(Episode 16) At the Eleventh Hour…A Life Lesson Story

Mike: “It was on Friday, the 16th September. My friend, Kadir Muhammed, my supposed best friend invited me to the club, so I can meet his sister-in-law for the first time. He said she was very beautiful and decent; my kinda girl…”


Police: “…which club be that, and which time” he cuts in

Mike: “Like 12.00am or so, AsoBill Clubhouse in Wuse II.” He pauses

Police: “You well so? Continue na, save me some time! You think you are the only suspect we have in custody?””

Mike: “He introduced us and we liked each other, we danced for some minutes and she told me she was dizzy and wanted to go home. She insisted I take her to my place, so I did. I went back to the club after she fell asleep, when I returned she was already dead. Someone had come to my place and stabbed her multiple times; her organs were missing .Officer believe me, I did not touch her…”

Police: “Where this Kadir dey when you carry the girl go house? Who go leave fine babe like that for bed comot? If no be say you wan give the murderer chance make e do wetin e wan do…”

Mike: “It was Bella, my fiancé, she had called me that she wanted to come to the house. I was scared, I didn’t want her to see the girl in my house, I didn’t want to wake the girl up, she seemed weak and sick. So I told Bella I would take her to the club instead, and we did…Meenarh made me promise not to tell Kadir that we were leaving the club”

Police: “The Bella come meet the girl for your house?

Mike: “No, I picked Bella up from her house and we went straight to the club from there”

Police: “This your best friend, how long you don know am? Do you think he is capable of murder?”

Mike: “We have been friends for a long time, yes! Any man who sleeps with his best friend’s fiancé is capable of murder!” he says and coughs out thick blood.

Police: “What do you mean?

Mike: “I once caught him in bed with my fiance”

Police: “How you come do as you see the body? You call police?

Mike: “Call the Nigerian police? Hell no! it was not an option, I would have rot in jail despite my true confession…”

Police: “So where you think say you go rot now? For Mammy water corner? Hahahaha no kill me with laff abeg” he claps his hands and laughs as his ribs crack. “Common tell me what you did with the girl’s body, ‘I didn’t kill her-I didn’t kill her’, like say dem dey write am for face” he mimics Mike and laughs a second time.

Immediately after the interrogation and full confession, Mike writes his statement and the police informs Jemilah of the new development.

Jemilah had given specific instructions to the investigators she hired, to keep tabs on those they feel will lead them to Meernah’s murderer; being good at what they are hired to do, they simply monitored Uncle Karim’s workers and that is how Mike was found out. Jemilah if not with the help of the investigators will not have suspected Mike, she rarely knows Uncle Karim’s workers. It is with little interest that she follows his business activities.

“Mike?” that was the question that stormed out of her mouth when the investigators called that they had seen “one Mike, who is Uncle Kadir’s worker and Karim’s friend about to board a plane”. Jemilah had instructed them to bring him for interrogation even though she is sure they had never met but looking at him closely during the interrogation the face looked familiar, remembering she bumped into him and Kadir at her husband’s office some weeks back when she surprised her husband with an afternoon lunch.

Jemilah getting to know of the latest development is not in a jolly mood,

Jemilah: “Look for Bella!” she says on the phone putting on her black Arabian regalia with very dark classes. After the discovery that her sister is no more all her outfits if not completely black has a touch of it.

The next step the investigators take is to find Bella first, before bringing in Kadir, but they get the information that Bella was involved in the accident that killed the little boy. Then they decide to bring in Kabir, knowing that their investigation is now narrow.

Kadir, who is running around town, trying to make sure his Show gets the attention of all the Abuja Big Boys is interrupted by the call from his brother; he tells him to leave town as Mike has leaked the secret but Kadir yells at him,

Kadir: “I told you before, going underground isn’t an option. Tell that ungrateful wife of yours to call it off. I can’t let this show get messed up…Are you aware that I am bringing Lil Wayne to town? How am I going to fix that? Don’t forget, if I go down, you go down too Bro!” he ends the call. He is about to start his car when he sees a man, in his early forties, knocking at his glass.

“Can I help you” he winds down the glass…

Questions: will Jemilah be patient enough to wait for Kadir to be investigated or kill him? Why is Uncle Karim insisting his brother leaves town?

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  1. At least you’ve told us how jemilah knew about mike. . . . That’s progress. I got no lead as to who killed Jemilah but it couldn’t have been mike nor Kadir nor bella. . . Anyway,we shall see.

  2. I think it’s uncle Karim that arranged the killing of Menaarh, even Mike said some organs were missing. Uncle must have used her for ritual. Hmmm. Please next episode. It’s taking so much time before a new upload. Biko. #thanks

  3. Does that mean uncle Karim knows about menaarh’s death? Why is Kadir threaten he goes down he will go with him? Hmmm story for another day

  4. hmm…i realy gbadu ths story nd i grabed many thinx in it o! Hmm may God help hot temperd pals o, it destroy many thinx in life, nd too much secret kills, its beter to leave evry situation to God to judge than to over react…. See how all of them joind hand via the death of jemilah’s sister even jemilah itself huh nawa o!

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