(Episode 17) Time and Tide … A Fascinating Story!

Anna and Innocent leaves for his mother’s house. Contrary to Anna’s expectations, his parents welcome her and after the introductions, they welcome her into the family irrespective of her age and humble background. Innocent keeps to his words and takes her home before dark. As soon as she gets to her compound, he takes her left hand and kisses the ring on her finger.

Innocent: “I love you, my angel. Have a good night rest and take care of yourself for me”.

Anna: “I will, darling. I love you more”.

As soon as she gets into the room, her mum and Joy are waiting eagerly for her.

Mama Anna: “Wetin happen? Hope say una no quarrel? Him like you?

Joy: “Aunty Anna, please tell us o, how did it go? Did he propose, do you like him? My ears are itching to hear the gist.”

Anna: “Haba, mama. You won’t even allow me sit down before you start bombarding me with questions? Even you, Joy which one is your own here? You too like gist – You should be reading more stories on AdeLove Blog – Na you go run sef”. They all laughed uncontrollably!

Joy: “Aunty, bring the gist as e dey hot abeg”.

Anna: “Well, we went out to an eatery where we ate and discussed and…”

Mama Anna: “And what? Just say it”.

Joy: “Yes, just go straight to the point. Biko hit the hammer for the nail head, no time”.

Anna: “Well, he proposed to me and gave me this ring”.

Joy: “Wow! Oh my God this is so beautiful. I am so happy for you big sis”.

Mama Anna: “Ehn, wetin you dey talk? Say man don ask my pikin to marry her? God thank you o, where the people wey say Anna no go see husband marry for this world? Ntor! Shame don catch them. Jesus thank you o”.

Anna: “Mama! Which enemies? Hian!”

Mama Anna: “Ah, Enemies plenty for this world o, no be everybody wey de smile with you like you”.

Anna: “I need to go in and rest, we are starting our wedding shopping tomorrow. Innocent and his people will be coming for introduction and to collect the list of marriage items from you people next tomorrow”.

Mama Anna: “No wahala,, we are ready for them. Them fit even come today, seff. No shaking”.

Anna: “Na you sabi, mama. You really are serious about marrying me off”.


Ken has barely stayed few days with his parents when he squandered the N100, 000 Anna gave him for his mother’s treatment. His laziness and irritating attitude are beginning to get on his mother’s nerves.

Mama Ken: “Won’t you go back to the city and work? Na so so sleep and food na im you dey do since wey you come here”.

Ken: “Mama, go back to the city and do what? I don’t have a job there and you have chased away the girl that was accommodating me”.

Mama Ken: “Meaning what? So you no go find another work dey do? No be man you be? You no dey shame say as you dey like this na me still dey feed you?”

Ken: “Mama, are you tired of having me around? If you are, just tell me and I will leave”.

Mama Ken: “Yes, I am tired. Go out and hustle like the man that you are. You cannot stay and not do any work. Even Bible say person wey no work, make him no eat”.

Ken: “Fine, I will leave. I know my Anna will accept me back”, he storms out of the house.


The next day is a busy one for Anna as Innocent comes to pick her early in the morning, takes her to meet some members of his extended family after which they go shopping. Anna is excited as she is having the best days of her life. “Thank God I rejected other men, else I wouldn’t have met this angel”, she keeps telling herself. After shopping all day, they go to the cinema and watch movies till early mid night.

Innocent: “Should I drop you off at home? It’s pretty late and your parents may be worried about you. Sorry, I lost track of time”.

Anna: “No, they know I am with you. There’s no problem at all”.

Innocent: “So do we spend the night in my house? I don’t bite”.

Anna: “Hahaha, okay”.


After Anna showers and gets into the sleeping robes that Innocent gave her, he excuses himself to go and sleep in the guest room so that she can have his room and his bed to herself.

Anna: “Why do you want to go and sleep in the guest room? Won’t your parents allow us to sleep in the same room?

Innocent: “My parents have got nothing to do with this. They are fast asleep in their room and I am an adult, my parents don’t dictate what I do to me. I thought you won’t be comfortable having me around and I do not want to inconvenience you in anyway”.

Anna: “No, it’s fine. You can come and sleep here”.

Innocent falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. “He didn’t even attempt to touch me. Is he impotent? Who knows if he is even a man, seff”, she reasons.

She wakes up at about 4:00am the next day to find Innocent fast asleep. “Ah, that’s one thing I like about Ken o, if it’s him now, with this cold, plenty action for they happen for bed”. She says. Terribly cold because of the air conditioning that she is not used to, she throws the blanket over her and draws near him for warmth.

