(Final Episode 19) A Letter from Jail … Life sucks beyond words

Finally sleep tussled me to the ground, and I slept off. I woke up feeling erratic. Something wasn’t right within me. That was the feeling that tore me. They took us for manual labour and the 8pm fight became the feast for my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking of it. In the fields, Presido always tried in her best in getting in my way but I avoided her like cancer. I had to even feign illness had,


Me: “I no well!” I called out to one of the Warders.

Warder 1: “If you like make you die here sef!”

I turned back when  no one was looking dipped my fingers, three of them, in my mouth as if I was going to touch the oesophagus and threw up.  Another Warder came to me. She seemed nice.

Warder 2: “Wetin dey do you?”

I continued throwing up,

Me: “I no well!”

Warder 2 : “Any man touch you before dem carry you come here?”

Me: “Yes, my husband!” I nodded,

Warder 2: “Ah, na belle be dat na!”

She was a superior to Warder 1 the harsh one. I was taken into the cell and given food to eat. I wasn’t truly ill but you know fear has a way of making one feel awful. I was scared that my throat was going to be slit in that night. I busied myself with thoughts. I dozed off.

After an hour I woke up, tears rolling down my cheek. Miebaka had appeared to me with our beautiful twins in the hands. They were all happy and smiling, “Don’t worry about us. We are doing fine! We’d be coming for you soon but make your way right with God first!” those were the words, “Mummy!” the babies smiled at me. It wasn’t just a dream. I woke up and noticed I was alone inmates were still tilling the ground.

Me: “What kind of dream is this?” it felt so real, I didn’t know when I knelt and pray, “Father I don’t know what to say but I’m lost without you. I don’t know what the dream is!  I just want to be reunited my family again! “

It was the first time in my adult life that I had said a genuine prayer. I sobbed when I finished praying. It was a cry of agony; I was crying out the pains of rape many years ago Alhaji’s torture and all I had gone through in life. I was crying my heart out! That was what I really yearned for all those years. To cry out the pains that grasped my body and soul. One of my inmates came in, her name was Endurance but formerly known as “Badoo” she was formerly the Presido but gave up her position when she accepted Christ.  Stories had it that she was ruthless and it was during her time that male warders started coming in to rape inmates. She allowed them.

Endurance: “Hello!” she wore the smell of fresh grasses.

Me: “Hi!” I wasn’t audible.

Endurance: “You look troubled!” that sounded funny, who wouldn’t look troubled in a cell. I felt irritated.

Me: “And you’re some psychologist in cell,I guess!” she smiled at me. Her presence was calming with her gap teeth making her smile next to perfection. It was hard to believe such a beauty would be found in such a place and was once known to be a ruthless leader. Truly looks were deceptive.

Endurance: “I don’t mean to pester you but I’ve got a message for you!” startled, those words got me curious.

Me: “Eh?”

Endurance: “Yes!” I sighed and nodded, “ God doesn’t want you to fight for he has a surprise for you! He said I should tell you to allow him fight for you but first you have to acknowledge him. And that you were born to be famous….”

Those words again? I thought,

Me: “See, I was told that from infantry but see where I found myself!” I cackled, “Guess He meant I’ll be famous in a wrong way!”

Endurance smiled, the smiled annoyed me,

Endurance: “No! You got it wrong. He wanted more and better things for you. God isn’t evil remember what Mattew 7:11 says, ‘If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!’ All you needed to do was look up to him,” those words pricked into my heart and tears dropped. I had never really understood that I needed to look up to God to fulfill my potentials, “You don’t have to cry! He said he had come to your rescue on numerous occasions but you never saw it fit to acknowledge him. He was going to make you famous through the girls’ foundation you had started with your husband!”

How did she know all these? I was puzzeled

Me: “But…” she cut in,

Endurance: “You’re wondering how I got to know all these?” I nodded like my head would go off my body, she smiled and said, “He is the revealer of all things. Christ knew us before we were born,rememeber?”

Stubbornly I said,

Me: “I have to fight! If I don’t I’ll be killed!”

Endurance sighed,

Endurance: “Let him do the fighting for you!”

Our inmates ran in chattering, Endurance left for her corner. Everyone spoke about the fight in high spirits. Endurance always threw glances at me reminding me of what we had discussed. I had made up my mind to fight even though I was scared,

Me: “Na one day pesin dey die!”  I said to myself.

I was fondling with my sharp weapons.


