(Episode 12) At the Eleventh Hour…A Life Lesson Story

Patiently, Jemilah awaits the miracle from the Alfa, she prays to God that her sister comes back in one piece. She has just served her husband the fourth meal that contains the substance she has been given by the Alfa, but there is yet to be any positive effect. She goes to the dining area, peeps at him and smiles as she sees him eat like a hungry slave. She has never seen her husband eat this much, he has always taken some few spoons anytime she serves him Jollof rice – Nigerian Jollof for that matter “no be that kind Ghana Jollof  sef”. Or is this the first phase of the result?


Uncle Karim: “I need you, baby…I want you baby”

Jemilah cannot believe her eyes and ears as Uncle Karim springs up from the dining chair, holding and caressing her without minding the consequences, she looks behind to see whether the maids are watching and then, unable to resist him, she forces herself to speak

Jemilah: “Mai Gida, haba” she giggles, ‘why don’t we go to the bedroom?”  again, she giggles.

Uncle Karim grabs her hand, leading Jemilah upstairs.

Uncle Karim: “My Queen, My Angel, I need you badly…” he lifts her up and takes her upstairs. He doesn’t take her to their bedroom; he takes her to the guest room instead and then tears her gown apart.

Jemilah: “What are we doing here?” she tries to speak but he uses the lips to steal words from her mouth.

Their lips are caught in the web of kisses; Jemilah swayed by the passion puts her hands round his neck as his hands combs through her hair.  They break away, like two bulls in a fight taking a break to catch their breathe,

Uncle Karim: “When I looked at the way you dished the meal, the way the Jollof rice tasted” He winks “…and the way I caught you staring at me, the ‘Mai Gida himself’ stood up and waved at you” he removes her bra and flings it carelessly. The bra makes its way to the top of the TV, looks back and smiles, “we’ve never made love here; I wanted to spice it up a bit. What do you think?”

Unable to get a hold of herself she nods in a vehement manner, urging him to have her. Lays her on the bed  as she raises her butt and he stripes her down to her panties. Uncle Karim, pauses, shrugs and goes into the bathroom to get some towels and Massage Oils. Within 30 seconds he returns back to the bed.

Jemilah: “mmmmm-mmmmm” she tries to say something but the emotions are now deep into her soul. To her, this is exactly what she needs to calm her nerves- it is what she has been yearning for.

He presses her shoulder down, unscrews the cap of the massage oil and pours a healthy amount into his palm. It smells like Mint and Eucalyptus. Starts with her shoulders, rubs the oil into her skin, taking time to knead the muscles carefully and fully before moving onto another area. Jemilah’s soft moans let him know that he is doing something right.

He does not make love to her immediately (just like he has been doing for the past five years); he touches her gently, explores her whole and uses his left hand to prevent her from screaming. He has never seen his wife scream this loud, he too is unable to hold it; he joins her in groaning then withdraws and goes to sit on the bed. Jemilah, who has now assumed another personality jumps at him, removes his shirt and takes control…

Jemilah: “Oh my God! You are good at this.”

He snickers and rolls over, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulls her down. Jemilah lifts her hips and he pulls her tank up, she watches him passionately as he slowly gets up on his knees, pulls off his shirt and shed his flannel bottoms and boxers. Her skin is literally tingling with anticipation like one walking a fine line. He settles down between her legs and kisses her shoulder. Jemilah feels the weight of his shaft laying right beside her vulva. He is warm and hard. Her legs jerks as he slid his arms beneath her, holding her close to his chest and resting his chin on her head. Jemilah feels completely wrapped up in him as he begin to thrust in earnest.

A sharp stab of arousal flutters around her stomach, her “bald man in a boat” is throbbing with each connection of their public bones. Uncle Karim is pumping into her with purpose, not quickly but not gently. She has little leeway but still manages to meet his thrusts. The muggy air generates by their bodies make Jemilah’s face and chest start to sweat.

Faster and faster, Uncle Karim’s pace begin to pick up until his hips are slamming into the cradle of her thighs. She arches and writhes, pulling his shoulders closer to hers until he dips his head down and press his lips against her back.

