Andre Schurrle Explains How Jose Mourinho Ended His Chelsea Dream

German midfielder Andre Schurrle has explained how Jose Mourinho quickly ended his Chelsea dream.

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Schurrle, who made 44 Premier League appearances for the Blues following his £18million from Bayer Leverkusen, is rebuilding his career with Borussia Dortmund after spending a 18 months at Wolfsburg after leaving Chelsea.

‘Chelsea was a dream for me,’ Schurrle said to Bild. ‘But after I was out for a few weeks through an infection, the coach unfortunately did not count on me much more often.’

Finding opportunities hard to come by at Stamford Bridge, Schurrle explained how the demands of Mourinho led to him leaving the club.

‘Mourinho showed me how hard life can be as a footballer. If you had one bad game, you would be out of the team,’ Schurrle added.

‘My experience at Chelsea was great, playing with so many superstars – it was just like I had imagined it.

‘Playing for Chelsea was an absolute dream for me, but following my infection, the manager no longer counted on me.’



  1. Morinho never play football for any team before, he is never a players. So he can’t understand how bad player feel when u can’t perform in a game, then the next thing is to drop that player out of the team finally. Just one game?. Forgetting that anybody can drop form in one or two games. Even for more. That doesn’t mean the player can not play again. Jose is just a lucky man, not a coach.

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