At about 7:30 pm I became very nervy. I heard a sound. Everyone gathered Presido was on the ground gnashing her teeth in malady, she kept crying, “My head! My stomach!” I rushed to her for everyone seemed confused,

Me: “Sorry! Did you hit anywhere?” she was so much in pain that she couldn’t say a word but groaned instead, “Raise alarm!” I screamed at the inmates, they acted more confused. It was Pepper, who was in tears that raised an alarm. Presido seemed to be dying. Endurance knelt by us praying. We heard sound of whistles Fatima and co rushed in with a trolling bed. I didn’t know where I got the strength to lift her alone on it. She held my hands not wanting to let go. They rushed her to the clinic. Tears stood in my eyes, as I turned to go find a corner to rest my back. Inmates were all in standing ovation clapping and chanting, “Presido! Presido!! Presido!!! Presido!”

I didn’t know what to say or do. Pepper led me to the throne and I sat.


Miebaka and the twins had moved into Pastor’s house after they were discharged. They were doing great,

Doctor: “Just come for monthly check up!” the doctor had said.

For a month Miebaka and Pastor had tried all they could so they would visit me in cell but it was a mission impossible. Alhaji who was influential had made the authorities prevented them. Miebaka became depressed,

Pastor: “Bro Miebaka being depressed isn’t going to help the situation. We all need to be up and fervent in prayers you know?”

Most nights he sobbed all through. He missed me but I missed more. Well I missed as lovely husband who had gone to the other world.


The news went round that an influential female politician Hajiya Badmus had died while having sex with a young boy. It was said that she had hypnotized the boy and made him sleep with her and her new girls. The stories were on all the national dailies, most had it on the cover page.

Rifkatu died three weeks after my sentence. She was said to have died during child birth. The pregnancy lasted for close to sixteen months. I later discovered that she had been trying to get across to me. The day I learnt of the news I felt bad.


I had spent six months in prison,

Me: “my babies were going to be eighth months today, “I said to Pepper and Endurance in tears.

Endurance: “You don’t have to cry. God knows the best!”

Presido was discharged and she accepted me as the new Presido. We became quite close. During my reign I had stopped lesbianism and anyone who was caught I made sure Fatima who became a friend too made them work tirelessly but I found it difficult to stop a few of them from masturbation. I introduced a lot of things; we were not just inmates but family. We played lots of games and I created a forum where everyone spoke about their experiences and what brought them to jail. The day I told them mine they were all crying.

One night we had voices, it was a male,Effiong, one of the warders,

Effiong: “Presido show!” I leaned on the rod and he whispered to me and I shook my head, “Who are you to flout my orders!” I hissed and went back to my seat. Everyone looked nervous. Effiong and others came made it a duty to come and constantly rape the girls. I had been trying to stop but all my efforts seemed fruitless but that night I was ready for them.

Earlier in the day, I had addressed them on that, some were unfortunate to have being infected with HIV from those blood sucking warders and mapped out a plan.

Effiong and others opened the door and like buzzing bees I gave out an order as we pounced on them. We lashed out on them with the anger we had.

It was the intervention of Police and soldiers that saved their lives. I and some others were taken into dark, lonely and smelling rooms for two weeks. I saw hell there. There was neither food nor water. How Ii survived I cannot explain. Rats had chopped off my toes. The cell was rat and cockroaches infested. After a week of intense hunger, I started feeding on the cockroaches. They tasted awful but satisfying. I couldn’t starve myself to death. I drank my own urine.


Alhaji walked into his office and met Zubairu, his trusted boy waiting for him,

Alhaji: “Zuby ya ne? I waited por you at him ban gan ka ba aii, “he added in English, “you didn’t show up!”

Zubairu looked troubled,

The secretary opened the door as they both entered, as the secretary turned to go back,

Alhaji: “Meet by pour o’clock in our that place ko?” he licked his lips, she nodded and swaggered out with her skimpy skirt that made her butt look very firm, “Kai, sit down!”

Zubairu with hands akimbo shook his head,

Zubairu: “I cannot!” he started sweating.

Alhaji: “Laifya? Why are you sweating with AC on. Ko you’re supeering prom dissentry?” he smiled Zubairu couldn’t.

Zubairu: “Alhaji! Alhaji! I can’t sleep! The woman who we killed her twins and husband by burning down her house. Keeps appearing in my dreams! She said if I don’t go and report she’d kill me!”

