See What a Blood-Soaked Man Did After Having a Horrific Accident (Photo)

A photo making the rounds on the internet shows an accident victim doing what has gotten many people completely shocked.


This is the photo that has taken over the internet recently.

The photos show a young man lying on the ground with blood pouring down his face.

The man was obviously involved in an accident, judging from the cuts on his face and the location he was spotted in.

What got people talking on social media is the fact that the photo was shared online by the man himself who tagged it “Accident is Bae”

Many social media users have been stunned by the fact that a man who had just been involved in an accident and whose face was bleeding from the incident, had enough poise to take a photo and share it on social media.

Many have called the man a cheap attention seeker who is shameless in his quest for attention.



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