(Episode 15) Thorn that almost altered my Destiny … An intriguing Story!

Kenny and his parents arrive early afternoon the next day. Funke’s father welcomes them as they make themselves comfortable in the old sofa in his sitting room.


Funke’s Father: “You are welcome to my house. This is not the first time you are coming to my house but you are yet to state your intentions, may what happened during your last visit never happen again.”

They all gigle as chorus ‘Amen’ as Kenny’s father gets up to speak.

Kennys father: “We come in peace. Where is the mother of the house? She should be here as what we have come for also affects her.”

Funke’s father: “Oh, there was an emergency meeting of all market women summoned by the Oba. Attendance is compulsory for all women, that is why she is not here”, he lied.

Kenny’s Father: “Okay, that is understandable. Like I said earlier, we come in peace, my inlaw. My son says there is a beautiful flower in your compound that has caught his eyes and we are here to ask what to do to pluck it.”

Funke’s father: “As you can see when you came in here, I don’t have any flower in my compound. Maybe you are in the wrong house.”

Kenny’s Father: “We are very sure we are in the right house. In fact, the flower is no other person than Funke.”

Funke’s father: “If you are talking about Funke, then you have plugged the flower already. Is your son not the one responsible for her pregnancy?”

Kenny on realizing the implication of what his father inlaw said gets down and lies flat on his stomach as a way of apologizing.

Funke’s Father: “Get up my, my son. What has happened has happened. I am glad that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions. I will call my daughter so that we can hear from her. Funke! Funke!”

Funke walks in and kneels to greet everyone once again.

Funke’s Father: Do you know these people? ”

Funke: “Yes, sir, he is the man responsible for my pregnancy.”

Funke’s father: “Are you sure about this and are you willing to accept him as your husband?”

Funke: “Yes, I can swear with anything that I have not been with another man since I met him two years ago. I am willing to go through any test to prove this. Marrying him will be the best thing to happen to me.”

Funke’s father: “We have heard from the horse’s mouth”, turning to Kenny, he said. “Are you ready to pay for damages so that you can take your wife home?”

Kenny makes to answer but his father intercepts.

Kenny’s father: “My inlaw, we are more than capable. You just tell us what to do and when to do it and it is as good as done. And another thing, I understand that your daughter had something to do with the boy who chased us away the last time we were here. I am ready to pay him any amount he wants so that he can leave my daughter-in-law alone. I need you to arrange the meeting with him, please.”

Funke’s father: “Don’t mind that useless boy who goes around the village drinking and terrorising people. I know how to handle him, just leave him to me”

Kenny’s father: “Okay, if you say so, else money isn’t a problem.”

Kenny and his people leaves with great joy in their hearts. They had succeeded in resolving issues with her father and they had chosed to come for the traditional marriage in two weeks’ time after which Funke can follow them home. The joy on Kenny’s face is radiant as he anticipates his traditional marriage in two weeks’ time.


After Funke walked out on Wahidi without granting his demands despite his threats of causing trouble, she has never set her eyes on him again. Her traditional marriage holds in two weeks’ time and she is busy preparing for her great day. She does not intend to leave any stone unturned in making the day colourful as Kenny has given her more than enough money for preparations. She intends to make her traditional marriage the best in the history of traditional marriages in the village, this way, she can put to shame all those who laughed at her during her trial period. She is however concerned about her mother who has stayed away from all the wedding plans insisting that she must marry Wahidi or nobody else. Anytime she remembers Wahidi’s threat, she becomes discouraged but her father has promised to take care of him and that is all that matters to her.

With about ten market days to her traditional marriage, as she is preparing to go pick her clothes from the tailor, she sees another apparition. Her Guardian Angel appears in his usual snow white apparrel and smiles at her.

Angel: “Wipe your tears, daughter of the most high. The Lord has heard your cry and He has promised to contend with they that contend with you and fight they that fight you. Hold on fast to your faith, for the hour draws near when your enemies shall be revealed. In ten days to come, the wicked shall reap in abundance what they have planted. Continue to praise the Lord, do not relent.”

Funke: “In ten days? That’s on my traditional marriage. What are you talking about…?”

Before she could complete her statement, she noticed that the apparition had already disappeared. She falls on her knees and begins to pray and sing praises to the most high God.


She picks a bike and goes to see Obioma, the best tailor in their village.

Obioma: “Welcome, Iyawo. Come and have a sit here. This one na VIP customer, he said to the woman whose clothes he was working on.”

