(Episode 12) Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss!

Kalu bolted the door and greeted her in Igbo,


Kalu: “Welcome, Mma!”

Mma Kalu dropped the sack, a voice greeted her,

Caro: “welcomes, mama,” Caro sat on the bed still feeling weak.

She squinted to see the person sitting on the mattress,

Mma Kalu: “Ehen!” answered in an awful manner, turned to Kalu who leaned on the closed door, “Kalu,biko,who is this?You know I can’t see clearly at night!” the face wrinkled as she stared at Caro.

Caro gave a faint smile,

Caro: “It’s mwa Calo!”

Mma Kalu ignored Caro and faced Kalu,

Mma Kalu: “kalu, what did I tell you about this girl? You think I was making empty threats right?” turned to Caro who seemed to be thrown off guard by Mma Kalu, “ See, I don’t want to know what you call yourself,Calo,” mimicked her, “or Carol, before I close and open my eyes, phew, fly away!” Caro was still staring at her but she grabbed her by the hand and dragged her from the bed, Kalu pulled Caro to himself, behind him she hid, rubbing her arms, “Oho, so you want to turn my son against me abi. May  Amadioha break your head there,” she was atop her voice.

Kalu looked very confused,

Kalu: “Mama,please bring your voice down! You’re disturbing my neigbours!”

Mma Kalu raised her voice,

Mma Kalu: “Let them come and hear me out maybe that would bring you back to your senses!” threw herself on the mattress and started crying.

Caro whispered,

Caro: “Babie’m remme go, u hear?”

Kalu gawked at her,

Kalu: “ Go,where? My friend, behave yourself!” to his mother, “Mma, she isn’t going anywhere?”

Mma Kalu: “Kalu you must to kill me oooo!” she held him at him, “So because of this estranged girl you want to kill your mother?” she continued crying.

Kalu was bewildered; it was glaring that his mother wasn’t going to stop until a scene was created,

She held her sack,

Mma Kalu: “I’m going back this night!” she made for the door,Kalu held her,

Kalu: “No,mama you can’t now. It hasn’t come to this! We can resolve this!”Mma turned to Caro

Mma Kalu: “Then chase her away!”

Kalu: “Ah,ah. To where na this night? Have human sympathy,Mma!”they dragged then came a knock,they both paused, “Who is that?” Kalu asked,

A female voice rang out, “It’s me,Presh!”

Kalu quickly opened the door,

Kalu: “Sup?”

Precious: “Let’s have a word, please!”She threw her head inside and greeted, “welcome,mama!”

Mma Kalu: “ehen,my daughter”

Kalu went out as Mma snapped her fingers at Caro, who was shivering.

Precious who was next door had overheard their arguments and was offering to help out,

Precious: “Kay-boy”as she fondly called him, “Instead of mama raising dust, maik your babe come crash for ma side.”

Kalu felt cold running down the spine,

Kalu: “Really? You’d do that for me?”

Precious: “What am I a good friend and neighbour for?” she smiled, Kalu didn’t know when he hugged her, it felt awkward but good.

Kalu: “Thank you so much!”

Precious liked Kalu very much she sometimes wished they were dating but being a night worker, he was too decent for her likes.

Precious took Caro who was crying into her room Kalu followed them behind, when they were inside,

Kalu:’babi’m sorry for the embarrassment. Mama is just worked up,” Kalu made excuses for his mother,Caro nodded and wiped her tears, he kissed her on the fore head and bade them good night, “thanks,Presh!”

Kalu entered the room and refused saying a word to his mother not even a smile, she just pouted her mouth and faced the wall then started praying in the name of purging her son’s room of evil spirits,she started a song,

Mma Kalu: “God of Elijah send down fire! God of Elijah send down, God of Elijah send down fire!” then she burst into prayers in Igbo throughout the prayers she mentioned “Fire and enemies” more than a thousand times. Kalu felt like disappearing with the Harmattan breeze.


As early as seven thirty in the morning, Kalu was coming out of Precious room, he had gone to check on Caro who was still asleep, his phone rang, it was Ejiro. Kalu wasn’t in the mood to talk, he ignored her call. Ejiro was his first girlfriend in Delta State University, they dated for three years but they broke up for a little misunderstanding. He had used his cousin’s picture on Palm Chat, he wrote, “Happy birthday, sweerie,I love you to the moon!”  She didn’t make the matter lightly,

Ejiro: “So you have a girlfriend in the village and you’ve been deceiving me all these years!”

Kalu tried to explain but she wasn’t ready to listen and that’s how it ended, he felt betrayed and heartbroken for she started dating a guy shortly after their break up. They had met again, two weeks ago when he escorted Kalu for a scriptwriting auditioning; she was a part time actress and worked with her elder brother’s PR firm. They had hung out twice it was nice but he refused to see her again for he never wanted to cheat on Caro,

Ejiro: “Kalu you know we could make us happen again, right?”

He had told her without mixing his words that he was in a serious relationship; Ibe was fighting hard to make him consider Ejiro,

Ibe: “Abeg forget that Caro! Na village champion! Ejiro is the real deal, man! She is from a wealthy home o! Once you marry her you’re made for life!”

Ibe had a fantasy of marrying a girl with a rich parent.

At about ten thirty in the morning,Kalu seated on a bench with Caro they were fondling with each other’s hands, he cracked her up, a Toyota Camry entered the compound, almost pulling out the gate, it was a lady driving he could see Ibe but couldn’t recognize the lady. When the car was properly parked, a high heeled lady with fitted top and blue denim pants stepped out, it was Ejiro, Kalu’s heart missed a beat

Kalu: “Ah! Chineke!” he wailed unconsciously.

Caro: “You knows her?” she curled her arms around her man as Ejiro threw a very charming smile at kalu.

Ibe flung his hands as they walked towards Kalu, he seemed too excited,

Ibe: “Kalu! Kalu!” they shook hands

Kalu stood up, feigned a smile back at Ejiro, he was a little thrown off,

Kalu: “So,ehm, to what do I owe this pleasant surprise?”

Ejiro carried a purple nylon with stuffs inside,Caro stood beside Kalu smiling, Ejiro ignored her and sat on the bench Kalu was pointing at, kalu to Ibe,

Kalu: “Mama is around o!”

Ejiro: “Really? wow , you know I’ve been dying to see her!”

She followed Kalu and Ibe into the room, knelt down and greeted Kalu’s mother, Ejiro made it seem like the beverages were for Mama, “Mama these are for you!” Mma Kalu collected them with a smile,

Mma  Kalu: “My daughter God reward you for me!”

Kalu didn’t like the fact that Mma was acting warm to a stranger but bad to his lover.

Throughout that night Mma Kalu sang with Ejiro’s name

Mma Kalu: “That’s the kind of girl I want as a daughter in law, one with class and speak very well!”

Kalu ignored her but he was worried

Question : should he forget about Caro and date Ejiro to please his mother?

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  1. Our mums too like better things for us, but yet it might not be d best for us. Shout out to all our mothers, they all are lovely

  2. This kalu sef his matter sef done taya me. Let him be there struggling between two women, let him not go and get a job and get busy. smh

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  4. Caro must go to school and become somebody one day and all those hating her will be coming closer. Kalu shld b carefull bcos if he shld give up on her now, he might regret it when someone else has polished her

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  6. He shouldn’t marry for the sake of preasing anybory, not even his mother. Marriage no be beans……Lmao, I mean pleasing anybody

  7. I thank God now that things are getting better to Caro if she can read write and speak good English even if Kalu will not marry her I am sure she will found her density. Thank you Adelove next pls.

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