(Episode 11) Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss!

Two days had passed, Mma Kalu hadn’t come and Kalu was yet to wrap his head around a solution, he knew her coming would be like that of a thief, taking him unawares and catching him off guard. Caro now feels better but couldn’t go back to her aunty’s only if she wanted a pact with death. They had just finished dinner,


Kalu: “Nne,take,” he handed her drugs and a cup of water, swallowing drugs was an issue to her she had to chew the drugs first then used water to wash it down the throat- as she chewed her forehead was ineptly wrinkled as veins appeared on it, after drinking water her face looked awful for the drugs had left a detestable taste  in the mouth, “Ehen, I called Mr Tanko today. You know I said his number hasn’t been reachable right?” she nodded, “it went through today…”

Caro: “You talking to him?”

Kalu nodded,

Kalu: “Yes but he said he is travelling to France tomorrow to be back in two weeks time,” she smiled,  “So, we will go and see him when he is back, inugo?” she smiled endlessly, “Try and sleep, iyeh? Things must get better for us and God will shame all our enemies”

Caro: “my auntie and e wicked husband!” she managed to say.

Kalu: “yes!” he covered her with a duvet, Caro was like an abused innocent child, and she jittered at every sound. Kalu could hear her snores, he took her small Techno phone plugged ear piece and listened to a song he had downloaded days ago, it was a gospel song since he downloaded it, he had made it a ritual listening to it before going to bed, it was titled ‘I love the way you love me!’ a song by a Gbagyi artist, Chedami,Ibe loved the song more, it was through him Kalu got to know about the song,

Ibe: “Mhen, I download wan song by wan fine babe. Nafo Facebook I see di link. Chai! I wish say I fit see di girl wey sing di song I go marry em, aswear!”

Kalu: “Ah,ah. You and babes eh!”

They’d giggle,

Ibe: “Maik I hear word. If I marry em di only thing wey she go dey do natu sing. If she offend me, she go use song appease me,if I wan sleep di same tin, bifo I comot she go sing!”

Kalu laughing really hard,

Kalu: “You no well,I swear!”

There was a caterwauling coming from outside; Kalu had to unplug the right ear pierce to be sure he wasn’t imagining the noise, it was the voice of Ene, he hissed,

Kalu: “I pity Ene boyfriend!” about to plug the ear pierce, he heard Precious’ voice, he had to go out, opened the door gently so that Caro who was fast asleep wouldn’t be woken by its tweaking.

Ene: “ Your papa left yansh Precious! Ashewo kobo kobo! You know fit buy pant natudey steal my own abi?” most of the tenants were looking from their doors; Pastor was the only person trying to calm the situation, Precious stood at her door not saying a word but vexed. Kalu walked to where Precious was , Ene was still cursing, “I never see ashewowey no fit buy e own pant. See beta carry dat pant come oo. Na designers pant! I don dash you di ones wey u don steal before!” Precious stared at her as tears gathered in her eyes, Ene was infuriated that precious wasn’t responding to the allegation.

Kalu: “Presh, just ignore her please! Go inside abeg!” he tapped her.

Ene faced Kalu,

Ene: “Wetin dat bastard dey tok? Kalu no just allow me change emfo you dis evening o!”Kalu ignored her whispering to Precious, “Idoit! You tink say I no know say you dey enter e room fo night. You enter go gi’ em wan comot!”she demonstrated.

IyaKpati from her door chipped in,
IyaKpati: “ H’ene you dey fex today o! leaf Kalu comot fo your quarreling na. ” she said.

Ene’s anger grew like a fury furnance,

Ene: “Who bidat Elephant wey maik dat noise” she gesticulated, “I go change  emfouna o!”

Iya Kpati came out of her room,

Iya Kpati: “Omo Kpangala! No tries me o! If you near ma sides. I go just beast you” she twisted her fist, “marsh you like pounding yam!”

