(Episode 16) Time and Tide … A Fascinating Story!

Two days later, Anna’s mother arranges the meeting between her and the chairman’s son, Innocent.

Mama Anna: “Welcome, my son. Sit down let me go and get you water.”

Innocent: “Oh, don’t bother yourself, I am fine, mama”.

Mama Anna: “Ah-ah, even water you no go take? Na your house be this now o”.

Innocent: “I know, mama. Thank you”.

Mama Anna: “Okay, let me go and call your wife for you”.

Innocent: “Okay, ma”.

She goes into the bedroom and meets Anna lying down on the bed. “Oya, stand up quick-quick, do make up and wear your best clothes, your husband dey parlour dey wait for you”.

Anna: “Ooooh, mama leave me alone, abeg. I should get up and get dressed for what now. Which husband is that one?”

Mama Anna: “Anna, eeehnn, don’t allow me start with you this afternoon o, just get up now do wetin I tell you. You must marry this man whether you like am or not”.

Anna reluctantly gets out of the bed and goes into the bathroom where she takes a quick shower. She comes out and spends almost an hour getting dressed and making up. “No, I can’t wear this native; it’s making me look older than my age. No, this dress is too short; the guy will think that I want to seduce him. No, this jean trousers is kind of faded”, she keeps trying on one shirt after the other. She takes extra time to apply her makeup. “No, I can’t use red lipstick, the guy will think I am a flirt, no, this pink lipstick is too loud, he will think that I am childish”. She finally settles for a knee-length Denim skirt and a black top with nude lipstick. Her heart is pounding as she steps out to meet her guest. “Oh, I didn’t even remember to use my perfume”, she runs back into her room and sprays more perfume and body spray.

Innocent gets up from where he is sitting as soon as Anna steps into the sitting room.

Innocent: Hello, sweetheart. It’s a pleasure meeting you. It took you so long to come out that I almost barged into your room. My name is Innocent, what’s yours?”

Anna is dumbfounded at the figure before her.  There standing with his hand stretched for a handshake is a handsome tall gentle man. He is on a deep blue fitted t-shirt and jean trousers with a brown shoe. His smile and dimple which is barely noticeable because of his cheeks captivates her heart. There and then, she knows that she has fallen in love and must do anything to make him marry her.

“Hello…” he says, cutting short her thoughts.

Anna: “Hi”, she shakes his hand. “My name is Anna, do make yourself comfortable”.

Innocent: “Anna, that’s a lovely name, dear. Looks like you are not comfortable having me around, I am sorry but…”

Anna: “No, it is okay”, she says with a shaky voice.

Innocent: “Okay. Do you mind our going out to any place of your choice? Somewhere we can relax and talk?”

Anna: “no, I don’t mind. Let us go”.

Innocent: “Hold on one second. Call your mother for me; I need to tell her that I am leaving”.

Her mother comes out and Innocent hands her N50, 000 cash.

Innocent: “Mama, use this to buy salt for the kitchen. Please, I want to take Anna out, do I have your permission? I promise to bring her back home before dark”.

Mama Anna: “All these plenty money and you say it is for salt? That salt must be designer salt”.

Innocent: “Hhahahaha, mama. That’s quite funny”.

Mama Anna: “Thank you, my son. You can go out with her, no problem”.

When they get outside to where his car is parked, Innocent opens the car of his black Mercedes E550 for Anna and holds the door for her to go in. “My lady”, he says gesticulating with his hands and bowing as she goes in.

“He is so sweet and handsome”, Anna thinks to herself.



They arrive at the restaurant which is one of the most expensive in the area after about 15 minutes drive. Innocent orders for a chilled bottle of Moet wine and he asks Anna to place the order for food.

Anna: “Honestly, I don’t know what to order. Help me out”.

Innocent: “Common, sweetheart. Check the menu list and make the order for us. You are going to be my wife and its good you get used to taking decisions such as this for me. I will eat whatever you order”

At the mention of wife, Anna’s tummy stirs, causing her to feel like she has a thousand butterflies moving inside. She places an order for two plates of fried rice, Cole slow and chicken.

Innocent: “Tell me about yourself, pretty one”.

Anna: “My name is Anna, I have a National Diploma in Public Administration, I was working in Abuja before I resigned to come and stay with my parents. I am easy going and God fearing”.

Innocent: “Oh, I like God fearing people because I am also God fearing. Anyway, my name is Innocent, the first and only son of the chairman of this local government. I studied in the United Kingdom where I obtained a degree in History and Archeology and a Masters degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. I live and work in Abuja and I just came back home to pick a wife because my parents insisted that I marry from my local government. But the search is over because I have just found a wife”.

“Who”, Anna asks anxiously.

Innocent: “My wife is sitting before me, staring at me with the most beautiful set of eyes that I have ever seen in the world”.

Anna: “You make me blush, even though you know I am not a white woman”.

Innocent: “It’s allowed, my dear. We Nigerians blush the Nigerian way. So, tell me, how old are you?”
Anna’s heart skips a breath and she spills out the drink she has in her mouth, coughing.

