(Final Episode 17) At the Eleventh Hour…A Life Lesson Story

Now in the police station, Kadir has the photo of Meenarh in his hands, staring at it with smiles on his face. The policemen who brought him in did not find it difficult to, he had obeyed them the moment they told him why his attention was needed at the station. The investigator does not force him to speak; an instruction from Hajiya Jemilah, he hands him the paper and pen, and then asks him to write a statement.


Kadir: “Must I write this shit? Why don’t I speak instead?”

Police: “We are following instructions here. But if you wan talk, suit yourself”

Kadir: “I also demand a video coverage”

Police: “Yes, we are being covered, go ahead Mr. Man and save us some time ”

Kadir: “Meenarh came to me, and she was like, ‘Kaydee, I’m tired of this place. I want to go out, meet people, have fun’, and I’m like, sure, we can go out anytime you want, buh she be like ‘my sister won’t let me’, and I be like, you don’t have to let her know…and so we planned it…yea”

Police: “Ok, what did you plan with the deceased?”

Kadir: ‘She told me that she was supposed to attend training in Lagos, which was later cancelled. I told her to make it happen; I arranged for her to stay at my place, she was supposed to stay for two weeks. But that son of a bitch took her home and murdered the innocent girl. He should pay mehn!”

Police; ‘Is it true that you both buried the body behind his house? What finally happened to the body? That is what we want to know.”

Kadir: “Not really. Mike is so dumb, he was scared like a jelly fish, with the help of a friend, her body was dug and sent somewhere else.”

Police: “Do I need to ask you who the friend is again? Time is not on our side!”

Kadir: “I won’t talk until I see my brother” he announces and turns Meenarh’s picture to the other side

There was no other way to handle the case than to respect Kadir’s wishes, “maybe it would lead us to the murderer”, the investigator thinks within himself. Few hours later, Uncle Karim arrives the station, he is given the opportunity to have a private chat with his brother.

Kadir: “Get me out of this jungle, else I’ll talk. I can’t even breathe some fresh air, can’t you see I’m looking pale? He whispers

Uncle Karim: “Father was right about you! You are such a mistake. I got businesses to attend to, I wouldn’t want Jemilah to know I’m involved in this. Just keep your mouth shut and I’ll think of what to do. And you need to be here for some days…so I can think of what to do. It is not my fault that you childishly decided to help your big mouthed friend with the body”

Kadir: “Hmm…You are the mistake! I can’t spend the night here, get me out of here you bastard! I will fuck u up, bro.” he threatens as Uncle Karim stands up, waving his baba riga.

Police: “Stop right there, Sir. You are under arrest for the murder of Meenarh Bashir Yaqub…” He stops Uncle Karim by the door…their conversation was being recorded.


After being told by her private investigator that her husband has confessed to the murder, Jemilah develops a sudden fever; she suddenly loses her sense of speech. With the help of her driver, she is being taken to the hospital.

Doctor: “…Madam, can you hear me? You have what we call ‘high fever’, gradually, you will start to talk, but you need to take it easy on yourself. I have prescribed some medication for you…And congratulations, the pregnancy test came positive”

The doctor’s voice keeps ringing in her head, she tries to talk as she touches her stomach but she is unable to; then her attention is diverted to the television, she knows the media is now aware of the scandal, but not completely. During Uncle Karim’s confession, he had asked for a private chat with his wife, where he told her why he murdered her sister;

Uncle Karim: “I know you will hate me for this. But your sister wanted to explore, she kept seducing me whenever you were away. I did not know how to resist her, you know she looks exactly like you. On the day she died, I had seen her, she told me she was pregnant, I did not know how you will take the news, she threatened to tell you…Baby na, I did not want to lose you. I sent one of my boys to follow her and beat her so she can lose the baby, but somehow, she wanted to call someone and the guy did what he had to do. I rushed to Mike’s house the following morning to see if she survived, but I had gotten there late; she was already dead.

I can tell the law anything they want to hear, because my status is tarnished already, I may be here till I die, but I want to tell you this because you deserve to live a free life-your anger pushed you, you burnt your sister into ashes! I couldn’t stop you. Go and have your life elsewhere, and never mention this to anyone.”

As she watches the news recap from one TV station to another, she cries continuously. She regrets her actions; her anger has led her to burn her own little sister, how is she going to live the rest of her life?


