(Episode 8) At the Eleventh Hour…A Life Lesson Story!

“I am not going anywhere!”


Mike’s mother is sitting on the kitchen stool peeling yam and he is standing beside the fridge. He has been trying to convince her since he woke up, but it seems he is just wasting his words. His mother is not ready to listen to his explanations.  One more time, he explains why it is necessary for him to be in US but his mother is still not convinced. He shrugs his shoulders, leaves the kitchen and goes to the bedroom to make another call to Kadir.

Mike: “Whatsup, bro? How are you doing?”

Kadir: “I’m good. Have you moved the body?”

Mike: “Not yet o. Guy, Mama says she is not going anywhere”

Kadir: “Gaskiya?” he holds the giggle pauses after some seconds continues, “so, whats gonna happen now?”

Mike: “I don’t know. That is why I have called you…”

Kadir: “hmmm. Give me some minutes to think about this, I’ll get back to you”

Mike: “Thanks, Boss, thanks,” the call ends.

Kadir’s table is filled with files. He had chosen the most spacious office on the ground floor as soon as his brother started running the company. For  he hates the guts of the whites, he always appears in kaftan to work. Once asked by one of his colleagues, he said his aim is to promote the African culture by wearing the native attire to work. Everyone in the building knows he is a ladies’ man; he has found his way through the life of every female employee of his brother, even the married ones.

Being the last child of the family, Kadir grew up spoilt and unbearable. Although more handsome than his half brother Karim, Kadir has never truly won the heart of a woman. Most women in his life are there for the money. He is aware of this, and yet does not care to work on his personality.

It is now break time at the office. Kadir calls the secretary to bring him his lunch. He has been thinking of how to permanently put a stop to this Meenarh’s issue that keeps coming up anytime he wants to have a conversation with his friend. The door creaks open, holding a tray is the secretary, it is his lunch,

Kadir: “Aha!” idea strikes him the very moment she drops the food on a table.

Secretary: “Sir?” with a wave he dismisses her and staring into his phone.

He dials Uncle Karim’s number several times but finds out that Uncle Karim has been on a call. He knows time is no longer on Mike’s side, so he goes to Whatsapp to drop a voice message for his brother.

Kadir: “Hey Bro. Lafiya? Your phone has been busy. I know you were at his place. He told me. Now that you know about her, we are accomplices. I need you to help us take the body elsewhere. I can’t do this alone with him. Call back when you get this…” Kadir drops his phone and concentrates on his work.

At a time when Uncle Karim got involved in politics, he used his half brother, Kadir to cover up his shady deals. Kadir never declined because, for him, it was an easy way to make money, he made millions of Naira that year even though his brother never won the elections. They have both been inseparable since then. Even Jemilah, his sister-in-law cannot break the bond between these two.

Kadir ambulates in the office whispering, checking his phone in intervals but he is yet to receive any response from Uncle Kadir. Impatience lurches at him as he storms out of the office and goes home to meet his brother.

As he opens the door to the study, Uncle Kadir who is sitting opposite the door stares at him in vexation.

Uncle Karim: “What the hell was that message for? Are you insane?” he yells at his brother as he picks a newspaper to read in his study.

Kadir: “I am not insane. I know you know Meenarh was murdered in Mike’s house.”

Uncle Karim: “Don’t you dare play games with me. Which Meenarh are you talking about?”

Kadir: “You know the Meenarh I’m talking about. All I need is for you to help us use your boys to move the body without anyone knowing. I’m not asking for too much, Big Bro”

Uncle Karim: “I don’t know what you are talking about, Kadir. If you have a mess you want me to cover, say it politely and stop being childish.”

Kadir: “Fine, I want you to cover that mess for me, because if I go down, your name goes down too…” he storms out of the study and bangs the door.


The following day, Kadir informs Mike that the body has been taken care of and he can now sleep in peace. Mike, surprised, asks his friend how it was done but Kadir never reveals any information about how the body was removed from its former place: Mike’s backyard.  Excited by the good news from his friend, Mike informs his mother that his trip to the United States has been cancelled!

Mike’s Mother: “I am not surprised, my son” she said as she folds her clothes. “I know the Lord will not allow the devil ruin the life of my only son”

Mike: “You can now stay as long as you want, Mama,” he gives his mother a side hug and leaves the room.


It takes Jemilah only two days to find out what has been keeping her husband distracted apart from work. She has once seen his chat with a female friend, where she told him how much she would like to spend time with him and make him relax. But Jemilah is not completely in line with the scripture that gives the man the freedom of marrying more than a wife: she loves her husband so much that she would never want to share him with another woman. Now that she suspects he is cheating, she promises herself that she will do everything possible to find the woman and politely ask her to leave her husband. She waits till Uncle Karim is back from work; she prepares his favourite meal, Tuwo shinkafa, and satisfies him generously in bed afterwards.

Now that she has used her feminine gifts to put her husband to sleep, she leaves him lying helplessly like a wounded elephant. She picks his phone, goes through the female contacts and reads his conversations with them. She is about to put down the phone when she sees a pop up message from Kadir saying, “Uncle Kay, I need to talk to you about her…” ,The message does not appear in full so she opens it to see the complete message.

Alas! She reads to herself as she moves around the large room naked, “…I need to talk to you about her. Let’s meet at your garden later today; would have preferred to come around but I don’t want Jemilah suspecting. You know how nosy she can be” She reads, and with sadness and tears in her eyes, she sits on the floor, and then scrolls up to see previous messages from Kadir to his brother.

Jemilah: “Wake up, you murderer!” she hits him on his back.

Uncle Karim: “mmm?” he answers as he forces his eyes open

Jemilah: “What have you done this time around? You killed someone? Is that it?”

Uncle Karim: “What are you talking about?” he looks at the clock on the side table, “at this hour?”

Jemilah: “I saw your conversation with your brother, on this phone” she flings his Samsung phone on the bed. “Well, I don’t need a long story. Just tell me who this is, obviously she was your woman, which explains why your brother doesn’t want me to know”

Uncle Karim knows how intelligent his wife is, and how far she can take the case if he told her the truth. He pauses for some minutes, stands up to her, gives it a deep thought and then breaks the silence.

What is Uncle about to say to his wife?  That he has a hand in her Meenarh’s disappearance or that Kadir does? How will Jemilah take the response?

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  1. I dnt understand d kind of fiance dat mike has dat has neva showed up since after episode one…. Ddnt even come to check on him wen he was hospitalized…… Suspense filled story shaa

  2. wht is confusing me nw is:wht killd mennear?Hw dd uncle karim gt involvd in mennear’s death though she is her in-law


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