(Episode 17) A Letter from Jail … Life sucks beyond words

“So all these while, Alhaji has been the one threatening our lives? Poor Ope, she died not knowing she was trying to save my life” I said to myself

Those were the words I kept repeating to myself the whole day

I had my bath nine times, Miebaka was thinking I had fever, not knowing I spent the whole time in the bathroom trying to figure out what I was going to do. I knew I had done wrong by chopping off his lips, but he did not leave me with any other option. Are post wedding days were as challenging as the past. I pitied my husband; maybe he shouldn’t have looked for me. Maybe he should have gone ahead with Ope and lived a happy life after. Maybe I was the badluck. Yes, I knew I was, and I was ready to fix this problem myself.

I began to use the NGO as an excuse. Each day, for the first three months after our wedding, I would go out there, trying to gather information about Alhaji. But I would lie to my husband that the NGO work had been too demanding, and he understood.

One afternoon, I finally decided to contact Godfrey. I had invited him for our wedding but he did not show up or call to give any explanations why he didn’t attend.

Me:”Hello Godfrey. It’s Shiber.”

Godfrey:”Iyawo how fa now. You just forget us abi. Big woman. I was in Accra during your wedding. That’s why I couldn’t make it. But I heard what happened.  I am so sorry”

Me:”That is why I am calling you. We really need to see”

Godfrey:”Ok. I’ll let you know when I am back to Abuja”

It was more than eight months after our wedding. I was already heavily pregnant. I abandoned the NGO job, leaving it to the hands of Miebaka’s friend to manage. Having a twins inside ones stomach for months wasn’t an easy thing.

Everything was perfect, the timber business was moving fast and Miebaka and I were already planning to relocate to the US. We also began to make plans of opening new branches for our NGO while we control the organization from abroad. I could not believe I would ever be happy for months without encountering terrible events. Miebaka on his part was the best husband one would pray for; he made sure he was there with me at the hospital during every check up on the twins, he did the chores and sang for me at night when I couldn’t sleep…he would call our babies cute names…saying I was in heaven is an understatement.

He had brought two maids to stay by me incase there was any reason for me to be at the hospital because he was travelling to Osun State to seal a deal with his clients on the timber business.

Just as he predicted, the Labour pains started two weeks after he left for Osun state. First, the pains began just like the usual menstrual cramps, then it got hotter, I forced myself to catch some breath. I had heard stories about women who would spend days in the hospital because they had gone there before the right time of delivery; I did not want to be that kind of woman. I hated hospitals, I wanted to go there, have my babies and return home the next day.

I called him to inform him of the new development and his response made me laugh

Miebaka:”What has come over you? Are you joking with the lives of my angels? You better go to the hospital else I’ll call the police to drag you out” he warned

I laughed at him on the phone as he spoke with all seriousness

Me:”So I am no more your angel abi?” I teased

Miebaka:”You are now expired hahahah. Common go to the hospital joor” he laughed

After the call, I called the maids to help me down the stairs, I could feel Miebaka’s angels trying to force their way out.


Miebaka:”My Angel! You finally open your eyes. Doctor! Doctor!” He called at the man in white shirt

“My Angel is awake” he said holding my hand

“Should I bring our angels? They look so cute just like you my love”

Doctor:”She does not have enough strength to hold them. Let us give her an hour to be fully awake” he spoke to Miebaka

Miebaka:”Do you want rice? MoiMoi or Pepper soup? I have them all here” he said with excitement

Doctor:”Mr.Miebaka your wife can’t eat anything now.You may want to take those meals back home because even if she starts eating, it wouldn’t be that kind of food, for now” he smiled and tapped him on the shoulder


My twins were the best gift God had given me. They looked so much like Aunt Engee, so stubborn. We had postponed our trip to the US, I wanted to be strong before relocating. I also wanted my kids to breathe the African air before going to America.

Meanwhile, Godfrey was reporting to me each week. My kids were now two months old. I would leave them with the maids and run to the park to meet with Godfrey. Our last meeting was not pleasing; he had told me that Chief had informed him that Alhaji was still bent on destroying my marriage with Miebaka

Godfrey: “I think you should leave town. I spoke to Chief to help us beg Alhaji but he said this is now beyond his control and that if you and your husband love yourselves, you should leave Nigeria, because the Alhaji he knows will not give on you” he advised

Me:”Thanks for your effort. The truth is, I can’t because of Alhaji fast forward our trip to the US. I have plans for him too”

As I sat with Godfrey, making sure no one took note of us, my breast milk began to drip out of my top; I had left the twins at home with the maids. Miebaka was also home, resting.  He had just returned from another business trip. I left Godfrey at the park and drove to the house.

