(Episode 9) This is my Heart, not a toy – My Campus Life Experience

She drove all the way to Ibadan all by herself, getting to the University Teaching Hospital she bumped out of the car and ran into the hospital like one who had lost touch with sanity,

Sad woman embracing man --- Image by © Eric Glenn/DK Stock/Corbis

Michelle: “Where’s my husband! Where is he? I want to see him now!” she yelled and ran towards one of the nurses. The hospital was filled with many people, eyes fell on her. The nurse looked at her in an awful manner, “Abeg, who this craze woman dey talk to?”, one of the nurses said and hissed. “ Please, nurse!” she placed her hand on her head, “someone called me that my husband was involved in a gh…” a doctor passing over heard her, turned and instructed her to follow him, she dashed after him and almost out ran him,

Doctor: “Madam it’s this way and you need to get hold of yourself!” he took a turn and entered the emergency ward.

Michelle: “Okay!”she was panting and screaming, “Jesus I need you more than ever! Please save my husband and keep him alive and I will never sin against you again, I promise you, Lord.” she shook her head vehemently as she followed.

Silver stayed in coma for a week and two days; the day he woke up, it was some minutes pass midnight, Michelle was sitting beside him and his aunt, who had been his mother and father was at the other end.

Silver never knew his father, he was told, his father was from Benue a surveyor by profession and he met his mother when he came to carry out a contract  in Anambra state; he wooed her, she was just sixteen but fell madly in love with him-he got her pregnant and ran off. During child birth she died, it was her elder sister who took care of the child, though married she never had a child and her husband loved Silver like his own until his death. She is the only parent and relative Silver has.

Silver: “mum, you’re my everything. I’m not interested in knowing who my biological father is as far as I’m concerned my father is dead, your husband!” it was his answer when his aunt suggested he looks for his biological father, “for all we may know the wicked man maybe dead!” she never brought up the issue again.

Michelle was ecstatic she almost jumped on him,

Silver: “I love you Michelle” those were the first words he spewed.

Michelle: “I love you too, baby. I love you more than life itself. I will always…”

“Go and call the doctor”, his aunty interrupted her. Michelle stood for a while staring at Silver who was struggling to open his eyes, “hurry!” she whispered.

The doctor came with a nurse trailing behind holding a tray, the doctor after few minutes of examination, injected him,

Doctor: “he needs to rest,” he smiled at them.

Michelle was piqued by that smile, she wasn’t interested in any other news but of her husband being hale and hearty- she wanted him back badly.

Two days later, his test results came out,

Doctor: “ You need to calm down, the patient sustained Cerebrovascular damage in the head caused by a traumatic brain injury and also his spinal cord has been badly affected,” he told Michelle and the family.

Michelle: “Yeepa! I’m finished!

Doctor: “Please calm down, this is not the end of his life, we have patients who have come out of this. This is the time he needs his family most; it will make him heal faster.

It was a blow for them; the lively Silver was to be confined to a wheel chair. It was pathetic, Silver wished for death,

Silver: “I just wish I can be dead right now, oh death, where are you?” he said as tears freely patrolled his cheeks.

Michelle: “Stop talking like this. Don’t you believe in miracles? You’ll be fine, baby, I am here for you.” she said as she held the tears but later ran to the rest room and cried out her soul.

Silver was bedridden for months and after a while his condition became more critical; they had spend almost everything but there was no improvement. He became unable to talk as stroke hit him,

Doctor: “the traumatic brain injury,” what he called TBI, “is responsible for this hemorrhagic stroke and there’s little we can do to help him,” he sighed, Though there’s a recommended Doctor in India who could be of great assistance in New Delhi but that will involve millions of naira. I’ll advice you take him and pray to God for a miracle,” the news tore their hearts into shreds.

Michelle was like a widow whose husband was still alive; Silver had become vegetable. He was taken home; Michelle took very good care of him with the help of her younger sister, Jennifer.


For a year, Michelle dedicated her life to her bedridden husband, she cleaned his butt when he defecated on his body- she did virtually everything for him even to eat she had to feed him. There were times when she felt like running away, at thirty she had gone through a lot; grey hair had started growing on her. She felt awful but didn’t regret the fact that she was there for the man who had always put a smile on her face. Sometimes alone with her sister she would weep,

Michelle:”I’m just praying for God to have mercy on me and my husband,” she’d weep leaning on her sister.

Jennifer: “Sister don’t worry God will heal your husband! Just have faith”

Silver felt terrible; he had subjected the young beautiful Michelle to a life of a prisoner-she hardly left his side. She could count the number of times she had stepped out for a whole year- he wanted to tell her to let him die but how could he when he couldn’t even talk or move his hands. He cried and wished he just die.

Michelle: “I’ll go get some things for the house,” she told her sister, “please keep an eye on him!”

Jennifer: “Okay,sister!

She wanted to at least see the world, going out she felt better, the depression and frustration were oozing out of her system-she entered the supermarket to get the things she had wanted, walked straight to where the trolleys were assembled and took her time in picking the things she wanted; she spent most of the time staring at families shopping together and she cried bitterly in her hearts. After an hour and thirty minutes she pushed her filled trolley to the counter, the sales boy smiled at her and calculated all she had bought,

Sales boy: “Fifteen thousand fifty naira,ma!”

