Having Polytechnic graduate as Finance Minister is begging for recession – Reno Omokri

Former Special Assistant to ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan on New Media, Reno Omokri, has said the country is going through recession because of those President Buhari appointed to form his cabinet.


He blamed the president for appointing ministers who are not worthy of the position, saying instead of concentrating more on the business of governance, Buhari is more committed to reading and watching cartoons.

Omokri, on his Facebook page wrote: “When you have someone who graduated with a BSc from a polytechnic (University of East London was a polytechnic at the time Kemi Adeosun attended and it was only upgraded to university status in 1992) as your finance minister in a country that has highly educated, skilled and experienced hands from every part of the nation, what you are begging for is a recession.

“When you combine it with a minister of agriculture who read French you are inviting famine.

“However, it is not from my mouth you will hear what will happen when you have a President who, during a recession, prioritizes reading cartoons over other serious issues in a newspaper.”

Recall that Omokri recently charged the President to appoint capable hands into his cabinet, calling for the sack of Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun,



  1. Omokri, u should know better, that the hood does not make the monk. Ur boss, GEJ, who is said to have a PhD, was a disaster presiding over the affairs of this my beloved country,Nigeria!

    • This is the talk of a small child who struggle to pass through university and later started bragging when he is working in his rich father business. Reno, this one too pass your mouth

  2. My friend u really do not have an idea y Nigeria as a country is in recession. Your myopic idea of blaming a polytechnic institution or wat ever shows DAT u are shortsighted or u are not a lucrative thinker.she is only a finance minister,there are ministries DAT she cannot control.so I’m not saying she has done well,but she and her educational qualification is definitely not the reason for the recession.

  3. This is the height of ignorance
    It’s quite obvious, from Omokri’s presentation here that he doesn’t really understand what he is taking about
    It may interest Omokri to learn that the conversion of the university of east london from Polytechnic was not in any way an upgrade, the motive was to make the university to expand to be able to offer more causes and accommodate more eligible student
    Besides, in UK university is not regarded as being superior to Polytechnic, far from it
    Both institutions are fashioned in a way they will produce competent graduates with adequate knowledge and skills to perform up to the required standard in their various fields
    There is also no discrepancy in the pay packet of graduates from those two types os institution like we have in developing nations
    In UK, once you are a graduate, what really matters is what you can bring and put into your job and not your certificate
    In light of this, Omokri needs to undergo some training on what it takes to be a Polytchnic graduate and on communication skills
    Unfortunately, he seems too full of himself
    From his comment, it’s quite obvious that he may have everything but class

  4. This Okri man is actually ignorant. First he does not even understand what recession is and how it comes about. For his education we are in recession because not only did jonathan’s government squander our money without investing (his finance minister clearly stated the govt didn’t invest ), the govt borrowed huge amounts as well. Buhari came in and was shocked at what he saw in terms of our finances. Oil prices went terribly down so revenue put geddit to the lowest level in 16 years then Niger Delta militants reduced our production to about half compounding the revenue problem. This has nothing to do with the Finance minister. Also you don’t need an agric graduate to be agric minister. You need an administrator who can put resources together. In any case the Minister is an experienced agricultural ist. PhD holder ADESINA was there and all he did was to ensure we imported food massively. Okri or Okro or whatever you are called you are just being ignorantly mischievous

  5. Omokri is a stupid idiot who doesn’t think before he talks. to me your talk is senseless and meaningless even to all Nigerian as well. instead of praying and seeking for divine intervention of God for change. you are busy pointing accusing finger to somebody. The general situation we find ourselves today is a collective failure.

  6. Omokri’s view is simply because is intellectually bankrupt. Polytechnics are converted to universities to expand the course and line of study not as an upgrade. I am surprised to read that this gentle man Omokri blames recession just to this dispensation. Recession is usually a product of consistent lack of planning and proper forecast/Savings over a period of time. Recession is a delivery of Child conceived by vision less leaders like his PhD principal and many others. All Nigeria needs now is serious prayers and purging of corrupt leaders/followers.

  7. As a PhD holder and a Lecturer in one of the first generation universities in Nigeria, I know that there are some things in life that the mountain of certificates and the name of awarding institution cannot be used as yardstick or criteria to judge for anticipated performance and effectiveness. However, in such situations and things of life, experience, competence and passion cannot be traded such as in the case of finance ministry.

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