(Episode 13) At the Eleventh Hour…A Life Lesson Story

If there is one thing Kadir hates with vigour is being at the office until the official closing time, he has just completed his task for the day and is ready to go enjoy the rest of the day as usual. He thinks of calling Mike so they can go and chill at the Bamboo, but he changes his mind immediately as he remembers he has a date with Mike’s fiancé, Bella. He calls their usual meeting place, Vanern Residence, but the front desk agent tells him that the hotel is fully booked. He knows Bella will not take it easy if he informs her that he will not be seeing her today; she has always preferred that particular hotel because of its quiet location-a total hideout. He decides to call her first:


Kadir: “Queen B! where you at? Vanern Residence is fully booked…any ideas?”

Bella: “Hey Hon, oh! Really? Mmm…why don’t you come over to mine? My sis has returned to Australia, so we have the whole house to ourselves”

Kadir: “Oh owk…I’ll be there in Ten…bye then!”

Bella: “Bye love”

Bella and Kadir have been seeing each other even before her relationship with Mike, but everyone in school did not notice; they thought they were just friends. The first time Mike saw her at Kadir’s place off campus, he fell in love with her. He had asked Kadir if he was planning to date her but Kadir had said that he did not like to date women who are too serious with their studies. Initially, Kadir’s intention was to sleep with her and dump her afterwards, but there was something about her that he could not let go; her unique performance in bed.

Kadir, guessing that Bella will not accept his friend found himself disappointed when Mike came running to him that she had agreed. He would not let go of Bella even after Mike’s marriage proposal to her. He got so jealous that once in a while that the idea of sending Mike to an early grave comes rushing at him.

Kadir stops by the eatery to get some food before heading to Bella’s apartment. He knows that whatever Bella promises she has prepared will be a disaster, and consuming such meal after the action in bed might ruin the rest of his day. He knows she might be worried as it is almost half an hour since he called.


Bella: “Where did you learn the strokes from? It was ahhmazing…” she confesses as she plays with his manhood.

Kadir: ‘What strokes?” he asks, confused.

Bella: “The strokes now, the one you made when you flung me to this side of the bed…I guess from one of your babes abi?” she laughs and winks at him

Kadir: “Na you sabi o, I don’t know what you are talking about. All I know is that you are responsible for this dizziness I feel right now. You naughty girl! Come here!” he grabs her closer and begins to give her “the strokes” again. He is about to give “the stroke” to the point that she screams his name when they hear a calm voice,

Mike: “Woah! wow!! Kadir and Bella…hmmm! The combination doesn’t even sound pleasant to my ears” he says with shaky voice and leans on the bedroom door with his eyes as red as someone infected with Apollo. He tries to come closer to the bed, changes his mind and then goes back to his previous location. “Why did you guys stop? Are you done? Please give her ‘The Strokes’ one more time, because you have few more seconds to know your graves!”

Kadir moves away from Bella, he does not look shocked, he looks pleased; Bella on the other hand is already shaking. They both refuse to say a word to Mike. Bella reaches for the lighter, lights the stick of cigarette and begins to smoke, with her hands shaking like she has caught some fever. Mike continues,

Mike: “Did you hear me or not? I say, continue what you were doing before I came in…I missed a vital part of this show because I just came in not long ago. Thanks to my mother, I am here to see all these…”

He goes closer to Bella, holds her throat in order to choke her to death, but releases his hands immediately. Then he looks at his best friend

Mike: “I won’t kill you, I’m not a murderer. Kadir, you will pay for this, I promise!” he storms out of the house.

Kadir and Bella are both quiet; they  try to listen carefully to the background to know if Mike changes his mind and decides to come kill them both, they heave at the same time as Mike’s noisy car engine proves that he is leaving. Bella quickly jumps out of the bed and without putting on any cloth locks the bedroom door.

Kadir knows that Mike would not have done anything; he has known him for many years now, and he knows that the worst thing Mike can do in situation like this is to walk away and cry.

Kadir: “Don’t stress yourself out, he will get out of that mood and come back to his senses. It is okay for him to feel this way, he is human,” he assures Bella, wears his kaftan and then leaves Bella’s apartment.


Bella is now high; the choking smoke in her room gives her difficulty in breathing, manages to stand up, and picks a few luggages, ready to go on a long journey. She zooms out of her apartment, driving carelessly and throwing people off the street. Suddenly, a four year old boy in the midst of his friends playing football on the lonely close in front of his house gets hit by her.

The car Bella is driving crashes on his father’s BMW car parked by the road side; bit by bit, her body falls off the vehicle, which is now in a terrible state. The boy, who has been under the care of the housemaid lies still on the road; covered in a pool of blood. Some neighbours hang by their windows, staring in shock, while the brave ones come out to save the child, but it is too late, there he lies, stone-dead.


Convinced that the Alfa’s therapy has begun to work, Jemilah gives him a call; the sum of Two Million Naira is sent to him as a sign of appreciation, it is only few hours left to complete the “Three Days” the Alfa has promised to bring Meenarh back. Two million Naira is enough to motivate him to do everything he can to bring my sister back, she thought, as she deletes the Debit Alert message from her phone. She is about to go prepare Uncle Karim’s breakfast when her driver, Audu, comes into the living room, dangling an envelope,

Jemilah: “Audu, what is the problem? Why are you here?” she looks at him with disgust.

Audu: “Madam, good morning o. I see dis envelope for ground as I dey clean your moto…” he hands her the brown envelope.

Jemilah: “What is it? When did you find it?” She can only see her name “Jemilah” written on the envelope with a blue pen. She touches it firmly and feels there is something folded inside.

Audu: “Ah, Madam, I no noooo…na as I see am naim I bring am” he too takes a closer look at the envelope

Jemilah: “Ok…you can go” gesticulates with her new made nails.

Audu walks away. As she holds the envelope in her hands, she gets worried, where were her security personnel when this envelope was brought in? She thinks again; she knows Uncle Karim will be home anytime, she goes up to her bedroom to open the envelope…Then she reads,

Dear Mrs. Abdulkarim,

I decided to bring this to your notice as soon as possible. I know where your sister is; ask your brother-in-law, Kadir. He is responsible. If you don’t believe me, use your intelligence as a DSS to ask around, on the night of 16th September, 2016, AsoBill Clubhouse, who was Kadir with?

I know it will interest you to know that Kadir, your so-called brother inlaw, murdered your sister in cold blood and buried her afterwards. I am only a good friend of the family. I leave the rest for you to handle.



Question: Who is the brain behind the anonymous letter? Could this be another set up to lead Jemilah astray? Will she act on the recommendation of the letter? What do you think Jemilah should do, take laws into her hands by killing her brother in law or get him arrested?

…Stay tuned for Episode 14

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  1. Just as the letter says, she should use her head and think ahead, act fast, find out what happens to her sister and she should dig deep and keep calm bcos dat aboki called Kadri is bad sharp guy too but no matter he does, aboki na still aboki. And also she should no what to do to collect her 2m bcos for dis rescesion period with 2m am a big man forever.

  2. Anonymous here is Mike who damn the consequence and decide to hold the bull by the horn. No I don’t think is any set up to lead her (Jemilah) astray. Hmm I am waiting for EPSD 14

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