Innocent: “Hey, you cold? I could turn off the AC if you don’t want it”.

Anna: “No, I like it”.

As their bodies meet, a current surges through them and Anna covers his lips with a kiss. Innocent responds by kissing her back and his hands begin to move all round her body. As his hands find her nipple, she lets out a soft moan as her body craves for more of his touch. Innocent continues to fondle her breast and kiss her and Anna grabs his hands, puts it in between thighs and screams: “I want you!”


Innocent: You sure this is what you want, baby? I don’t want you to wake up tomorrow thinking I took advantage of you because you slept in my house”.

Anna: “Have me, please!”

Innocent moves over and pulls down her pant, she, eager to get down pulls down his boxers and guides him in to her.

After four rounds of love making, Anna is exhausted and impressed. He is so good in bed; he touched me in the right places. He is so firm but gentle, unlike Ken who rushes at me and gets down without taking note of how I feel. They fall into a deep sleep after the fifth round.


Ken arrives Anna’s compound and is told by a tenant that Anna has been sent packing by the landlord.

Ken: “Na wa, the landlord dey craze? Why him go just send my babe out like that?”

Tenant: “Hmmn, just take am easy, sha”.

Ken: “Where Anna come pack go na”

Tenant: “How I wan take know, shebi na you be her boyfriend, we suppose dey ask you”.

Ken: “Ask me as how? Abeg carry your busy body commot from  here , jor. I can’t remember calling you here”.

Tenant: “I no blame you na, shebi na me stand dey talk with you”.

Ken dials Anna’s number, Innocent thinking that it is her parents calling and intending to tell them that she is in a bathroom picks the call.

Ken: “Who you be? Give Anna her phone na? Tell her say Ken say if she no send me her new house address now, I go kill landlord wey be her sugar daddy come set her up as the killer and I go trace you wey pick her call kill you too. Anna na my babe and nobody fit snatch her from me?”

Question: “Why does Ken want Anna back? How will Innocent react to the situation on ground? Will he still go ahead with the marriage plans? What should Anna do?

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  1. Why Ken wan pour sand-sand for Anna’s soup na? next please adelove. I can’t imagine waiting too long for next episode biko

  2. I refused to keep mute this time around. It’s my first commenting on this blog. But wait a minute, how on earth i never discovered this blog prior before now? I hope all our children are learning alot from this story

  3. Adelove, please I am begging o, can the next episode come in earlier…this suspense isn’t fun anymore….haba! Glued to my phone like I am expecting bank alert…smh

  4. Mama Anna & her sister joy na comfirm amibo,ken in d other hand dey invite tunder bt d tunder wey go fire him no be from naija.

  5. Na wah ó…. This kind Ken sef…. Make ẹ go die abeg… E go bad if Ken spoil this thing for her o… Chai…. Adelove. Please, next episode…. My husband just dey here dey laugh me… As I dey check phone anyhow….

  6. Witchcraft ken… Ann if you escape from this, please throw away that sim and phone.. If not the next time we ll hear about you, you will be 50 years.

  7. Anna shouldn’t lie for innocent, she need to tell him everything about that stupid Ken how he break her heart and I know innocent will understand her…. he even treat FUCK up of that stupid Ken….. but if that stupid Ken spoil the marriage…. It shall not well with him and his generation

  8. Best thing she will do is to Explain everytin to her husband.If the guy truely luv her he will understand.After telling him Change your Simcard so that ken will not reach you again.Ken enemy of progress.

  9. Ken na enemy of progress Bt Anna pause on d sex. all d sex u received from alpha, babalawo, Ken Neva do u? Haba! God don bring ur dream man and u wan dey rush. Abeg activate d break Button. Adelove Pls next episode Biko….

  10. May God help her… She should really just break the phone and flush the sim card…. There’s no way he can frame her…. I’m sure people around have heard his threat…. So it should aid her vindication…. But she should also talk to her husband to be about her past with that foolish low life called Ken…. This is why we should all watch our relationships…. They either make or Mar us…. I really hope innocent understands…. May God fight for you o…. Anna…. Ọ̀tá pò jù enemy lọ….

  11. Pls Anna, tell your husband to be the truth, tell him everything abt Ken and how he broke your heart……….. I believe his matured enough to understand as long as you and Ken are no longer together………………….. Besides you need exercise self control over your appetite for sex……….