Alhaji laughed,

Alhaji: “Zubairu, this issue is dead and gone aii! We didn’t give her what she didn’t deserve! Look at my lips? You and I know I spent millions of dollars when I had surgery in New Delhi! Who chopped them off in the first place! That nonsense girl! She must rot in jail aii! I will burn that house and burn it again if I’ll have to!” Alhaji stood up and went to where Zubairu was, “my boy! When was the last time you got some juicy fura dei nunu!” he said referring to sex.

Zubairu moved away,

Zubairu: “Alhaji, I’m in no mood for such talks. I brought two proposals. One follow me to the station and confess or,” Alhaji was shocked and it showed in his gaze, “settle me with ten million naira!”

Alhaji: “God funish you! Zubairu you’re mad! You dare come here to threaten me? Ku ji fa, this boy op yesternight?”

Zubairu walked out. Alhaji paced about the office fuming, he removed the Baban Riga he wore,

Alhaji: “That boy has just stepped on a Cobra and he will depinitely peel my venom!” he dialed a number, “scorpion, I have a duty for you!”


Godfrey on his way out of Ghana he was nabbed at the aiport; he was charged for taking girls abroad for prostitution. The claim was made by an NGO started by one of his ladies who had gone to Italy and made to sleep with dogs. On her return she started the NGO and they were out for Godfrey and his likes.


I had spent a year in the prison. Alhaji was arrested and some others for embezzling money. Alhaji especially had so many counts against him, murder, rape and embezzlement. Zubairu left his office that day knowing what Alhaji could do went straight to DSS office and gave them the conversation he had recorded. Zubairu also served prison but was sentenced for a few years. Alhaji was sentenced to death by hanging.

I found out about Alhaji’s sentence on the papers, Fatima usually brought for me. I felt sorry for him but he totally deserved it.

On a very fateful Monday then I had spent a year and six months. Fatima came in,

Fatima: “Presido show!” I went to her,

Me: “My pesin,owfa?”

Fatima: “I dey jare! See ehm, some people come see you!”

Me: “Me?” That sounded strange for since I was sentenced no one had come to look for me. Who would come in the first place? The only people I had were dead. Pastor and his wife couldn’t visit for I was told that an order was given from above that no one could see me.

She opened the door and I followed her. On our way, I kept quizzing but she kept saying the same thing,

Fatima: “Dem reach four sha!”

My eyes were bleary, it was definitely a dream. I pinched myself to wake up. The pain couldn’t help,

Me: “Pastor! Mama!” I called out to Pastor and wife,

“Don’t allow them get down” a man said to a lady who was with two set of identical babies.

I couldn’t believe I was standing in front of my own Miebaka and my babies who had grown into beautiful babies. Instead of hugging them I broke down in tears,

Me: “No. you all are dead! You can’t be alive! My babies!”

Miebaka was in tears too, my babies were playing each other, Pastor’s wife and our maid were sobbing too. Fatima and other warders who were familiar with my story joined in the sobs. I couldn’t look at my handsome Miebaka for long. I sat on the ground crying.

It was later when all was calm that Miebaka explained to me that they were rescued by a neigbour when the fire had started and where in the hospital when I arrived the scene.

Me: “I killed those innocent kids thinking you and my babies were burnt!” I said as I sobbed again.

Miebaka: “I will fight for your release!”

My family kept visiting me for another six months, my babies recognized me as their mother again. I felt happy even though I was in jail. Life was smiling on me for real. I couldn’t commit the same blunder of the past by not recognizing God. In cell I organized Bible study and prayer sessions. The day Alhaji was killed I cried but I couldn’t explain why I did. I just had to cry.

It is three years now, Miebaka had made it possible for me to be running my foundation from prison. My babies started kindergarten last month. Guess what? A new government had being elected and it has decided to pardon all prisoners. In a few days time, I would be joining my family. It is hard to believe I would be inhaling the breath of freedom again. Miracles still happen, my friend! And I have plans of starting an outreach ministry alongside my foundation. I cannot wait to hold my babies again and live in our new mansion. Don’t tell anyone, Miebaka has made secret arrangement for us to travel. I hope you have learnt a lot from my story. Always remember that prophecy without acknowledging God and working hard towards it, it is like a car without an Engine!

Thank you,

Na mi your pesin,

Shiber Yughurt (God’s Limited Edition)!

… THE END (Hope you enjoyed the Story.. Share your Joy, Experience, Advice, Suggestions as you await for another interesting Story… Stay TUNED!!!)

