Man beaten to death in Germany after urinating near church

A man in Southern Germany was beaten to death by four men after he publicly urinated near a church, police said on Thursday.


Police are searching for the four men who hurled insults and attacked the 51-year-old man recently after he was seen urinating close to a church in Freiburg, a city in Germany’s traditionally Catholic south.

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According to police, the man told his son about the attack before succumbing to his injuries later that day.

However an autopsy confirmed that he died as a result of the attack.

Report says public urination on Church buildings has become an issue of public concern in Germany, corroding the buildings’ sandstone foundations and leading authorities to institute hefty fines.



    • Do you support evil because your fellow religious fellow does it. God is love. Inhuman act to humans all in the name of religion whether christian, muslims or other fates is not right. We have the law and law enforcement agencies, people should not take laws into their hands.

  1. But this is unacceptable, just bcos he urinated beside,not even inside the church, he was killed, and the barbarians who perpetrated this heinous crime did it for God? I doubt it very much!

  2. This is not a true story. It does not represent the fact that lead to the beating and killing….. all comments have been on the form but not the substance. Peeing in the public in Germany is against the law and it is fineable so people dont fight for just….infact the story did not tell us if these guys were church goers… I rest my case.

  3. @kayce true talk …… @Zainab sorry to disappoint you, it wasn’t a religious issue ok … So don’t even go comparing Islamic extremist to Christainity/Christains(because we are definately very very tolerant) …
    People still make jokes of Christains, their pastors/priest, and even call the name of Jesus in vain but you haven’t heard of anyone killed because of that or because they are fighting for Jesus … and also mosques still make use of their loud speakers when it’s time for prayers in residential areas, and no one has gone to burn down the mosques due to noise pollution …..

    So if you have something to say based on the matter at hand and how bad/evil it is for someone to just have been killed by four people for whatever reason, just do that …. And don’t try to justify what your religion does or have done….

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