(Episode 11) This is my Heart, not a toy – My Campus Life Experience

They arrived at Taruwa in Dapo’s black Lamborghini, 2013 model; Dapo rushed to her door and opened it,


Dapo: “ for you, my princess.”

She smiled,

Michelle: “Thank you!” she dropped from the car regally.

Dapo: “Anything for you, my woman, my everything.”

He gave her his hand as they walked inside, Dapo led her to the middle row he loved. The troupe had just performed a dance; he had brought her to watch a play. A short man came out with protruded stomach he walked in a way as if the stomach dragged him; he looked like a piss artist.

Michelle: “this man looks funny,” she broke into giggles, “e short e come get belly on top! And e be like say e ugly.”

Dapo: “E be like say e ugly abi the man na confirm ugly guy.”

They were laughing.

The short man grunted before speaking, Dapo whispered,

Dapo:   “Imagine me being like him,” they crackled

Michelle: “I wouldn’t have been here with you! Na OYO for be your state o”

Dapo: “OYO my state? How?”

Michelle: “On Your Own, now.”  They laughed the more.

The play was introduced with the title “Abike”, the prelude was a dance first, Dapo stared at Michelle and saw the gleam in her eyes- she was having a swell moment. With a smile, he was sure he’d have her tonight. That was all he wanted; to have sex with her, he missed those moments when he had her body to himself to use however he wanted,  after all she was married, he couldn’t imagine been committed to her. The play had stolen all of her attention; he placed his hands on her revealing thighs, she held his hand and smiled,

Michelle: “Thanks for bringing me here!”

There was a rupture somewhere in his body, something had woken up, he licked his lips and whispered,

Dapo: “I’ve got more in store for you, baby!” his voice ran down her spine and goose bumps appeared even on her forehead. As Danielle used to say  back then in the University,

Danielle: “Na Dapo get your mumu button if e just press em na. you no dey reason again! Na mumulogy get you be that.”

He, sure, had her keys.

The play was very thrilling; it seemed Michelle enjoyed it more, Dapo wasn’t really fascinated, the truth was he never liked stage plays, he brought here for he knew it was one of the easiest ways to get into her panties again. Somonu, in the play, was her best character; a symbol of stupidity and humour. She laughed really hard anytime he was on stage- he was the servant of the Baale’s son,Lekan, but Lekan being a good spirited man made Somonu his best friend to the point that Somonu started misbehaving. The scene she loved most was the scene where the queen and the Ifa priest, who had taken over after the death of her husband, instructed that Somonu goes to get Lekan’s father,Baale, who had gone mad for his evil ways.

Ifa Priest: “Go bring the Baale!”

Somonu turned to Lekan and whispered,

Somonu: “Are you deaf? They say you should go and bring your dead father!” Ifa Priest and the queen gawked at him and he ran off lamenting, “Ah, I aff suffer dis pipo aff suffer me. In fact, my name is suffering! When it time for suffering it is that time Somonu is remembered!” he started a song, “Somonu suff..ering, Suffering isi Somonu!” he sang the song and ran off the stage.

The audience went insane with laughter, unending laughter. The play ended happily and that happiness rubbed off on the audience.

Michelle left the place euphoric; they talked and laughed on their to the car, hand in hands as though they had just fallen in love, he opened the door for her as she intentionally brushed her lips against his-he smiled and she winked at him, pouting. Sex, that was the only thing that he wanted.

Dapo: “I’ve got something for you!” she smiled as he swiped the screen of his phone and read out a piece from his phone,

It felt empty

When you left

My world.

My heart, cleft,

Yearned for you, daily.

In pretence I lived all this while

To think I’d have stopped thinking about you Was suicide.

The memories I have of you-irreplaceable

You’d be in my heart, always- till my dying day.

By the time he was done reading, she was sobbing, her hands were on his cheeks, planted a kiss on his lips,

Michelle: “Take me to your place now!” she screamed.

They drove off!