Two hours later, she wakes up tired. She looks beside her and sees her husband snoring, she smiles and goes to the bathroom. The whole day, Jemilah experiences a permanent glow on her face.

Jemilah: So, Mai Gida is this good in bed? How did she even pull that stunt in bed? Does this mean the Alfa’s prescription has started its job in her husband’s system?  She questions her soul. “The Alfa must be very good”, she smiles again.


Mike’s mother is now used to the Abuja life, her son has been taking her out and showing her places. The last time she visited, Bella was around and it felt better, even though she had thought of spending only three nights before returning to the village, she is so comfortable in her son’s house that she is not planning to go back to the village anytime soon.

Mike has just parked his car. He rushes into his mother’s room like he is being chased by armed robbers.

Mike: “Mama! Mama!! Mama!!” he shouts,

Mike’s Mother: “Ogini, Nwam, When did you come back from work? Didn’t I lock the door?”

Mike: “Mama, there is something I need to confess to you” he looks around like there is a third person in the room “Meenarrh,I will confess my sins, I promise”

Mike’s mother: “What is happening to you, my son what has come over you? What are you talking about?” she holds his hands.

Mike: “it wasn’t my fault, Mama, I swear to God, it wasn’t…”he starts to cry.

Mike’s Mother: “How do I understand you if you don’t open up to me? Eh? Biko say something”

Mike: “Two months ago, I suspected Bella was cheating on me because she started acting weird, after all the sacrifices I had made, Mama” his tears drop on her wrapper.

Mike’s Mother: “Ehen? Ehen? Go on…”

Mike: “So, Kadir advised me not to worry that he would connect me with a woman; the type that will keep me occupied since Bella was misbehaving. I swear Mama, I said no at first”

Mike’s Mother: “Hmmmmm So?”

Mike: “Two weeks ago, Mama, she came to see me a…nd sss…he …came and saw her dead…” he stutters.

Mike’s Mother: “ Chai! Chai!!!” she stands up and loosens her wrapper. “Did you kill her? Is that the girl whose spirit has been roaming about this house?”

Mike: “Mama I don’t know oooooooo…” he holds unto her left leg “I think I’m about to die, I prefer to die; but I didn’t kill her. I swear I did not!”

Mike’s Mother: “Then who did? Why are you the one that she is troubling if you had nothing to do with her death? What did you do with her body? Why didn’t you tell me about it?” she squats and holds his head tight, “You will  not die in Jesus name. My only son will not die. I know my enemies have a hand in this but Amadioha will not allow then succeed. They will use their head to carry whatever they have planned for you” She starts shedding tears and uses the wrapper on the floor to wipe her tears.

Mike is unable to answer her questions; he begins to shiver as he forces himself to speak. His mother notices that his temperature is no longer normal, she goes to the bathroom, brings a bowl of water and begins to dab his head and neck region.

Mike’s Mother: “Mama Chika (Ugu Seller),  if you have a hand in this it shall never be well with you” she looks up to the ceiling. “Your daughter, Chika will die an imbecile! God will chase your customers away! You will not know peace O…” she cries more, goes into the bathroom to pour the previous bowl of water and brings a fresh one, “Who did I offend? I have never hurt anyone’s child. Hmmmm Or can Obioma do this to me because I disgraced her in church for not covering her cleavage? No- she can’t, She dare not” she wipes her tears and holds her son’s hands as he falls asleep.


Will Mike’s revelation to his mother help the police in their investigation? Why is Meenarh’s ghost haunting Mike alone? What about the murderers, will they go free?

…Stay tuned for Episode 13

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  1. Alfa’s charm is working, but his statement on the missing Meenarh and his assurance of her return is an interesting suspense.

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  6. in episode 14 jemilla cudnt hv gone to kill d Alfa.she shud hv confronted mike 1st bfor going to d alfa.d charm for d husband to love her worked.so she shudnt hv killed d alfa….but wait oh..tot d alfa prepares gun protection charm for people?why didn’t he protect him self wt it?nonsense…episode 15 pls…d suspense is intense…fun though!!!


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