A voice came from behind as she brought out her purse, “don’t worry I’ll pay!”

When she turned around, her eyes seemed to be deceiving, he had well carved beards on, looking very handsome; she couldn’t believe Dapo was standing in front of her,

Dapo: “You’ve been avoiding my calls for the past one year,” he said as he paid the money she couldn’t say a word, “Lemme help you,” he collected the bulk of her load and saw her off to the car; from the supermarket to the car he was the one talking there was nothing for her to say. She was on hibernation-it felt like the mind was playing its trick on her. It was hard to believe Dapo was there with her.

Dapo had dropped his number with her-he was the one that called her a year ago, the night of the accident.

The thought of Dapo enveloped her mind throughout that night; before she knew what was happening they were always talking on the phone, and chatting on Whatsap, Palmchat and Facebook- he became a distraction for her, a perfect one. He told her of how he had married a white woman but was deported few months later when he ended up fighting with his friend, a Ghanaian, for sleeping with his wife. The police detained him for weeks before deporting him.

Dapo: “I want to take you somewhere special,” he said on the phone.

She was taken aback,

Michelle: “Special?”

Dapo: “Yep!”

Michelle: “I’m married.”

Dapo: “I’ve heard that countless times!”

She sighed,

Michelle: “lemme think about it, please.” She was confused, totally thrown in the mud.

Question: Should Michelle agree to Dapo proposal? Will going out with Dapo just one more time cause any problems for her?  Is she cheating on her husband by agreeing to go out with Dapo? But do you think she’s wasting her life with Silver, someone the Doctor concluded as good as dead?  Be Sincere with your comments!

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  1. If she was in silver shoes what would he do a man who sacrificed all for her she should stick to him.a date with dapo could lead to another dangerous mistake.dapo is just feeding on her weakness if he wasn’t deported he wount have remembered her.think deep michelle

  2. don’t ever go out with that nigga DAPO again stick to ya husband hence he is da one dat once put smile on ya face n God will bless ya even when he is death.

  3. Oh Lord, This Lady Michelle needs to see your face. She needs your help. She’s about loosing herself in your embrace. No words to play the melodies or sweet song. You are the only Hope she needs at the moment. Help Her Oh Lord … next Episode please

  4. If u read correctly, d doctor said somwhr in India dey can treat him. She shud get busy wit looking 4 money to fly him abroad n not having anytin wit Dapo, he is bad news. Wen dey said 4 better or worse, m sure dey meant it.

  5. hmm
    you see dat is why it important for love to be mutual there are some extra mile u will only go wen u love someone as much as dey love u … Silver as always loved Michelle more, however I wish Michelle even if she can not resist Dapo, will use him as a means to help Silver get better
    if she as any church mind left in her with the help of God she will resist Dapo cus infidelity always threaten a marriage when it is about to pass its final test of standing tall against all odds
    I love the story, next episode plss

  6. If Mitchel continues with dapo,it will destroy her.Another thought is if dapo wasn’t deported,he won’t be doing all these with her,he is actually taking advantage of her weakness.Marriage is for better or worse.

  7. No condition is permanent, God works in miraculous way, mind uu Michelle d darkest hour of d night is just b4 dawn meaning dat God could just b using dapos appearance to test her faith, silver could just wake up one morning n all ailments gone even without a Panadol.

  8. Michelle! I doubt d love u ve for silver, u will soon live to regret ur life if u go out with Dapo. cos Silver is just in his trial period which doesn’t last a life time

  9. The best thing for Michelle to do is just for her to stick to Silver because he was the person who wiped away the bad memories and filled it with the happy memories…If she eventually succumb to Dapo she’s gonna be in a big mess because he is just gonna fool around with her for the second time.

  10. Biko Dapo is a danger zone Michelle should run as far as her legs can carry her unless Silver will die out of her diverted attention and lack of loyalty.

  11. Michelle has been for a year without any Man, she’s lonely right now, going out with Dapo might lead to another thing ooooo. Body no be fire wood

  12. why would she accept Dapo’s proposal or go out wit him again, she mustn’t abandon Silver because of his present condition, yes,she has endured already so she should only continue praying 2God 4 healing 4 Silver

  13. To be honest it take a very strong faith one to stick to someone like silver but if I was her I will stay with husband Dapo is a distraction to her. I pray that God will give the strenght to move on.

  14. To be honest it takes a very strong faith for one to stick to someone like silver but if I was her I will stay with my husband. Dapo is a distraction to her. I pray that God will give her the strenght to move on.

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  19. Have read it in this story twice now about the attitude of the nurses, am a nurse and not all nurses are inhumane, so that painting u re giving the profession is bad. Good n lesson filled story though

  20. If I were Michelle I will not even listen to that un-circumcised bastards, had it been that nincompoop loves her, he wouldn’t have forsaken her for that long before she even got married. I know that SILVER will still play football again, cos even after ninety minutes if the referee hasn’t blown the whistle he can still score a goal. Michelle be mindful of ur steps with that product of condom leakage.

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