Hilarious! Watch as Donald Trump Brutally Punches Hillary Clinton in this New Election Video

A new video graphically detailing how Donald Trump overcame his rival Hillary Clinton on the road to the White House, has emerged.


Donald Trump’s US stunning victory over Hillary Clinton has been reimagined in a new video which is making the rounds on the internet.

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The video – titled Maximum Suffrage 2016 – starts by showing some Americans rush to build a wall at the Mexican border before an image of Trump appears alongside the caption: “America already greater as Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton.”

With a Taiwanese voiceover playing in the background – the bizarre video then shows Trump and Clinton sparring in a boxing match before the Republican knocks out the former Secretary of State with a killer right hook.

The hilariously abstract film then shows Trump handcuff a knocked-out Clinton as Barack Obama and Tim Kaine cry in the background.

Other politicians making a cameo in the oddball animation include Russia’s Vladimir Putin and US Vice President-Elect Mike Pence.

The parody footage then pays tribute to the shock of the US election results night, saying: “CNN and the media elite were put on suicide watch.

“How did they blow it so badly?”

The clip – which lasts just over 90 seconds – has already been viewed over 12,000 times on YouTube.

It was uploaded by the Taiwanese Animators account who claim to cover “The biggest stories in current affairs, world news, sports, entertainment and technology”.


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