As soon as they got into Dapo’s compound, she nabbed at his lips clutching at him with an animal instinct; Dapo couldn’t breathe,

Dapo: “Take it easy, babe!”he held her head panting, they giggled and she jumped on him, the horn blared as her butt rested on it, she smiled as he lowered the driver’s seat. They tore at each other’s body, her bosom brushing against his chest, they made noises like naughty teenagers.

Michelle: “Have me, please!” enfeebled she cried out.

Dapo shoved her aside, dropped from the car, raised her as he carried her on the shoulders, staggering he forced the door of the car to a close, giggling she tossed her legs in the air feigned the screams of someone abducted.

Dapo: “I’m kidnapping you and I’m gonna keep you for myself!” he ran for the main door of the house,


Michelle: “I don’t care! I wanna be yours forever!”

As he dropped her on the couch to shut the door, she pulled with vigour that he couldn’t help but fall on her, with her tongue she danced on his ear, chin and neck-fiercely, he clung unto her unzipping her skimpy dress, dug his right hand in between her thighs as she moaned,

Michelle: “Take me to your bed,baby!”

The foreplay was amazing. With his unbutton shirt and dropping black pants, he carried her, breathe clutching against each other as they struggled through the stair case. In the room, he flung her on the bed, pulled off her shoes as she pulled him to the bed, pouted her lips and stole kisses, he dragged her to himself- they were both on fire-sweating; she tore away from him trying to catch her breathe, with the hands clutched on her waist,

Dapo: “What’s wrong?”


Michelle: “I’m…huff!” bit her lips, “I’m dehydrated!”they giggled.

Dapo rushed for water, gave it to her,

Michelle: “Thanks babe,” handed him the cup, “Lemme use the rest room!”

Dapo quickly, pulled off his boxers, unclad he entered the duvet, pulled out condoms from his wallet and placed it under the pillow, licked the tongue savagely, he was ready for action.

On the toilet seat, her hands brushed through her ruffled hair, she sighed, like a movie on a fast forward the thought of her husband swiped through her mind,

Michelle: “Sil…ver!” she whispered as she gave few seconds thought about her Husband.

Dapo had just finished a call with his Ghanaian girlfriend, Sofia, who was calling to inform him of her arrival to Nigeria. She was one of his best; she knew how to treat him better.

Dapo: “Call me as soon as you get to town my Sugarbunny, I can’t wait to finish you off”, he teased and ended the call with “I love you, baby mmwwwah!”

With total confidence, Dapo was till cheating with another girl on phone while Michelle was right there with him under the same roof. He did not notice Michelle’s presence, he was lost in his imagination of how Sofia’s arrival would give him the magic touch he had been waiting for.

The “I loveyou,baby mwaah!” rang in her ears over and over again, she had overheard him; with teary eyes Michelle said to herself,

Michelle: “Michelle!” what are you doing!?” she wore her panties and washed her face, “Silver needs you,right now!”she whispered.

Dapo: “Are you okay, Baby?” he called out again.

She scampered out of the bathroom, picked her shoes and fled, Dapo jerked out of the naked,

Dapo: “Michelle! Baby! Baby!!”

Michelle took her purse from the couch and bolted out of the house,

Dapo ran to the sitting room but Michelle was out already, his maid who ran out because of the commotion she heard screamed when she bumped into her oga bare,

Dapo: “Disappear!!!” he screamed at her as he used the throw pillows to cover the third legs and butt. Looking towards the opened door, he screamed “You have to listen to me, he called out to Michelle. It was my kid sister who called, please come back…”

Question: Has Michelle finally gotten back her senses? Will Michelle fall for Dapo’s lies and go back to him? Has Jennifer read out the letter to Silver? What has become of Silver?

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  1. Why Michelle fall into trap again…..bt I tink her stuck wit Dapo heart…..can’t wait to read wah happen next

  2. Good for Michelle. She asked for it n got it, but thank God she didn’t sleep with him. Silver must have a very strong head o. Lol

  3. That is why I said ladies like me,pls be carefully, some men’s only borders u,becos of what them saw in side pant,some did not came because dey love u,some poposely came to u to satisfy there Rotty pressure,DAT is it.!

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