(Episode 14) At the Eleventh Hour…A Life Lesson Story

Uncle Karim returns from the gym, all sweaty, he has developed the habit of spending time with his wife more often than before. Is he beginning to fall deeper in love with her? He thinks to himself. Instead of going straight to the bathroom, he decides to check on his wife first.


Her door is open, with some of the furniture in her room  turned upside down, he gets agitated, lifts the blanket on the floor and sees his wife, beneath-sobbing like a cold mad woman.

Uncle Karim: “What has come over you? Are you ok Baby na?” he carries her and takes her to their room. “Talk to me…did armed robbers come here? I’m confused wallahi, say something”

Jemilah continues sobbing, confusion tightens its grip on him.

Uncle Karim: : “ Baby na, please say something. What happened to you? Did anyone hurt you? I swear the person will not go free. Just tell me everything.”

She finally decides to speak.

Jemilah: “Do you want to know what is wrong with me? You really wanna know?” she asks her husband as tears roll down her eyes

Uncle Karim: “Of course I want to know. Tell me…who did this to you? Tell me and I’ll make him pay dearly” he looks into her eyes and waits for her to say something

Jemilah: “Ok, come with me…”

She grabs her husband’s car key and leads the way out of the house. Uncle Karim follows hurriedly, holding her veil in his hands; he has never seen his wife go out without covering her hair.

With her husband on the passenger’s seat, Jemilah drives to the other side of town. She gets to an open space where there is an unclear image of a building that looks like a mosque and asks her husband to wait behind. He does not know what is happening, he obeys, comes out of the car and leans, watches her go down a lonely path…it is then he hears two gun shots from that direction. He thinks his wife is hurt, he runs to the direction, and sees her, walking towards him with a gun in her hand.

Jemilah: “Get into the car before someone takes pictures of us” She orders  waving the gun in the air.

Uncle Karim: “What has come over you? I think I will drive, you sit here!” he gets to the driver’s seat and starts the car fidgeting.

As he drives, he looks at her every five second, he can no longer recognize the woman he married; the woman he was just falling deeply in love with some minutes ago.

“Are you ready to talk about it now? He asks as he takes the left turn

Jemilah: “Of course, I just shot the Alfa who promised that my sister will come back alive today!”

Uuncle Karim: “Whaaaaaat? You killed a Mallam? Why? Why na Jamila!?”

Jemilah: “I just told you, he lied to me that Meenarrh will be back alive, and here…here..see, she’s dead !” she shows him the letter with her blood shot eyes.

The shock of what she has just said scares him, he thinks Jemilah already knows the whole truth; he pulls over immediately and collects the letter from her. He reads, sighs and looks at her again sweating.

Uncle Karim: “This is bullshit Baby na…BULLSHIT! You just murdered an innocent person because of an anonymous letter? How can my brother kill Meenarrh? They are like siblings; you know how we used to wish they were both our kids, because of the way they get along?”

Jemilah: “That Alfa, Mallam, or whatever he thinks he is…oh was, is not innocent. That bastard has my Two Million Naira, that son of a bitch deceived me…I shot him with pleasure, it was his call; he asked me to do whatever I please when Meenarrh doesn’t return today” She shakes her head and laughs out loud

Uncle Karim: “I don’t understand, all I know is that this letter is not enough reason for you to act this way. Remember, the Qur’an says…”

Jemilah: “…Please spare me, Mai Gida! How many times do you pray? Where was ‘He’ when your brother murdered my sister? Where was ‘He’? “She cuts in and shakes her head continuously then drops the gun under the car carpet.

They both remain silent till they get home…


Hurriedly, Mike is back home picking some of his clothes before he can set out for the journey to Ghana. He has made all arrangements and has emptied his account, because he knows that once they find out he is the writer of the letter his account will be frozen. He goes to his mother’s room to say goodbye, he meets her crying,

Mike: “Mama, I need you to be strong. It’s just for the meantime; make sure you go to the village o”

Mike’s Mother: “My Son, I still want you to think about this again, why don’t you talk to that  Soja woman face to face…”

Mike: “…Mama she is DSS not a soldier,” he cuts in.

Mike’s Mother: “Oh, anyone sha! Maybe she can help you since you are innocent Or are you leaving because of that Bella girl? You know I never liked her one bit… ” she sobs

Mike: “You don’t know that family; they will kill me and bury me Mama”

Mike’s Mother: “When you get there greet your sisters for me O. Call me ” She continues crying


Jemilah and her husband have not spoken to one another all day. They are both in the living room watching the Channels TV where the news of how the Alfa has been brutally murdered by the Boko Haram sect is being shown, they both exchange glance. She stands up and goes to the kitchen to monitor the maids, she remembers the substance the Alfa gave to her, opens the kitchen cabinet and then empties it in the trash can. Her phone rings immediately; she has been called by her private investigator that Mike has been spotted in the airport and he is being followed until he gets to where he can be captured (Gbese ree oo!)

Will she go after Mike? Will Jemilah take laws into her hands and murder Mike and Kadir too? Will Kadir and  Mike confess to their crime? Do you think Jemilah killed the Alfa out of ignorance? Or does the Alfa deserve to die?

…Stay tuned for Episode 15

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  1. This is getting interesting. . . . . Jemilah is being paranoid, btw, how did she know that mike was involved? Please, be more specific in other episodes.

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  3. Mike did dat out of anger of wat bella nd kadir did to him….i just wnna knw wat happens wen jemila knw d whole truth..geeeee..next episode pls

  4. mike wen u knew u wanted to confess why didn’t u report ur self to d police instead of running away after writing d letter?u cud hv avoided d pain nd tortur…episode 17 pls….can’t wait longer…

  5. Hurry up . Can’t wait . The urge is killing me .
    Mike should have relocated himself and mama before writing such letter especially knowing the people he s messing with. Alfa , next time see well . No be only blue tail goat ????

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