… I wonder who ll b dere to pick d pieces of ur life….

    • Episode 8) This is my Heart, not a toy – My Campus Life Experience
      Posted 1 day ago by JB
      A dairy was lying on her laps; it was a secret diary where she recorded happenings, good or bad, she wrote:

      Dear Diary,

      I thank God for making me happy again. It’s been five years of a blissful marriage, thank you for my sweet, loving and supportive husband- he has been more than a friend! We don’t have kids yet but I’m not worried and I’m sure that, that time will come. All I promise to do is to enjoy each day as it comes and make the best man in the world happy!

      She covered the diary as the lips gave way for a delightful smile; she brought out her phone and sent a text;


      Within a minute, a reply came in;


      That day was their wedding anniversary but her husband had gone to Abuja to cover the International business summit in Abuja; he was one of the country’s biggest photographers and wouldn’t be back until the next day.

      He had made her happy that she forgot with ease her torrid relationship with Dapo; her experience with Dapo made her run from men; at some point in her life she thought of being a lesbian but having read from the Bible that it led to damnation she resulted to remain a single woman all her life but her husband came and changed everything, how he did that was puzzling. “I know Dapo did hurt you so much but the best you can do for yourself is let go and be happy, I am here for you and I promise never to leave you” he said to her during their courtship.

      Her phone rang, she had just finished dinner and it was her husband, laughter was heard as she spoke on the phone. After the call, she felt very much alive; who wouldn’t with a husband like Silver? On the bed flipping, through their wedding album she remembered how Silver proposed to her, it was dramatic but beautiful; it was crazy that it left grappled by embarrassment. Silver had bought a ticket for them to attend a music cum comedy show and the star artiste was the award winning Innocent Idibia,Tu Face, he was Michelle’s best artiste,

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      Danielle: “You and tu face sha? Make Annie no catch you o!! I trust Annie, she go do you wetin she do those other women. You go just see yourself inside the next bus to your village.”

      Michelle always went crazy whenever she listened to Tu Face’s music.

      Tu Face came on stage and Michelle didn’t know when she jerked and screamed, it was the first time she was watching him perform live. Later that night Silver said,

      Silver: “See as you bin dey fall my hand, that your chicken dance, after all the mouth wey you make about being a great dancer. One guy just dey our back dey laff” he joked.


      Michelle: “Lemme joor. I couldn’t control myself babe Ee pain me say I no get opportunity snap with Tu Baba. facebook, Instagram and Twitter for hear am.”

      Silver: “No try am o, snap with who? I no wan see your face for there.”

      Michelle: “Jealousy baby!” they laughed about it.

      Tu Face smiled as the crowd went clamorous, especially, the ladies,

      Tu Face: “Nothing dey happen,” he giggled, “my pipo nothing dey happen” he repeated; the crowd cheered him then he continued holding the microphone closer to his mouth, “See eh, before I start tu dey sing there’s something special going down here tonight. My pipo, it’s gonna be so, so amazing,” he screamed and jumped down walked towards Silver and Michelle, she became inert as Tu Face stood before them- she was star struck. He handed Silver an engagement ring, all eyes were on them- they were shown on the humongous screen, Silver knelt holding up the ring said,

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      Silver: “Will you be my wife?”

      She couldn’t say a word tears had stolen her voice, the crowd yelled as they hugged each other, Tu Face gave them a hug. It was an unbelievable moment. The proposal went viral; it was on all social media platforms. She held the album close to her chest,

      Michelle: “Oh, crazy, Sly! I love you bae!”

      Its 9: 30 pm, quickly, she rushed into the bathroom, her eyes were already heavy. Michelle had just finished taking her bath, as a song rang out of her phone; she quickly rushed for the phone, it was a foreign number,

      Michelle: “Who could be calling me with an international number,” she stared at the phone on the bed and didn’t pick, the call came in again but hesitated before picking, “Yes? Who is this?” when the voice spoke, it was a man’s voice, she ended the call and flung the phone on the bed shuddering; it was a nightmare- the voice was that of a ghost buried in the grave of her past.