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  32. What a lovely story. It all ended well. But my advise to all Adelove reader is that, before you conclude or make any ugly decision, make investigations and research. Find out if what you heard from someone or from the crowd is true. Shiber made a mistake when she concluded that Miebaka is dead with her twins angel, after. Being told by the aboki. Now, she has wasted the live of those innocent kids But God knows why it happened so. Please next story. Can’t wait! Ohhhh

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  41. Beautiful ending. Our God reigns. Whosoever that seeketh the name of the Lord shall not be put to shame. Call on Him and He shall answer you.

  42. I am highly motivated and encouraged by the whole episodes contained in this writeup.
    First I am made to understand that I should believe in prophecy but put God first in my prayer life.

    More so to be patient.We should not over react over any thing that happen to us.

  43. What a nice story,i really enjoyed it and i learnt dat in all we do we should be contended with what we have and dat we should also have the right information before taking any actions

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  45. Wow great story with a lot of lesson to learn… Yes prophecies has gone ahead but we also need to pray in other to activate prophecies…. More Grace ADELOVE!

  46. What a fantastic story. I am so happy that she gave her life to Christ. All glory and honour belong to God. I really enjoyed it and I also learnt a lot from this story. prayer is the master key.

  47. With God all things are possible. Him alone has the final say to every problems. He’s words are final, he’s God of talk and do. There’s non to be compare unto him. Him alone can make every impossibilities to be possible. He’s God of solution. God of sharp sharp, oooo oooo I can’t stop praising him cos him alone is worthy of my praise. Adelove more ink to ur biro. God bless u and ur crew bountifully.

  48. After reading I gave dis story a standing ovation . wow Adelove thumbs up for u oh,such inspiration to write comes only from God

  49. happy ending.
    adelove you are doing a great job but one thing i dot like abt this story is Mose side, there was no news of him after all he’s the cause of shiber predicament,he’s a wicked soul. Glory to God for shiber victory at last. just as branch cannot do without the root so is man. prophecy without God can never be fulfill cause without Him man can do nothing. It’s rely on Him alone that guarantee fulfilment of destiny

  50. wow what a nice way to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and confirming his word that whatever He says He does. Heaven and earth shall pass away but His will never return to him void.

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  52. Mehhn….. Dis story is a lesson indeed! So inspiring nd encouraging but i did’nt like the fact that shiber’s aunty died 2 during the bomb blast! Any way it was a nice 1


  54. Adelove God bless you for this write up! Lesson learnt…prophecy heard without acknowledging God n working towards it is like a car without an engine.

  55. der is nothing prayer cannot do,a prayer less person is a powerless person.pray without ceasing. may God be praised. i really enjoined dis inspiring story.taught me a lot.God is d answer to every situation, wat u do is just to acknowledge him,and ask.den u leave d rest for him and watch him do wonders.

  56. Hmmm………I can’t believe tears dripping from my eyes. Indeed caught off from Jesus Christ we can do nothing! Shiber learnt the hard way because she refused to acknowledge God. God’s Mercy is always there to embrace us whenever we realises n come back to Him. Beloved! May God in His Abundance Mercy n Grace never allow us learn the way IJMN! Amen

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  58. Hmmm………I can’t believe tears dripping from my eyes. Indeed caught off from Jesus Christ we can do nothing! Shiber learnt the hard way because she refused to acknowledge God. God’s Mercy is always there to embrace us whenever we realises n come back to Him. Beloved! May God in His Abundance Mercy n Grace never allow us learn the way IJMN! Amen

  59. Nice ending to a life changing story. This shows us all that we should not attempt to fight our vbattles alone or by ourselves. Since we have God as our Father, we should believe in Him and trust Him. With Him, we shall overcome all obstacles in life. Just pray to Him and believe in His powers. Without God, we are nothing. May God grant us grace to know Him better than we do now and trust Him totally in Jesus Name. Thank you Adelove for sharing this story. May God continue to bless and increase you on all sides with your crew in Jesus Name.

  60. Inspiring. What an encouraging story for those passing through trials thinking God has abandoned them, when they are only expected to give Him a chance for His Glory to manifest.
    Well-done Adelove.

  61. What a happy ending there is nothing that is as good as to fear the lord because it is the beginning of wisdom, I am so happy for Shiber & Miebaka may they live long to take care of their children, amen. Wish them a sweeter life ahead, amen & amen.

  62. Very nice story with a good lesson. U really can’t achieve any good thing without God! I also love d happy ending. Ade Love, pls keep it up!

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