Why Jonathan’s ex-aide, Reuben Abati, was arrested

Dr Reuben Abati, Special Adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan on media and publicity was detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for allegedly collecting about N60 million from the Office of the National Security Adviser, ONSA under the leadership of former NSA, Colonel Sambo Dasuki, (retired).


Sources, who confirmed this, said the former presidential spokesperson was still being queried on what the money was used for, hence his detention overnight.

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Abati thus joins a long list of former appointees of the former President who have been arrested or already undergoing prosecution for allegedly receiving funds illegally from ONSA.

Dasuki himself is being tried for fraudulent disbursement of $2.1 billion meant for procurement of weapons for soldiers fighting Boko Haram in North East Nigeria to officials of the former ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP for the purpose of campaigning for 2015 general elections.

Abati was arrested on Monday evening EFCC.



  1. Nigerians open your eyes and wake up, your democracy is no more, freedom of speech is no more, we now live in a fiefdom. “No man is permitted to fly in an airplane, live a descent life with his family except the Overlord of the fiefdom and his clique of rulers.”
    Very soon people especially those who served in the Government of yesterday will be taken into custody for wearing clean and fine dresses on the road. The Nation is becoming a theater of the absurd. People sought political power just for the sake of it and not to serve the people. It is a sad period we are going through today in the history of our beloved country called Nigeria.

    • @met. Did you hear yourself? I am sure you are one of those that condone stealing and Corruption if not you won’t talk like the way you did. This people stole lots of our money, so they should be prosecuted. This is not about party my dear.

  2. We are watching with keen interest of what this government is doing with any person that has some contact with former president, GEJ.
    Very soon Nigerian will surely understand that the war on corruption is for a particular people.
    God bless GEJ for saving Nigeria.

      • @Moi we cannot be the same in reasoning and actions, people cannot be forced to live in a particular way and the enforcer still serve the general good. People should be allowed to exercise their freedom to speak on issues affecting our common interest. Nobody should be called unprintable names for their views.
        Remember there is no perfect human being alive, The problem of Nigeria did not start yesterday, in fact it started way back in the eighties during the Shagari regime when massive importation of uncle bens rice into Nigeria was embarked upon, thereby killing the local production of rice and other food items. The effect of these actions of the past is that the jobs you and i will do in adulthood was taken to the western and Asian countries. Almost every govt that came thereafter sings the same song of corruption without effectively addressing the real bane of development in our country to the masses. We need reorientation of our people in this country but not in the way the czar of today is going about it presently.

  3. @ Eddy & Met I…. I am running for public office in my state, please vote for me and when I steal all the funds available in the office, I would need your support to ensure that I don’t get arrested or prosecuted… I like the fact that you support the stealing please support me in my quest to get rich by fraudulent means too..

    • 60 million naira in four years as a presidential adviser on communications, lets wait for facts on how the funds came and what the funds was spent on.

  4. @metmi . You actually went down the memory lane on the evil seeds that resulted into our current predicament. We will not appreciate what the current regime is doing now until PMB’s exit from power. Many innocent souls were killed because of selfish and heartless misuse of these funds meant for procurement of ammunitions. Those whose relations were lost as a result of this selfish and wicked act, knows where it pinches. It is only God that can console them. Those been arrested are those at the CENTRE of the illegal misuse of the said funds. In other well developed countries, Jonathan must have been invited for questioning because all these ATROCITIES took place under his WATCH. More and unbelievable revelations are on the way. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  5. People shd learn to respect other people’s opinion and shd stop throwing insults. Adelove, I have observed it severally on your platform. I think you should do something about it

  6. Zak i agreed with you winning election is more important to our politician than survival of Nigeria. Let Abati defend himself if it was not true N60Million

  7. now that Dasuki is no more as the NSA, are there no more people still being killed in Borno or are you all telling me that about 83 soldiers that were killed about two weeks ago is still because the Army is not still equipped with weapon. Nigerians be wise leave politicians and there lies, God almighty knows i have never ever believe them at all

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