Ene having heard Iya Kpati’s threat, hissed and faced Precious, Pastor was pleading with her,

Pastor: “Ene you are a child of the most  high God, please don’t allow the devil to use you as a vessel of dishonor. Bringing shame to the kingdom of God!”

Ene ignored him and rushed at precious but Pastor grabbed her,

Ene: “Pastor lemme maik I teach dis ashewo lesson of her life!” she struggled to be free but he held her tightly.

Pastor: “Sister Ene watch your words!”

Still struggling she yelled at Pastor,

Ene: “Lemme! lemme! Why you dey use your hand touch my breast!” Pastor stunned did let go of her, she faced him, “Idiot! I know say you don dey eye me! As you don see opportunity tutoch fine girl bobby you dey use well abi?”she hissed.

Pastor: “Oh my God!”

Ene: “Fake pastor! If your wife no dey give dey tin well come collect!”she smirked showing him her petit butt, out of the shadows  a slap hurled Ene to the ground before she could raise her head up, her eyes were covered with unending slaps- she was in tears, crying, kicking and cursing. It was Pastor’s wife, she had pounced on Ene out of anger,

Pastor’s Wife: “leave me let me teach this girl a lesson!” Pastor and Kalu dragged her to their room, Ene charged at her, she struggled free and punched Ene breaking the front teeth, her hand was bleeding.

Ene: “I don die o! Idon die!”she cried rolling herself on the ground. Precious stood at her door laughing out loud, Ene even with a bleeding mouth was still cursing and issuing threat, “God punish una. If my boyfriend captain no arrest everybody for dis house eh. Maikuna change my name!”

She was always talking about her boyfriend who was a captain with the Nigerian Army. It was a captain who she had a one night stand with but he wasn’t her boyfriend. After that one night stand, she tried reaching him but he never picked her call and the last time Ene would ever call again, it was the wife that picked and threatened to trace her and cut her into pieces if she ever called the number again.

Old Soja who had been minding his business screamed,

Old Soja: “Getaway you! Nobody fit arrest anybody here as long as Old Soja is here!” he drew out his snuff box and sniffed its content, yelling in excitement, “Awww!”

She continued crying, IyaKpati on the other end was singing,

IyaKpati: “ Oluwa iyaff punis some pipo wey no ‘earing word iyo!”


Kalu entered the room after two rigorous hours, his arms and back ached, Caro was rolling on the bed, obviously, having a sleep orgasm, he in a gentle manner, shifted her and laid on the bed,

Kalu: “Chineke! My back!” he said in Igbo, dozing off he heard a knock on the door, it was subtle but impatient, “Oh God! Chimo! Who have I offended eh?” the knock blared again, “Who is that!?” he said in anger, Caro jerked out of sleep, “Sorry! Go back to sleep, please” he said to her, the knock came again with a voice behind it,

Caro: “Who bidat knocking?”

Kalu: “Lemme check!”

Opened the door and words dried up from his mouth, he was face to face with his mother!

MmaKalu making her way inside with her Ghana-Must-Go sack into the semi lit room asked,

MmaKalu: “Aren’t you happy to see me,eh?”

He stood by the door not knowing what to do.

Question: What was he going to do? What would Mma Kalu do if she sees Caro? Would Mma Kalu send Caro out at the middle of the night? How would they all spend the night in a one room apartment?

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  1. Lwkmh…… It’s getting more and more interesting and really entertaining with Caro and iya akpati making me laugh really hard. As for Ene she got what she deserved, Nmakalu should calm down and support her son… Great job so far adelove! Next episode pls…..

  2. (Episode 8) Tale of a man who never touch or kiss his beautiful wife but brings women into …

    it’s been over a year now, and d next episode hasn’t been posted for our view. I hope we can still read through the end of d story, or do we count d story as a nonexistent typed!!!

    • If u are using facebook application it will be very difficult for you to read the story in full but if you are using opera mini or ucweb browser u will read it in full by clicking on the link when you scrol down of the story.

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