God directed me to sack my commissioners, will direct to select new ones – Governor Udom Emmanuel

It was gathered that the Akwa Ibom State governor, Udom Emmanuel, has claimed the holy spirit of God led him to sack the State executive council, adding that all indigenes stand a chance of making the next cabinet.


He further claimed that he was looking up to God to help him constitute the next executive council.

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The governor, in a statement issued last week by the Secretary to the State Government, Etekamba Umoren, sacked all the commissioners in the state with immediate effect. and no reason was given for the decision, directing them to hand over to the permanent secretaries in their ministries.

Emmanuel, who was speaking at a programme in Reigners Bible Church International, Uyo, capital of the state, pointed out that he did not know who would be selected as members of the next executive council of the state.

According to him, “As I speak, I do not know who will make the list of the next cabinet, and I don’t even know when I will constitute the cabinet,” he said.

“There is no point rushing to make predictions and draw conclusions because I have left everything in the hands of God, to direct the selection and choose those He knows will be sincere and committed to the Akwa Ibom course.

“Every indigene of Akwa Ibom, including those seated here, stand a chance of making the list.”



  1. Animal kingdom. What has holy ghost has to do with governance. Next time Allahghost and wizard ghost will follow. Ignorant people cannot separate religion and politics.

  2. Oh Nigeria, my Nigeria! Another clown in the State House in Akwa Ibom! Let us even assume that it was God who truly directed this man to sack his cabinet, I do not think it is proper for him to publicly say it in this manner. After all, Nigeria is not a theocracy. How can we continue to fool ourselves? Surely, whoever has wisdom would discern the folly in high places. How could this person say that he doesn’t know who to appoint to serve in his government? He said: “As I speak, I do not know who will make the list of the next cabinet, and I don’t even know when I will constitute the cabinet”. How can somebody who doesn’t have the sense of direction better the lot of the hapless poor people? I’m sure God cannot be mocked. And of course, a people deserve the kind of leader they get.

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