There Was No Need for Transplant, My Kidney Began to Heal Itself – Nollywood Actor, Leo Mezie Reveales

Popular Nollywood actor, Leo Mezie has shared the story of his miraculous recovery from a Kidney ailment he suffered few months ago.


We had reported few months ago that popular Nollywood actor, Leo Mezie, was down with kidney related disease after battling the ailment for several months on his own until his second kidney faced a collapse which almost lead to his demise.

We also reported further that the sickness reached an advance stage and the light-skinned actor who has featured in top movies over the years cried out publicly for help to raise a sum of N10 million for a kidney transplant outside the country which many kind-hearted Nigerians swiftly responded to.

After we thought that he undergone a successful kidney operation in the United Kingdom some weeks back, he later returned to Nigeria last week, and was pictured sporting a more refreshed and healthy appearance.

He thanked Apostle Suleiman Johnson for footing his medical and travel expenses to the United Kingdom health facility, where he had hoped to do a transplant, and also appreciated his wife, family members, fans, colleagues, as well as the media for standing by him throughout the trying times.

The movie star said his rapid recovery has compelled him to believe Jesus Christ more than he previously did. “I had thought that I would die.”

Read his story below;

“I don’t know why Jesus chose to give me a second chance, but I believe it’s to serve him, and this time around in everything I do.

“At a point, I was ready to die. I had lost all hopes and was already making plans to return to the village, but God gave me a second chance to life, so that I can win more souls for him with my testimony.

“We had concluded plans for a kidney transplant; donor’s treatment, medical bills, compensation and lots more, but God turned my case around.

“After series of prayer, the kidneys that were diagnosed and confirmed damaged began to pick up and heal. At the long run, I didn’t have to go through any transplant; the doctors were amazed at the sudden transformation, which could be done by only God.

“My biggest appreciation is to the Almighty God. Despite my sins and shortcomings, he still found me worthy to receive his mercy. Then to Apostle Johnson. The man of God who gave me money and took care of all my medical bills.

“I’d also like to thank my wife, who stood by me in this challenging time despite all odds. I owe my life to you. To my colleagues, fans and the media, God bless you all,” he added.



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