These are 7 Things You Need to Know About P*nis Size… No.5 is Very Important

Knowing these important p*nis details will help in a long way in making your s*x life a very satisfactory one.


According to s*x and relationship columnist Dr Pam Spurr, here are seven things you need to know about penis size:

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(They might just change your mind about what’s important or not)

1. The “size stats”

Some of the best “size stats” come from beret-clad boffins across the Channel in France.

When measuring members they found the average erect penis is between 12.8 – 14.5cm – that’s 5 – 5.7 inches.

2. Some are “growers” and some are “showers”

You can’t always tell how large an erection will be when you glance a man’s non-erect penis.

Because, let’s face it, some are “growers” and some are “showers”.

Many smaller men when flaccid grow a full 100% when erect. Whereas many larger men have been found to grow by only 50-75% when erect.

This means guys should never get “locker room syndrome”.

You know, after a five-aside match on a Sunday, they should not worry if they spot some larger lads. Those guys might just be “showers”.

3. The vast variety

For the record, there’s a vast variety in penis length.

Although Jonah Falcon claims a 9.5 inch penis when flaccid, that’s been topped by unverified reports of a Mexican man Roberto Cabrera having over 18 inches.

Despite these very rare whoppers, the famous Masters and Johnson’s research team measured hundreds of penises. And of these the longest flaccid one was 5.5 inches long, the shortest just under 2 inches long.

4. The most sensitive zone

When it comes to pleasing a woman, listen up men. The most sensitive zone of the vagina is the outer three inches.

So if you possess a three inch erection you reach the part that counts. You don’t have to “go deep” to satisfy.

5. Most women aren’t size queens

Let the facts speak for themselves. Most women aren’t size queens. One survey found that 85% of women are happy with the size of their guys.

If you come across a ‘size queen’ just prove that you’re the king of foreplay.

Pleasure them with your hands – massaging them, touching and caressing them. Or through oral sex and with sex-toys to give them plenty of joy.

6. Circumcision

To circumcise or not to circumcise – that is the question.

Although circumcision doesn’t affect size per se, many women enjoy the extra feel of the “bulk” or “fleshiness” of the foreskin on an uncircumcised penis.

A big positive of circumcision includes extra cleanliness. A big positive of keeping it as you were born, means a man tends to be more sensitive.

Because once circumcised some men lose sensitivity as the penile glans gets used to extra stimulation without the foreskin.

7. The woman’s poor memory

One small study found that when asked to remember the size of a man’s penis, women over-estimated size.

So if at the time she’s rude enough to show displeasure over your size, she’ll probably remember you as bigger anyway.


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