      Michelle: “Noo,this can’t be happening! Nooo na!” agitated, she walked to the fridge and took out a big sized Eva bottle water, opened it, stuck its mouth in hers and dropped it after emptying all of its contents- she did that within two minutes and craved for more but the belly had gotten to its gauge. The room was arctic but she was sweating, expressionless, she dragged her feet, sat by the edge of the bed as the voice re-echoed, “heyie, it’s me…I’ll be coming back home finally,” it rang out in baritone.

      READ Archive: (Episode 11) My Roughest & forbidden College adventures: Yahoo-Yahoo, Cool Chics, Sugar Moma
      Michelle: “where’s home?”

      Quickly, she ran into the bathroom and had a frigid bath; she came out feeling better but as she stepped out her phone rang again and it was the same number,

      Michelle: “Oh my God! This can’t be happening!”She cried out, took her phone and switched it off, “Oh, God help me, please!” the voice kept blaring in her head.


      Thirty minutes later, she dozed off but jolted out of sleep panting, it was a night mare; rubbing her face with her hands she could feel the tears, she had been crying in the dream. She had lost her younger sister to in ghastly auto crash,

      Michelle: “God forbid!”

      She knelt down and made her short prayer, got hold of the phone and put it on before it could finish booting a call rushed in, it was her husband,

      Michelle: “Hey, babe!” but she heard someone else’s voice, “What!?” she screamed and burst into tears.

      Silver was involved in a motor accident along Lagos-Ibadan express way, the person that called said all the victims had been rushed to University College Hospital but it wasn’t mentioned if Silver was still alive or dead. Without thinking, she grabbed her car keys threw a gown on and on barefoot she drove out of the house.

      Who is the caller that gave Michelle sleepless night? Is Silver going to die? Do you think Michelle is under a curse? Get ready for the next episode!

      …. SEE Episode 9 below (You don’t want to miss this!)

  9. It is easier said than done.she is so young so she has tried cos i doubt the husband could be this patient but what i hate is why Dapo?swallowing back what you regogitated,hmmmmm nawao.you for stay like two yrs sha cos dat guy wil stil do to you what he is good at and that is maltreating women. next epipsode joor.

  10. Biblically, it is written in the rules and regulations guididng marriage that the only thing that can divide couples is death. It is also written that even if a man catches his wife in the act of adultery and decides to send her out, the man should remain single for life this also implies to a woman too. Whoever that goes contrary to this have authomatically committed adultery. Whosoever that marries a married man or woman who broke up with the husband nor wife and the husband nor wife is still alive has committed adultery too. Marriage is a ministry which is not meant to be taken for granted before taken the decision to embark on the journey. So we all should be careful before we enter into it. It is adviseable and for your own good to seek God’s permission, choice and decision over it with patience, prayer and supplications in order for you not to makes mistakes that will lead you to enternal damnation. Be warned beware.
    As for Michelle, she is inexcusable cause she took a vow in God’s presence during her holy matrimony with Sylver that they will stand by each other till death do them part. So she should retrace her steps before it gets too late for her. Thanks and God bless. Am Brother Emmanuel Onyebuchukwu.

  11. D only reason Dapo still has a hold on her is bcos she still loves him dats y she easily gives in.Dapo knows dat & dat’s wat his using against her but no matter wat,marriage is 4 better for worst.Michelle should stand by her husband, support & pray for him.A relationship dat didn’t work out b/w Dapo & Michelle y dey were dating,wat makes u feel u can survive marriage? Michelle should stop looking for where everything is perfect,just happiness all through.marriage has it challenges,good & bad times.Just bcos ur husband is paralyzed doesn’t give u enough reason to go back to Dapo.I believe if same tin should happen to Dapo u will start looking for sum 1 to date.Michelle it shouldn’t b always about ur happiness,sum times u nid to sacrifice for d ones we love.This is ur marriage silver nids u more Dan ever,so stand by him,encourage him at least he can hear,pray for him & give him all ur best so dat if all he couldn’t survive it,at least heaven & earth will bear witness dat u tried but I know he will survive it.God will help u

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    • Don’t let us conclude dat her outing is for sex with dapo. If dat is d tot adelove.com will jump episode 11. I think dapo will encourage her to keep a clean sheet. If not Jennifer will take her role as a wife cos siy will surely get well and be fit again. Sly care, dapo love. Though love do fluctuate, care last forever.


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