Here Are 11 Ways Pornography Misleads Women About S*x

Pornography is generally considered a destructive vice that can destroy a person’s sex life. These are some of the ways porn misleads women.


Anyone who has watched even a few minutes of porn may end up with some very particular ideas about what real-world s*x entails.

Porn — at least, the kind where super-toned, tanned, hairless women are penetrated in a variety of acrobatic positions by equally toned, tanned men — is full of myths about s*x. Redditor black_brotha decided to ask women on the site what they “learned” from porn that turned out to be completely untrue in the real world.

Here are 11 of the most worrying un-truths women said porn taught them:

1. That their bodies were abnormal:

“I was 100% convinced that I needed labiaplasty and was really ashamed to be naked in front of [a] guy because I thought he would think I was a freak.”

2. That all sex focuses on the guy’s pleasure:

“I thought having s*x with a man meant having to pretend I enjoyed it even if I wasn’t, that it didn’t matter if I had an orgasm, and that it was normal for a guy not to give a shit about my pleasure.”

3. That “sexy” is purely physical, and incredibly specific:

“I felt like I had to fit into a box I could never fit in. It made me feel dysphoric about not just my body, but who I was. I’m a clumsy, boyish, awkward female, that couldn’t do an attractive striptease to save their life AKA the antithesis of your typical “s*xy female”… There is more than just one kind of sexy and its all subjective. I’ve realized that Im s*xy in my own way and I’m much happier now.”

4. That men don’t like women with hair “down there”:

“I thought men would expect completely hairless women and they would be repulsed by me.”

5. That orgasms are almost effortless:

“I thought orgasms were much easier to achieve than they actually are. As a result I thought something was wrong with me for a long time. I just assumed that PIV=almost instant orgasm. I was so disappointed to find that wasn’t the case.”

6. That men only find certain bodies (white, toned and smooth-skinned) attractive:

“It did make me think that only women with perfect bodies ever had sex.”

7. That all penises are circumcised and eight inches long:

“I didn’t know uncircumcised penises existed, because all the porn I’d seen prior had circumcised male performers.”

8. That insanely complex sexual positions feel good for everyone:

“Those positions? Yeah, most of them don’t feel good.I know everyone’s different, but it is VERY DIFFICULT, bordering on impossible to have an orgasm with that much distance between the partners! Besides, one of the best things about sex is the closeness of skin-to-skin contact.”

9. That you had to do everything women in porn videos did in order for your partner to enjoy themself:

“It didn’t occur to me until like age 27 that I didn’t have to let a guy come on my face if I didn’t want to. Or I didn’t have to swallow. Or that it was okay to not moan if I didn’t feel like moaning.”

10. That men are always ready and willing:

“I thought that all men liked being aggressive and dominant, like in porn, and that if they were under 50, they were always going to be able to get hard and orgasm.”

11. That sex between two women is just something that happens between two straight ladies out of boredom:

“I thought lesbian sex involved long fingernails, looking bored/disgusted, and waiting for a man to show up.”


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