On my way, I stopped by the aboki to buy fruits for my husband. As I stood waiting for turn, I noticed smoke coming from a direction far from the street; the kind of smoke Miebaka and I saw when there was crisis in Kano. I couldn’t help but ask the aboki as people ran towards that direction.

Me:”Mallam a beg wetin dey happen for there? Why people dey run?

Aboki:”Wallahi I no no.But Mallam Yinusa say na big fire o! The man, the woman and fine twins…all of them die for the fire wallahi Madam”

On hearing this, I dropped my hand bag and every other thing I was holding, lifted my skirt up and began to run as fast as I could. I had gotten there too late, our house was burnt down; I could not even recognize the location. All I saw was a piece of the toy Pastor’s wife had given to my kids during their dedication. I knelt down in pains staring at the smoke and all I could say was

“God! God! God! Why!”

I opened my eyes and saw myself being held by two men. I pulled myself out and ran to the streets.  I remembered where Alhaji’s house was located; I had found out more about his family during my research about him. I took a cab and headed to Maitama, where his first wife lived.

Locating the house a second time was not an issue. I stood opposite the house, observing who went in and who got out. Then I saw two kids, his only sons, grabbed them, stabbed them multiple times and left them lifeless.  I saw the security man making calls, I didn’t mind, I kept hitting the gate shouting on top of my voice…

I knew I had gone insane, Yes! What was left for me on earth? NOTHING. I was ready to face death himself, after all death had been playing games with me. I wanted to face death and ask him what wrong I had done to him.


The police had come, handcuffed me and dragged me into their dirty vehicle as neighbors stood and watched.

I did not stress the judge in court, I told them I was guilty and ready to be imprisoned.


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  1. Looks like devil perverted her destiny. This is why Prayer is good no matter how sweet our life is gonna be. Devil can come and steal away our good glory if prayer is not taken serious. hmm… What will happen to her in prison now?

  2. Big lesson indeed. No matter sweet destiny it’s prophesied in our lives.. we should not relent and believe all is well. Prayer and been closer to God is the real deal. It makes the success comes without hustling for it

  3. What a tragedy…. Alhaji is jst too @less… Shiber shld av traveled out of d country b4 such tin… I Pity poor Miebaka nd d innocent twins…anyway Shiber u will av 2 take @. Nd as 4 Alhaji continue chilling till nemesis catch up wif u…. GOOD JOB ADELOVE.

  4. OMG.. i wasn’t first to comment today. AdeLove fans (ALF) no dey carry last Hahaha. Shiber finally lands herself in Jail. what a pity

  5. This happens in real life. Many of us refuse taking prayers serious, thinking all is going to be well afterall. Shiber neglected to spice up her life with much prayers since the destiny is going to be a great one. The Devil only go after ones with great destiny. Prayers should not be taken lightly. it’s a pity Shiber lost all she has and ended in jail

  6. Adelove I warned you dat Miebaka shld nt die yet u allowed him 2???? Cudnt u use a different means 2 distroy Allhaji??? Dis is now 2 tragic

  7. What a pity!, prayer would hv solved this problems and also telling her husband the truth would have given them an iota of what to do, poor Shiber!

  8. What a pathetic story, the world is full of ups and down. Only Jesus can make our destiny to come through when we rely on him and dropped our burden on the cross where he was crucified.

  9. Kai this Shiber oh! why didnt she tell her husband? he knew everthing about her dirty past, why didnt she tell him about alhaji? kai!

  10. Yaa, she is destined to be famous, she is forgetting dat where de pple of God gathered, de pple of de Kingdom of darkness also gathered, she has neva prayed for one second all de days of her life, dis teaches us all dat wateva de situation we sud not forget GOD de author nd finishers of our life

  11. well…there is always a reason to live no matter how rough life becomes hence God still exists.soooooooo….i guess sheiber shouldnt give up just yet..buh she a strong fellow…..mnce work adelove.its …#motivating…#inspiring…#touchy nd above all its d truth about life.

  12. I would like to be optimistic as some people believing miebaka n the twins are still living.
    Having prophecy that she is going to be famous does not diminish the Greatness of God whether the prophecy is fulfilled or not in her life.

    Greeting to you guys @ Adelove – Happy Sunday……looking out for the next episode ( guessing to be d last – episode 18…….lol)

  13. Sometimes we should be patience enuf bfor taken actions into our hands… If only she was patient enuf…. Killing 2 innocent children…. Its possible Alhaji was not even d cause of d fire outbreak… Its well…. Morals indeed!!!

  14. hmmm dis serves a warning to our girls dat follow all dis alhaji most of dem does not ve a forgiving heart so lets be mindful of our actions cos d end result mayb horrible like dis or more dan dis.

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  24. What a touching story. Anything u do in life without God in it is useless. When u go through all the episode u will know that is only God we need to fulfil Destiny. May God bless ADELOVE for this power message. Read n learn from it.

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