Sexy Model Publicly Exposes all in Sheer Underwear on the Runway During Fashion Show (Video)

A gorgeous model has stunned people with her dressing after she stormed the runway wearing a sheer dress that exposed her body.



This is the model who stunned people by revealing all on the catwalk at Hollywood Fashion week.

The lingerie she was wearing appeared completely see-through.

The pretty brunette strutted confidently onto the catwalk in a pair of beige stilettos and nude underwear.

As she walked down the runway, it soon became clear she was showing off far more than planned.

The bra was completely see-through and the model’s breasts could clearly be seen.

As she turned around, the back of the underwear could be seen – and unfortunately the knickers were also completely see-through and the model’s bottom was entirely on show.

The model stayed professional and did not seem to notice just how much was on show.

She posed at the end of the runway before calmly finishing her walk and exiting the catwalk.

A clip of the show was uploaded to YouTube, and has received over three million views.

Commenters were shocked by the video, and one said: “I thought she was n*ked.”


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