This is What Eating Fruits Can Do to Your S*xual Performance

A new revelation has shown the incredible importance of fruits to the human body and how it relates to s*xual performance.


It has been revealed that fruits helps to increase sexual performance in people.

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This revelation was made by two experts on Monday in Lagos who advised men to eat dates fruit, saying its consumption would enhance their sexual performance and increase their libido.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the two men revealed that fruit, when taken appropriately by men, could also improve health conditions in many other ways.

It could save them from the shame of inability to satisfy their sexual partners, the experts say.

Dr Aminu Kazeem, a s*xual health therapist who works at Energy for S*x Clinic in Lagos said men who had performance problems should incorporate dates in their diet.

He said “a date fruit is a one-seeded fruit of the date palm tree, which is botanically known as Phoenix dactylifera and belongs to the family of Palmae (Arecaceae) plant.

“The common English names are dried dates, dates, date palm, etc; usually oblong, with varying sizes, shapes, colours, consistencies and quality.

“Eating dates will promote sperm quality and quantity as it is one of the best natural fruits used for male fertility.

“It also increases the size of testes in men and the size of breast in women. Consuming the fruit can help to treat s*xual disorders because it is a natural aphrodisiac.”

He explained that dates contained high levels of estradiol and flavonoid which aid sperm motility and increase sperm count.

He also urged men who want to improve their masculinity to eat the fruit, stressing that “sexual health is important for both husband and wife for a good and everlasting relationship.”

A nutritionist, Toyin Adeola, also said that eating dates could treat sexual impotence, help to improve sexual activities and increase the production of s*x hormones.

She added that the fruit was good for the health of both males and female.

She said “date contains many vitamins and minerals which are essential to boost sexual power even in older persons. The fruit is packed with amino acids for sexual stamina, as well as a good dose of fruity sugars which make them sweet.”

The nutritionist, who described the best way it could be taken to achieve best result, however, advised diabetic patients to seek doctor’s advise before consuming dates.

She said “it is advisable to remove the seed and grind seven or eight pieces of dates and soak in water for about 2-3 hours. Add one glass of milk and one teaspoon of honey and drink at least once a day to boost sexual power.”

She also advised both men and women to eat natural foods that could enhance sexual stamina than taking pills made with chemicals which may harm sexual health.

NAN reports that the fruit is very popular in the market, especially where they hawk fruits.

Date fruit is popular in the northern part of the country and can be seen being hawked along with tiger nuts



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