Days after, Uncle Karim’s arrest, Jamilah is seen packing her things, she intends to leave to an unknown destination to go start life afresh. She pauses as whispering coming from the door draws her attention, a knock follows after,

Jemilah: “Who could that be?” she says to herself, waits for a second as the knock comes again, “Who’s that?” walks towards the door, her heart misses a beat as three policemen are at the door, “ how can I help you? And who are yo…” she manages to say hiding the tension surging within but the senior cuts in,

Senior Officer: “.. we are looking for Mrs. Jamilah Abdulkarim, ma!”

Jemilah: “Yes? How may I help you?”

Jemilah is arrested by the police for the murder of Alfa, “How did they find out” she asks herself as they arrive at the police station. She discovers that someone had seen her while shooting the Alfa, a young man who had gone to empty his bowels close to Alfa’s abode, had captured the murder with his Techno Camon C5 and ran to the nearest police station to make a case.

Jemilah: “I’m finished!” she squeezes herself to a corner of the cell tears dripping down her cheeks, the cell has a smell of a mixture of urine and excreta. The women in the cell taunt her and she is visibly shaking as she awaits judgment.


The court passes judgment on Uncle Karim, Jemilah, Kadir and Mike;Judge hits the gavel and passes judgments on the suspects, Uncle Karim is sentenced to death by hanging; Jamilah is given ten years imprisonment, Kadir and Mike are given two years with hard labour.

Mike’s Mother breaks down with paralysis as she hears the news of Mike’s imprisonment. And while in prison Jamilah remembers she is pregnant,

Jemilah: “I now have a reason to smile again. I pray it’s a girl; it would be Meenarh coming back. I’ll make it up to you, dear sister!” she caresses her belly and sobs.

…. THE END  (stay tuned for Another Interesting Story Today **Smiles) – Did you learn something interesting? Please Share your views at the comments below!

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Final Episode 17


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    • Wow
      So interesting, captivating. It took my attention all days.
      Firstly, we must watch the association we keep, they either make us or mar us, that is about mike. He is too soft for the kind of companies he kept in a friend like kadir and a cheat in the name of fiancée. I fell so much for his poor mother. I guess he learnt his lesson.
      Uncle Kay is a bad boy in a big bad world. He is a desperado that use good characters to cover up his bad deeds.
      Jemilah is a serious boko haram.
      She took d laws into her hands but nemesis still caught up with her.
      Very educative story!

    • Wow…. So entertaining. I really pity the poor mike he’l sure learned his lesson after serving the jail term. Kadir doesn’t deserve to be term a friend is a murder fucker. Poor meernah she should have been wise enough to take care of her problems without trading words. Karim is indeed a desperado, a complete terminator people like this doesn’t deserve to see the next second…. Nice judgement though. Jemilah allows her emotion to go before her actions. I was really shocked she set the corpse on fire without even verifying if she was played. Bad one for a highly rated intelligent personnel like her. Well have learnt my own lessons too. Watch the friends you keep and always control your anger at all times.

  1. Thanks for this wonderful story, you’re a genius… It’s not good to be faster than your shadow and don’t take law into your hands as Jemilah did and don’t trust anybody cos it kills faster…. TGIF, Enjoy your weekend…

  2. Beautiful, moral story there . Hmm suspense filled. There should be anger management and no matter the crime scene, call the police immediately, so even if you will be persecuted, it’s going to be with little mercy… God bless @adelove.

  3. Jemilah oloriburuku Oloshi … she cremated her Blood sister due to Jealousy. You go suffer for that Jail. Good story by the way @AdeLove

  4. Wow wow wow,at last,my BP rose ehnn,I really felt bad for Jemila, she should Not gave taken the law into her own hands even though the Alfa deserve it.We should learn to control our anger ,she was trying to revenge for her sister forgetting that Alfa too has sisters and brothers.Menaar called for what happened to her,how can she be running after her sister’s husband?ladies should be careful, get your own man.I also felt bad for mike,he was an accomplice, he should have spoken out on time.Now all their brights future is ruined by carelessness. May God continue to inpire the writer,it was a great Movie. God bless

  5. Wow wow wow,at last,my BP rose ehnn,I really felt bad for Jemila, she should Not have taken the law into her own hands even though the Alfa deserved it.We should learn to control our anger ,she was trying to revenge for her sister forgetting that Alfa too has sisters and brothers.Menaar called for what happened to her,how can she be running after her sister’s husband?ladies should be careful, get your own man.I also felt bad for mike,he was an accomplice, he should have spoken out on time.Now all their brights future is ruined by carelessness. May God continue to inspire the writer,it was a great Write Up. God bless

  6. Lesson 1#. Anger makes one deaf to reasonings
    Lesson 2#. Don’t be an accomplice to evil.
    Lesson 3#. whatever the circumstances don’t take laws into your hands no matter what, if you have to go down, go down justly.
    Nice beautiful piece from adelove #beststorysite#.

