See the Igbo Traditional Marriage Items List Causing Controversy on Social Media

A social media user whose elder brother is set to marry a lady from the South-eastern part of Nigeria has raised an alarm about the money-gulping marital rite practice exhibited by her family.

igbo wedding foods

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The issue of exotic bride-prices charged by Nigerian families on their daughters whose hands are being sought by men in marriage has been a topic of debate as the economic recession shrinks the pocket of men.

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According to the news poster who shared hard copies of the list of items to be purchased by his elder brother as presented by the lady’s family, she is from Aboh Mbaise, Imo State.

The entire list of items to be purchased for the family as part of the traditional wedding totals about N500,000.

In the words of the poster:

“I was preparing for work this morning when my elder bro sent this (paper) to me via email”

“I once heard if you want to marry a girl from the South-east you’ll have to pay extra cash”

“Ok, back to the matter, my bro is preparing for his traditional wedding anytime soon.”

“Below is the list of things they ask him to buy, after I was done with the calculations and all, I got a total of close to #500,000 just to buy things listed in the list. Mind you the list doesn’t include food, drinks, canopies, chairs just to name a few that will be used in the event”.



  1. Exchange rate is really bad in this country, it’s affecting even the exchange of marital vows.

    The list na Naira, the bride na Dollar.

    Too many Naira for just 1USD.

    Too bad.

  2. I beg if you won marry, do the necessary thing that the family wants That is the brides family requirement. No be by force o, if you can not afford itthen go look for another wife o.

  3. No wonder, Igbo did not marred from their town again, they are married from Yoruba now because Yoruba they don’t collect much things.

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