(Episode 9) At the Eleventh Hour…A Life Lesson Story!

Uncle Karim: “Wallahi, Baby na, I am not being unfaithful. I have never cheated on you and I never will. It is true that a woman is dead and it is true that I hid this from you. This is because I didn’t want to bother or scare you. This woman is dead because she wants to; she tried to harm you, she threatened to, I don’t even know her…she sent me letters threatening to take your place, and as my boys tried to teach her a lesson she died in the process. Please don’t hate me because for this!” he pleads.


Jemilah: “How am I sure you have not been sleeping with her? As it is, I don’t trust you anymore.”

Uncle Karim: “ Haba ma na! The proof is right here” he hands her his phone. “check my phone and you will see that I do not have anything to do with any woman, go ahead Baby na, check.”

Successfully convincing her to believe his story, Uncle Karim sends curses to his brother from his mind. How can he be so careless to send a message like this to his phone? He asks himself. Uncanny Kadir, sending such a sensitive thing as a message is the height of stupidity,

Uncle Karim : “This is something he was supposed to talk to me about in person not sending a text in the first place. I should have scolded him some more when he came to the study.” he hissed.

And how come he didn’t  to delete the message, it is a mistake on his part too, “carelessness” he thought. Lying to his wife isn’t an option; he had tell her the truth.

The next morning, guilt takes a jolly ride on Uncle Karim’s face as it reflects on his mood. Jemilah has not spoken to him since last night. She had angrily moved to the other room to sleep. Not making up with her automatically means he is in for a messy day. He knocks on her door and kneels on both knees immediately the door squeaks open. He doesn’t speak, he kneels right there, waiting for her to start the conversation so he will know the best approach to make.

Jemilah: “Why didn’t you tell me everything when it first began? What do you intend to achieve by keeping such thing away from your wife?” she turns her back so she doesn’t get tempted to forgive him immediately.

Uncle Karim: “It was just two months ago. I tried to, but you have been busy with work. I didn’t want to bother you, that’s why I decided to take care of it my own way. I am sorry”

Jemilah turns around, holds his hands and squats right in front of him. Her face looks like she has been mourning a loved one for years.

Jemilah: “It is ok, Mai Gida. I have forgiven you…” she heaves and continues “So, where is her body now? How did Kadir know about it? Why does he want to see you? I don’t understand.”

Uncle Karim: “I really don’t know. We are yet to bury her. The initial place her body was buried was calling too much attention, so we removed the body to the site. I have been busy with work; we haven’t thought of where to finally lay the body, I guess that’s why Kadir is calling.”

Jemilah: “Hmm. So unfortunate! Can I ask for a favour?”

Uncle Karim: “Go ahead please”

Jemilah: “I want the body!” she announces as she lays her head on Uncle Karim’s chest, who is now relaxed on his knees.

Uncle Karim does not have the right to ask his wife why she has demanded for the body. He knows that she is mad at him, and if he refuses to fulfill her wish she may use do whatever she can to frustrate him; he knows how far Jemilah can go to damage his reputation now that murder is involved.


Led by one of Uncle Karim’s guards, Jemilah arrives at the construction site. She orders the guard to bring the long wrapped body to the bushy area; she sets fire on the body, holds her breath and waits till it turns ashes before she leaves. Covered up in her black Hijab, she walks calmly to her car and drives off.

At home, everything is now settled. Jemilah is happy that she has finally found the woman who is responsible for her husband’s unfaithfulness. She believes that now that she has caught him, he will not have the guts to cheat on her again and from this moment she will be in charge; she will demand that she wants to start having kids and he will not be able to say no.

“Assalamu alaykum”

A soft voice is heard from her door. Jemilah responds and the door opens. She is shocked to see Sally with a small box.

Salamatu: “Aunty Jemilah, good day”

Jemilah: “Ehen, good day! Ah-ah Salamatu, are you guys back?” She looks behind Salamatu to see if there is anyone behind

Salamatu: “ From?” she asks  startled, Jemilah is perplexed too, gives her a cursory gaze, “I didn’t go anywhere, I’ve been in Abuja. I haven’t been visiting because my brother is back to the country. You know how he feels about me going out” she smiles “where is Meenarrh?”

Jemilah: “I don’t understand. Meenarh left a week ago, and said Arik Air invited you two for training. Didn’t you attend the training?”

Salamatu: “training?”

Jemilah is a little annoyed by Salamtu’s questions, what’s wrong with this girl? Salamatu still by the door continues,

“I was not invited for any training. Meenarh also did not tell me about any training. I guess there is a mix up somewhere. Let’s call and confirm”

Question: Could Meernah have caused her own death? What did Jemila get herself into by getting involved in a murder she knows nothing about? What will she do when she discovers that Meenarh is dead? Will she ever forgive herself upon discovery she had a hand in her own sister’s death by burning the decomposed body?

…Stay tuned for Episode 10

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  1. Haaa… this AdeLove sef. Your story message too powerful. Una too dey think deep when writing a piece. Hmm… next ooo Abeg.

  2. Is what Meenarh is looking for, that’s what she got, did she trying to snatch her sister’s husband? I don’t really understand

  3. Hmm, this is getting serious, the lady should have told her friend where she was actually going to, keeping secrets is bad sometimes.

  4. Waoh, this story series are full of suspence, intriguing and thrilling. What s Super Story Indeed. Waiting patiently for the next episode.

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