God using Buhari to punish Nigerians for past mistakes, recklessness – Archbishop Chukwuma claims

According to reports, the Anglican Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province, Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma, has claimed that God is using the President Buhari-led government to punish Nigerians for their past recklessness.


In an interview with newsmen, the clergyman stressed that since the current administration came on board, things have stopped working in the country.

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Chukwuma, frowned at the state of the nation under the President, noting that since the current government took over the mantle of leadership, Nigeria went into “captivity.”

According to the Archbishop, “Many more of our graduates are still unemployed. Nothing is happening about that; it has all been wishful promises hence many of them indulge in crime, even as many workers are being relieved of their jobs. So, the situation has brought upon citizens, untold sadness and despondency. A look at our security is also nothing to write home about.

“In some areas there have been increased cases of kidnapping while cases of armed robbery and terrorism have continued unabated in other areas.

“However, we are grateful to God that some of the terrorists are surrendering their arms and embracing amnesty. But that notwithstanding, all is not well at all, with Nigeria. We must sound it: All is not well! Nigeria has become a very difficult place for people to exist.

“It is as if we are in captivity; and we are looking forward to God’s deliverance. In fact, one can say that Nigeria is in captivity under Buhari’s administration. So, we are still praying to God to take us back to the promise land, and I know that He will deliver us.

“I heard them promise that their version of change will manifest next year. However, the change that we see now is not a good version.

“The change is of hardship and people are not comfortable at all. Right now, all I can say that is good about their sermon of change is that the situation is making Nigerians to change from their life of profligacy to prudence.

“To me, Buhari’s government is a punishment, and caution to Nigerians. I think that God is trying to punish us, and at the same time caution us with the present administration, for our past recklessness and mistakes as a nation. That is why I said that it is a time of captivity – where God chose to put Nigeria into the kind of biblical captivity of Assyria and Babylon.”

This is coming at a time when the Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, berated the President over his ability to find a lasting solution to the hunger, poverty, economic challenges and insecurity ravaging the country.



  1. God is not using Buhari to punish us, neither is he the cause of our predicament. We as a nation made a choice and we are reaping the consequences of that choice. If God ever wants to punish you, you won’t have the mouth to tell the story. But he won’t, until judgement day because he is a good God.

  2. Very irresponsible and silly comment from this so-called tribal bishop. Archbishop of Biafra is talking nonsense here – a bloody bigot!

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