    • Anger is a deadly disease. Nice story, though we did not know why uncle Kay delayed to have children. Kudos Adelove.com!

  7. Thanks Adelove, great story. Never be ti rash in decision making. 1st rule of life : Take care of yourself in all things . Rule 2: look after rule 1. Mike should have taken care of himself by involving the police, with that he would have had a lighter judgement.
    Uncle K…should have put him JT in check instead of giving in to his sis in law.
    Kadir hmmmm….. pikin wet don spoil don rotten finish.
    have a blessed weekend Adelove Fan base.

  8. quick angered and irrational thinking will bring you,” had i known” don’t be quick to judge and think carefully before you act.

  9. Intresting story.freedom sometimes saves your children from been in bondage.if menaarh was exposed she probably wount have seduced her uncle and jemial impatience caused her tenyears imprisonment.lesson to be learnt think twice before you act anger end result is disatreous

  10. What a nice ending, just that I pity Mike, Bella deserved what she got by dating two friends together..Uncle Karim got what he deserved as well..
    Moral: Angers destroys and also at the century one should not be locked up to the extent of any slight opportunity given for freedom they miss it.

  11. This is a very interesting story. No evil doer shall go unpunished. Now Kadir, the co-murderer has more advantage than Mike, as he was not beaten while the Mike was thoroughly and severely beaten, because he did not act wisely. There are a lot of lesson in the story.

  12. Wow…finally justice has taken it place and the truth has been prevail.
    Lesson of life indeed=We gat to be careful in our life, Careful 4 those we call our friends,not to depend all on the wt full trust.
    We gat to control ourselves especially whn we are angry.Anger damage alot in life..
    Finally we gat to seek 4 God first before acting. Let him take control and we learn hw to forgive and says the truth.

    #ADELOVE all thanks goes to you
    Thank you

  13. Jemial was in haste to make decision that was y she burnt her only sister. People should think twice before making a decision . Can’t stop luving this story. Thumbs up adelove

  14. gd piece Buh nufin wz said as regadz Bella again n y Karim neva wanted babies .jemlah neva got d chance to tel Karim she’s preg ,she also murdered Buh neva got a death sentence. thumbz up though.

  15. What you sow u will surely reap. Jemila is no where to speak for herself. Was she really pregnant or did she notice Karim doing something evil and wanted to voice it out which led to her murder?

  16. Nice story . Moral lesson, anger and jealousy ruins and blinds us . Again, crime of passion. Learn to stick to your spouse , extra marital affairs has its consequences. Adelove, weldone . Am a huge fan of you.

  17. A very lovely tale indeed, I enjoyed every bit of it. So many lessons learnt.
    I loved that it was potayed with places and names, all proudly Nigerian.
    I love the different cultural and religious mix.
    I love the story line.. So so realistic.
    Good job, keep it up.

  18. Well done. What an interesting story. It taught me to be faithful to my partner also not to take irrational decision.

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  28. Interesting, action taking in anger really destroys, uncle Karin never wanted killing meenah but to get ride of the pregnant, mike on the other hand was d skape goat, kadir was a selfish being and jemila taking law into her hands allows her anger toincriminate her. Poor meenah. Nice one

  29. Mike didn’t do well… He was not being the man, he should have involved with the police. As for kadir he is a bit too reckless. The other suspects got what served them right

  30. Kudos to the adelove and his crew really love the story line….this my mail:ikendaeme@gmail.com……fb: eme ikenda…….if u want let’s make it an animation movie or into a game

  31. I have never red an interesting story like this in my life before. I wished our parent will read this an after reading , they will stop keshing thier children at home like animals in the zoo. They are all st fault but I petty them. May God guide us.

  32. Nice n interesting. I feel for mike, never trust anybody. As for jemilah, anger and jealousy made her cremate her own only sister but she later got d pregnancy she wanted. Kadir a spoilt brat and a betrayal while his bro uncle karim, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Nice job guys.

  33. waoo what an interesting story, i ve learnt alot, i also pray to God to help ladies with this thin called ANGER. May God help us all

  34. I couldn’t stop reading until I ni shed the whole episodes. What a wonderful book with so many lessons learnt. It is based on the principle of what goes around comes around. They all deserved what came to them. People should learn how to be law abiding no matter what position they are.

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