(Episode 15) At the Eleventh Hour…A Life Lesson Story

The following day, Uncle Karim has already told his brother to leave town, but Kadir is not ready to abandon his first Music Reality Show in Abuja because of an ordinary letter; he knows the letter must have been sent by Mike.


Jemilah, on her part, is now getting ready to go to the house where Mike has been captured by her private investigators. She has paid them generously for a job well done; she has also invited a camera man who will capture Mike’s confession.

The moment she gets there, she recognizes Mike’s face; she knows she has seen his face before, but where? She cannot remember. With her heart racing, scared to find out more of what he knows about her sister’s death, she drags a seat from the corner of the room and sits right in front of him, with the camera man posing with his machine.

The building had been her father’s; it is one of the property she inherited from him. She has refused to sell or rent it out because of its structure and location; in the heart of Asokoro. She knows she will make hundreds of millions when she sells the property, but she prefers to leave it abandoned.

Jemilah: “Please leave us alone” she tells the guards “No, you wait” she instructs the camera man. “Now, tell me everything you know…I know you have a hand in this, because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have fled. Even if we didn’t catch you, your mother would have been our next option”

Mike: “Leave my mother out of this, she does not know anything”

Jemilah: “Alright then, tell us what you know. Who killed my sister?”

Mike: “I swear, I have told you everything I know. I don’t know how he did it, but Kadir is the murderer!” he tries to convince her.

Impatience drags her into calling the guards to beat Mike up, but he keeps repeating the same sentences; they have been on this for hours-beating him and making him bleed. Mike is given one more hour to confess but he still keeps saying that he does not know how he got the information, but he knows Kadir is the one responsible for her death.


“Ewoooo…Ewoooo…Chineke mooooo…”

Mike hears his mother’s voice as the guards bring her to the room. He is tied to the chair he is sitting, even in pains, he forces himself to rescue his mother.

Mike: “Leave her alone you bastards! Leave my mother! I know my rights, you can’t touch her!” he brags as they drag his mother to the chair Jemilah had sat before. Mike’s mother, who has not yet been beaten, continues to scream.

Mike’s Mother: “Don’t kill me I beg you, please don’t,” she pleads and then finally opens her eyes. “Chai! My son, what have these wicked people done to you? You are even bleeding, nwam o! ”

Jemilah: “Mama. Your son has some vital information about my sister; my only family. The earlier he starts confessing, the better for us all” she explains.

Mike’s Mother: “My daughter, I know my son very well, he cannot even kill a fly, not even a chicken. He is being set up” she turns to Mike. “My son, biko tell her what you know so that we can leave this place. Are you not tired of all this beating?”

Mike: ‘Mama, I already told them everything, but she wants proof I can’t provide”

Jemilah, irritated by the slow response from Mike, calls the police to arrest him. His mother dramatically rolls on the ground as her son is being handcuffed and put in the seemingly “dead” 504 police vehicle. She holds Jemilah’s dress, almost tearing it into pieces,

Mike’s Mother: “Why are you Northerners so wicked? I was the one who advised him to write a letter to you so that you can know who killed your sister. Now you are paying good with evil! It is not fair! This is not fair!!” she cries as the car zooms off.


Mike is now in the custody of police, he has been beaten mercilessly. He feels he has failed his mother and humanity, he wishes he could commit suicide. The officer interrogating him is standing right beside him, impatiently waiting for his full confession but Mike is sitting still, like one of the sculptures stolen from Africa to Europe.


The news of the disappearance of the sister of the somewhat famous Jemilah Abdulkarim has gone around the country. People are shocked at the news, because the story of how her parents and siblings were murdered went round the same way; but this one has a witness, at least someone who knows a little about the murderer; they hope justice will be served.

Chucks’ barber is just half way into completing his haircut when he stops him as the radio steals his attention.

Chucks: “Please stop! Increase the volume please…” he listens to the news…he finds it difficult to cry, he stands up and storms out of the barber’s shop, forgetting his clipper and bag.

“Oga, I haven’t finished now, where are you going?” the barber calls out after Chucks who ignores him totally.

Arriving home, he locks himself in the room and holds his pillow tight to let out the pain in his heart.

“God! You took my happiness away, Why? Why did you watch Meenarh die without doing anything?” he screams louder.


At the station, Mike is now ready to confess, as he is informed by his sisters that his mother is admitted at the hospital; her blood pressure has risen! He looks at the police man who has been interrogating him all night with his eyes feeling like they are about to fall of:

Mike: “I will confess. I will confess!” He whispers in pain.

Police: “Ehn? Wetin you talk say you go do? Hehehe…You wey don chop beating finish, na now you wan confess…after you don make me miss my pikin betday, e no go beta for you, idiot” he talks in a mocking tone.

Mike: “I say I wanna confess, and I mean it” he says louder, looking like a sick zombie

Police: “Oya talk, shey you dey feel like King Henry since yesterday. I tell oga na, make e leave you to me, by the time I deal with you finish, na you go dey beg to confess. Your type no get intention to kill, I know say you go confess today. Oya talk-talk” he sits on the plastic chair, raising his brows.

Questions: Will Mike confess to the police or remain silent and die in cell? Will he mention the names of other people involved in the crime? Watch out for the next Episode.

…Stay tuned for Episode 16

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  1. On and on and on goes the story. . . . I’m getting bored, how did jemilah know it was mike that wrote the letter? Abuja is such a big city,how could she have tracked him down so soon? She plaster tracking device for im body ni? Abegi, we no be mumu jare. . . . Anyway,sha continue.

    • She’s DSS anyways . But Mike is 1mil in abj . How did she know its this Mike she’s looking for and who dropped the letter? Nigeria movie hahaahah

  2. Suspense!!!jemilah is interrogating everyone…has she forgotten she burnt d body…so she’s also involved on her sis disappearance…nice job @adelove

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  4. wow!Adelove u’r really doing a good job here buh pls dis suspense is too much atleast make d story long enough so we ‘ll enjoy it better,u knw season films an episode tks up to 45min…tho dis is nt a movie and sumhw its a movie buh pls na beg I de beg u abeg try to mk it more longer…thanks KUDOS to you

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