Customer: “What kind of a stupid talk is that? Who is not special, ehn? Shebi it is because I am always bringing my clothes here that is why you are running your mouth anyhow, nonsense. You better come and attend to me o, I will not leave here without my clothes.”

Obioma: “Madam no shout for my head o, I say make you come back tomorrow come carry your clothes, you no gree. How much you even pay me sef wey I no go hear word. See all these small girls o, if una marry, begin dey chop man food, na so una go fat anyhow come dey insult una husband mate. See, when I learn this job for Onitsha, your mama never even carry your belle.”

As they are exchanging words, Funke intervenes, “Its okay, oga Obioma. Attend to her, afterall she was here before me and I am not in a hurry. Madam, sorry, please. Don’t be offended.”

Customer: “Ah, sorry for your self o, I no know how your mouth take enter our matter. Make evereybody dey mind him business for this life, abeg.”

Obioma: “Aunty Funke, I dey come make I go collect your wrapper from the embroidery man place, im shop dey the next street.”

As he dashes out of his shop disregarding the other customer’s protest, Funke’s phone starts ringing. She goes out to pick the call as it is an unknown number.

Funke: “Hello, hello, who is this please?”

Unknown caller: “Telling you my name does not matter. I believe I am talking to Funke. So, you think you can come from nowhere and marry the man who disvirgined me? Listen, Kenny and I have been dating for 9years before he travelled out of Nigeria, we lost contact only for me to find out that he is back to the country and is planning on marrying another woman. Kenny and I still love each other and we are going to hook up tonight. Don’t even think that I can give him up without any fight.  If you love your life and that of your family members, call off the marriage plans now and do away with that bastard in your womb. I give you 24hours to call it off or I will personally send you to an early grave. Oh, by the way, did Kenny tell you how well I handle him in bed? Trust me, you can never handle him the way I do. 24hours!”

Before Funke can find her voice to say anything, the line goes dead. She is confused and doesn’t know what to do, when again her phone beeps and this time around, its a message from Wahidi. With her heart in her mouth, she opens it.

“Funke, if you ever want to see Kenny alive again, come and meet me in  my house now. Some of my boys in the city have kidnapped Kenny and if you no come here come do wetin I want, I go waste him life and I go disappear go another state. No try am say you go tell the police or anybody, my boys dey monitor your movement. You dey infront of Obioma shop now and na black skirt you wear and pink top, that na to prove to you say me eyes dey on you. Wahidi”

Funke, becomes afraid and shock takes over her, looks around her, there is no body in sight. She knows that if she doesn’t do anything fast, Kenny will be killed. She tries to call his number but it is switched off. In her confusion, she starts running, she collides with the Obioma who is coming in with her wrappers. “Where you dey run go wey you no dey look your font like this? See your wrappers, na. He shouts at her running figure.

Funke has been running for five minutes  before she remembers that she left her bag containing all the money Kenny gave her for the marriage in Obioma’s shop. She runs back to the shop and without saying a word, picks the money and dashes out in a twinkle of an eye.

Obioma: “Shooo, na so craze dey take start?”

Customer: “See the mad woman wey you dey call VIP customer. Her own na VIP madness.”

Question: Is it true that Wahidi’s gang members are holding Kenny hostage in the city? Where is Funke running to? Is it wise to Involve the police? What does the angel mean by saying the face  of the enemy will be revealed in ten days which is the same day slated for the traditional marriage? Who is the enemy? Could it be a household enemy or a friendly enemy?

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  1. This story really made my week. I can’t believe i could so cling to my fone for long like this. More Power to AdeLove and Crew

  2. Wow, this story is getting more interesting.. I don’t think Kenny actually have a side chick… Its might just be a threat from wahidi’s gang. Nice one Adelove.

  3. She has evidence against wahidi call kenny parents nd inform her dad as for the lady who called she is just making an empty threat the same way wahidi threaten kunle!!!! Kudos next pls

  4. Nothing is going to happen jor. Is jus and empty threat. Jus go on your kneel and call upon God who has promise to expose your enemy

  5. I have been imagining myself fall into this situation since I have been going from one episode to another, if someone is born with kind of these misfortune what are u going to do from one travail to another, by merely look at the story the way is going I know Funke will surely survive all these misfortune. kudos to the Adelove crew for their wonderful write up & I’m looking forward to read episode 16

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  7. Nawa o dis s real calamity for my name sake Funke, don’t worry d Lord is by ur side, nd u will overcome it by His grace

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