Innocent: “Sorry, love. Are you okay? Here, use the serviette. Did I say or do anything wrong?”

Anna forces a smile as her heart continues to race fast. She has always dreaded the question of her age and she doesn’t know if she should tell him the truth or not as she does not want to lose him. “I will be 37 soon”, she finds herself saying.

Innocent: “Oh wow! You look younger than your age. My mum has always cautioned me to marry a girl who is in her early twenties with a rich background and you know how mothers can be when it comes to their children’s choice of life partners. Anyway, I will talk to her. I love you and your age is just a number to me. I will be 39 next month and I hope we can fix our marriage to fall on my birthday”.

Anna lets out a deep sigh of relief.

Innocent brings out a ring and takes Anna left palm in his.

Innocent: “Ever since I made up my mind to get married, I have carried this gold ring about to give the lady that will capture my heart but none has been able to do so. When I saw you walk out of your room to meet me earlier today, I knew deep within me that today marks the end of my search. I am ready to make you my wife any day you chose if you allow me. And so I ask; Anna, will you give me the privilege of spending the rest of my life with you as your husband? Will you be my wife?”

Tears of joy and fulfillment begin to flow uncontrollably from Anna’s eyes. “Is this how God answers prayers or I’m I dreaming?  Me, Anna getting married to my dream man? God, you are so great and wonderful.” She thinks.

Anna: “I have waited all my life for this opportunity, I won’t let it pass me bye again. I will marry you again, again and again”.

Innocent: “I promise to love and cherish you all the days of my life. You shall never lack as long as I live. For accepting to marry me even when you barely know me, I will make sure you become the talk of town and the envy of everyone”.

They hug and Innocent slips the ring on her engagement finger and kisses it.

Innocent: “Now, let’s go and see my parents. I want them to meet you so that I can explain to them why I need to marry a lady of your age and social status.”

Question: “Could this be real? Is Anna getting married for real? Is Innocent as innocent as his name suggests? Will his parents accept her despite her age and poor background?

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  1. Since i’ve joined this blog, my weekends has always been soooooo interestingg! no more dull weekends for me. God Bless AdeLove real good and Crew

  2. It’s getting hotter here this morning. I hope Anna won’t spoil this new bobo show. Let’s see next episode sharp sharp

  3. There might be problem between Anna and Innocent’s parents. Remember he said,

    Innocent: “Oh wow! You look younger than your age. My mum has always cautioned me to marry a girl who is in her early twenties with a rich background and you know how mothers can be when it comes to their children’s choice of life partners.

  4. Oh really? AdeLove gives Stories over the weekends too? What a good thing to start early morning with after prayers. this is really good. next pleasee!

  5. Hmm.. It’s not about this story, what a moral story and big lesson to learn from. This is an inspirational blog website. Admin, pls keep it up

  6. Awww. so so happy for Anna..

    Anna: “I have waited all my life for this opportunity, I won’t let it pass me bye again. I will marry you again, again and again”.

  7. Something is not adding up to this marriage proposal by Innocent. An educated and wealthy man like him cannot just see a woman for the first time and proposed to her just like.
    If it turn out to be real, it must be a miracle of the century’s.
    Next episode please.

  8. Ahhhh!at long last,this one will work for Anna,because she have suffered and God has remembered her for good.Anna God bless ur union with so much love,happiness and twins.Amen oooooo

  9. Hmmmm guys lets just hope innocent is innocent ad pray dat his .parents will accept her dnt be happy 4her yet till u see de next episode dnt be suprise to see dat mayb another isue will come up

  10. U guys shld not b happy for anna yet, something is fishy, its happening too fast. If everything goes fine, i wish ken comes back to d picture and see a new madam Anna.

  11. God is not slow… @last she finds d man of her dream…buh 4 d ladies in d house, dis story is 4 u all…#Time and Tide wait 4 no body..Adelove God over bless u bro

  12. Hmmm…. every disappointment is a blessing indeed. Anna caused it though but if we reason am wella she geh reasons for not settling down on time. only she forget say there’s no time to waste time. shout out to all ALF fans… Happy weekend.

  13. Please house we need to read in between lines of Adelove’s write ups, God can never be fooled ,God forbid!! Anna is yet to learn and repent her classique standard, she’s forgotten that all that glitters is not gold. Innocent sounded so so on realistic, after all his acquired knowledge , there is definitely something wrong somewhere . Or maybe Anna is dreaming, we never can tell Adelove is full of suspence. God bless Adelove fans

  14. That’s wonderful, I doesn’t take God many years to change bad situation to best, I believe God has steppped into Anna’s case to make her forger her sorrowful past. God bless Adelove and give him more inspiration for future writing

  15. I hope innocent parent will not act the way Ken parents did ooo. Innocent let’s go to my parents so I can explain to them why I need to marry a woman of ur age and status.

  16. Let’s just be patient and see how things will turn out with Innocent’s parent but am afraid the engagement may not be real.

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