  12. Ken what is your problem
    u don’t love Anna
    y don’t u let her be
    Am learning alot from this
    Adelove and crew, please keep it up
    the Lord is ur strength

  13. I have not been reading story’s here before , this is the best story I eve read in my life, Pls someone should use God bag that useless, idiot, that can never be useful to himself called Ken to leave this girl along , I no the love you again na force leave the girl along biko

  14. I learned a lot from this story, can anyone tell me who play the most important role in Anna life if she later succeeded in marry Innocent? I think we can see the important of parents in everyone’s life? irrespective of ur situation never seems to ignore ur parents advise or guidance because they know better than u do

  15. I trust Innocent will understand if she comes clean to him. My only concern for Anna is if she has not gotten yet-to-be confirmed pregnant for Ken since they had sex a day before leaving for his village. If not to hell with Ken and his threats. Let him go find his own destiny.

  16. Shey dem swear for dis ken,him no get life outside Anna? Anna wey him n him parents pursue like say na leprosy she get.shameless dude!

  17. E no go beta 4 u and ur generation Ken . Mad fellow, but Anna, nawaha for u oo. Biko, na dog carry ur placenta wen ur mama born u? Nymphomaniac Na hin u be Anna

  18. Anna it’s obvious you guys are about getting married, but not married yet. After the wedding shopping you would have gone home at least pretend you are raised, even though your parents will not be bothered about sleeping out with Innocent as long as he has proposed which is the only thing important to them. You didn’t go home and couldn’t hold yourself. A night you would used to talk more about each other, tell HIM about your past relationship with Ken, you turned into a night of SEX ESCAPADE. Someone you just met and he proposed to marry you! Man hold himself na you no fit……haba! I just pray Innocent understands if not this one will be the biggest heart break!!!

  19. D best tin is 4 anna 2 let innocent knw d truth, moreova every1 as his/her own past. As 4 ken, only God wil punish u cos u knw dt anna as gud heart towards u n u cnt defend her in ur parent plc. Yeye guy.


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  22. Na God go fire that wizerd of a ken . but I think Anna should open up to ken when he ask her anything about who ken is . may God help her .

  23. God will punish that wizerd of a ken . well in this. Case I think Anna should open up and tell innocent everything if he should ask her . I pray that d wicked does not succeed

  24. I think Anna is so careless that she even forgot to change her simcard, thats why Ken still have mouth to talk. She better finds away and pack that Ken one side or she might regret it. Abi her expectation never arrive yet?

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  26. the best of the best stories i have read so far,but the episodes are getting shorter, i need to see what becomes of that imbecile called Ken

  27. If Innocent will abandon Anna, it will not be because of Ken but because she is loose. How can she accepts to sleep in Innocent’s house second day they met and she virtually asked him for sex herself. What was she thinking? She had told the man she is cheap and can’t be trusted.

  28. Hmmmm….lots of lessons learned in this story…..Ken if u don’t want God to damage your life,pls leave Anna alone and u move on wit ur bad luck….Anna,sit ur husband to be down and explain everything about ur past to him and I’m sure if he truly loves u as he claimed,he will accept u wit ur past….Anna u made mistake by having sex wit innocent.That ur first night in his house was meant to get to know each other very well not for Sex battle.

  29. you can’t blame Anna, she knows all dat works for her! Is an individual differences, in your perception you consider it been cheap bt she actually tried to prove him dat she can perform. By d way given him quantum sex z not all love!

  30. Stop blaming Anna, this is not a matter of being too cheap, she actually knows what works for her! Is an individual differences! Having sex outside marriage is a sin against God, even if Anna should give him quantum sex in a first place or starving, toasting him around and still give him dat sex outside marriage ,they are all d same!

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  32. Dis story shows Wat happens in reality,judging Anna becoz she slept with innocent on her First date?Pls it happens.Wat is most appalling here about her is she’s too emotional and picky to a fault.even at 37yrs of age she still HV d guts to tell her kid sis not to marry a civil servant is rather heartbreaking

  33. Adelove is fiction creative writer and our responses show the dept of understanding of his episode. For me Anna is straight forward and not a pretender. Innocent appears more pretentious than her. Looking at how he responded to her simple advancement shows he was not a puppy but pretentious. In episode 19 too Anna’ demonstrated that with her outright rejection of the marriage irrespective of wealth but sincerely knows what she wants. I give it to her but for innocent he was not really showing that high level of honesty but a strong believer of his wealth. His strength of accepting Anna”s past was based on the time he has to leave if the medical report was right. There are lots of deductions from both characters here. Thanks for the episode @adelove

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